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Опасные связи Манон Лескоот ни другой не являлись прямыми участниками просветительского движения В то же время и Манон Леско и Опасные связи знаменуют собой важный этап в становлении реалистического романа как жанра В обоих произведениях можно обнаружить попытку осуществления некоторых из тех принципов художественного видения действительности тех способов раскры. Еще никогда не читала Манон как нарратив манипулятивного самооправданияКавалер де Грие преследует линию поведения деструктивную по отношению к нему самому и по отношению к его избраннице На самом деле этот водоворот втягивает всех тех кто недостаточно четко очерчивает свои границы по отношению к нему и его отношениям с миром вспомним убитого стража в Сен Лазаре друга Тибержа который готов снова и снова прощать де Грие и с риском для жизни следовать за ним со спасительной миссией хоть на край света Даже смерть отца главного героя в широком смысле можно отнести на его счетВесь текст есть кружение и запутывания избегания прямого честного взгляда на вещи Разыгрывание манипулятивного потенциала глагола любить до его предела Проекции чувств героя на Манон объект его любви которым она скорее потворствует нежели сопротивляетсяКонфликт отсутствие художественной парадигмы способной адекватно вместить чувства которые открывает в себе герой Прево Вектор текста от классицизма Буало предисловие к лихорадочным метаниям сентиментального герояИнтересно но очень уж умозрительного качества интерес Восемнадцатый век все же

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Оба произведения будучи тесно связанными с художественными традициями и идеологической жизнью своего времени вместе с тем занимают в какой то мере обособленное место в литературном процессе XVIII столетия Разумеется Прево соприкасался во многом со своими современниками просветителями Шодерло де Лакло многое у последних воспринял Однако ни т. This review is about Les liaisons dangereuses only I did not read Manon Lescaut but I used this edition One thing that intrigues me is what was the 1933 Russian translation published by Academia like the author and editor were from the Efros dynasty This one made by Nadezhda Yanuarievna Rykova born 1901 in Simferopol died in the 1990s in Leningrad someone who survived the Great Purge only to be arrested in 1944 a center of a beau monde ish salon in Brezhnev era Leningrad is witty fluid and very exact I was checking bits and pieces against the original as I went sometimes delightfully inventive in its gallantrySPOILERS BELOWThe story remains psychologically solid and believable up to the very end when the author suddenly decides that vice should be punished; to that effect he heaps a ridiculous mass of tribulations on the Maruise de Merteuil — not only the loss of her fortune which was at least hinted at but also a sudden bout of pox and the loss of her eye all of which forces her to make a dash for Holland; another completely unbelievable detail is Cécile de Volanges's flight to the nunnery — why should she do it with her newly acuired skills and admittedly feeble but still understanding of the joys they could bring her Up to that point everything else is simply brilliant and fast paced enough to keep the reader on the edgeA brief summary of plot threads exemplified by strands of correspondence Cécile de Volanges — Sophie Carnay her nunnery friend Serves as a plot device only to keep us informed of Cécile's side of things; as soon as Cécile friends up with the Maruise Sophie is dropped; no letters by her are in the book anyway Vicomte de Valmont — Présidente de Tourvel The main power node of the story Valmont sets himself a task of seducing this apparently unseducible and virtuous woman makes her fall in love with him through a series of carefully scripted and improvised steps and ends up in love with her in his turn though he is too slow to admit it fully which leads to full blown disaster Cécile de Volanges — Chevalier Danceny Puppy love between two young people; nothing of interest happens here and this is the least interesting thread of correspondence Cécile de Volanges — Valmont Prompted by the Maruise who is bitter about Cécile's prospective husband he had somehow slighted her in the past in love matters of course Valmont agrees to seduce kind of rape actually the young Cécile He is initially reluctant too busy with his affair with Mme de Tourvel but once he learns that it was Mme de Volanges who had been warning Mme de Tourvel against him relents After the initial breakthrough he turns the young girl into an accomplished sexual performer and fathers a child by her which she promptly but without any serious conseuences loses Valmont — Danceny Valmont starts as a mentor of Danceny who instructs him in the intricacies of love affairs with Cécile and uses his as an unwitting helper in his drive to fuck the girl After the declaration of war between the Maruise and Valmont the Maruise tells Danceny the whole story of Valmont and Cécile and in the ensuing duel Danceny kills Valmont but then learns the whole truth and promises to carry out the vicomte's last will Cécile — the Maruise The Maruise deftly operates all the movements of the girl to her advantage; there is a strong hint of a Lesbian connection between them which I am surprised modern adaptations to not make of The Maruise — Danceny The Maruise becomes the chevalier's confidante and then takes him up as a lover; this enrages Valmont and he turns his affections away from the Maruise and back to Cécile This in turn enrages the Maruise and leads to the final showdownThere are also Valmont's old but wise aunt; Mme de Volange a typical domineering but stupid mother; Emilie a courtesan whom Valmont uses among other things as a writing desk for one of his passionate letters to Mme de Tourvel; Valmont's resourceful servant and a host of other minor charactersFinally Valmont — the Maruise Uniuely among all the threads these two never find themselves in the same space something that no adaptation could successfully convey even though it is obviously important Former lovers they still admire and kind of respect each other; still attracted to each other but bitterly jealous even though they recount their sexual adventures to each other at length It is Valmont's perceived treason correctly perceived though opinions may differ and his feeling that it is Mme de Tourvel not the Maruise who is his 'one true love' that prompts the final débacleOverall an amazingly modern read; I am not surprised that attempts at modernized adaptations are made even though the book's reliance on a specific set of sexual s is very difficult to replant

Characters Опасные связи Манон Леско

Characters Á Опасные связи Манон Леско 102 Ó ❮KINDLE❯ ➛ Опасные связи Манон Леско ❥ Author Antoine François Prévost – Оба произведения будучи тесно связанными с художественнтия внутреннего Опасные связи MOBI #234 мира человека которые получили свое дальнейшее развитие позднее в пору полной зрелости романа в литературе критического реализма Неудивительно поэтому что Манон Леско и Опасные связи сохраняют свою эстетическую жизненность вплоть до наших дней продолжая и поныне питать ум и волновать воображение читател. Една от книгите които винаги бих препрочитала с голямо удоволствие и бих взела със себе си на самотен остров ;