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A Contract with the EarthFocusing on the environmental debate on with the PDF #180 the principle of common commitment. Newt Gingrich hyper partisan hack and author of the book “Drill Here Drill Now Pay Less” which in light of the BP oil spill disaster reflects just how very very shortsighted and wrong an individual can be wrote a book promoting the environment Given the anti environmental rhetoric coming from the right wing coupled with their abysmal track record over the past 30 years regarding environmental protection who woulda thunk it Yet Gingrich has tried to do just that in “A Contract with the Earth” a bullet point filled book which outlines his vision to restore the environment Though the book didn’t get much attention when it came out in 2007 and the republican party has yet to stand up for environmental protection it is at least a start Given that economic security family values and the other things the wingers value cannot occur if the environment collapses it’s about time one of them has begun to talk about it even if only briefly and even if he was largely ignoredGingrich does seem to understand that the environment is important He’s got the green rhetoric down and when speaking in generalizations is largely indistinguishable from a dirty tree hugging hippy The main difference comes in terms of solutions and he seems to believe that private industry and technology spurred by government incentives will ride in like the cavalry to remake the planet into a green Eden His rationale goes like this as individuals become prosperous they demand a cleaner environment therefore as countries become richer they will naturally become greener There’s a grain of truth here Americans don’t participate in slash and burn agriculture since we don’t rely on it for subsistence The failure of the logic however is easily demonstrated by the fact that the US is richer now than it’s ever been By applying Newt’s premise that richer is greener you’d expect the environment to be significantly improving on every front Instead we see continued loss of biodiversity ever higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions collapse of fisheries and an oil spill that threatens the southeast coastline Richer doesn’t necessarily mean greener if fact it probably enables ever increasing levels of consumption which only creates further stresses On the positive side technology certainly does have a role to play in minimizing the human caused damage to the planet particularly since technology has also been the cause of so much environmental degradation The problem is that technology alone in the absence of behavioral and regulatory changes is unlikely to go far enough to address the large scale environmental problems we face With that said Newt’s half measures are worth pursuing in conjunction with other measures and maybe they could be used to provide the basis for a bipartisan discussion to begin to address environmental issues

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Free read A Contract with the Earth ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ A Contract with the Earth By Newt Gingrich ✐ – Focusing on the environmental debate on the principle of common commitment Gingrich and Maple declare a need for bipartisan environmentaliGingrich and Maple declare a need for bipartisan environmentalism as they call for a new er. I thought this book was okay There are plenty of things we can do to improve the environment but it won't be solved by government Only businesses and motivated individuals can do their part to make a difference