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Free read É Architecture Forms Space Order ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [Ebook] ➠ Architecture Forms Space Order ➦ Francis D.K. Ching – The Second Edition of this classic introduction to the principles of architecture is everything you would expect from the celebraT trim In the Second Edition of Architecture Form Space and Order the author has opted for a larger format and crisper images Mr Ching has retained the style of his hand lettered text a hallmark of each of his books This rich source of architectural prototypes each rendered in Mr Ching's signature style also serves as a guide to architectural drawing Doubtless many will want this handsomevolume for the sheer beauty of it Architects and students alike will treasure this book for its wealth of practical information and its precise illustrations Mr Ching has once again created a visual reference that illuminates the world of architectural form. I cannot be objective about this book It was my first introduction to architectural form and my first college text book The drawings made me want to work harder and become a better designer It might be a novel perusal for someone with a strong interest in architecture but probably won't be that interesting to those outside the profession

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The Second Edition of this classic introduction to the principles of architecture is everything you would expect from the celebrated architect author and illustrator Francis D K Ching Each page has been meticulously revised to incorporate contemporary examples of the principles of form space and order the fundamental vocabulary of every Architecture Forms ePUB #199 designer The result is a beautifully illustrated volume that embraces today's forms and looks at conventional models with a fresh perspective Here Ching examines every principal of architecture juxtaposing images that span centuries and cross cultural boundaries to create a desig. This book was recommended to my by a former professor and friend Dr Lee Gray after I told him that I wanted to gain a basic understand of design before I read some of the other books that are on my 'design' shelf 'Architecture Form Space and Order' by Francis DK Ching is the perfect introduction to design Ching walks the reader through elementary design concepts starting with points and lines and ending with hierarchy and datum as methods of order For someone with no prior knowledge of design it was nice to have basic concepts explained so clearly Ching also does well at building the vocabulary of the subject Often times half the battle of learning a subject is just understanding the vocabulary that goes along with it Plus I really love the way that architects talk about buildings Here's my favorite example; The orderly rows of columns also punctuate the spatial volume mark off modular zones within the spatial field and establish a measurable rhythm and scale which make the spatial dimensions comprehensiveThe illustrations in this book are all original and of near perfect uality The numerous illustrations also helped me grasp some of the concepts that could not be explained by words The lettering is also an original creation done by hand Today you can find the letter from this book as the font tekton This book is great for those who hope to one day use apply these concepts but it's also the perfect book for those interested in gaining an understanding of the built environment that they connect with everyday

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Architecture Forms Space OrderN vocabulary that is both elemental and timeless Among the topics covered are point line plane volume proportion scale circulation and the interdependence of form and space While this revision continues to be a comprehensive primer on the ways form and space are interrelated and organized in the shaping of our environment it has been refined to amplify and clarify concepts In addition the Second Edition contains numerous new hand rendered drawings expanded section on openings and scale examples of contemporary architectural design elements expanded chapter on design principles new glossary and index categorized by the author and newx uprigh. Architecture Form Space Order serves as an excellent introduction to architectural design Ching starts with the most basic elements of geometry points lines planes volumes and demonstrates how they can be combined and organized to create architectural forms The book is composed mostly of illustrations with short sections of text Each topic is introduced discussed and illustrated with both simple drawings and schematics along with renderings of famous architectural landmarks that demonstrate the principles in uestion It should be kept in mind that the goal of the book is to examine the underlying properties of architecture geometry proportion arrangement and not to introduce architecture history or movements If you're interested in architecture history this is not the book to read If you want to understand the geometry underlying architecture this is where you should start