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Carry On Book ´ 256 pages Í Gwairsoft ó [PDF / Epub] ★ Carry On ✈ Lisa Fenn – In the spirit of The Blind Side and Friday Night Lights comes a tender and profoundly moving memoir about an ESPN producer’s unexpected relationship with two disabled African American wrestlers from In the spirit of ThIn the spirit of The Blind Side and Friday Night Lights comes a tender and profoundly moving memoir about an ESPN producer’s unexpected relationship with two disabled African American wrestlers from inner city Cleveland and how these bonds blossoming ultimately into a most unorthodox family would transform their livesWhen award winning ESPN producer Lisa Fenn returned to her hometown for a story about two wrestlers at one of Cleveland’s toughest public high schools she had no idea that the trip would change her life Both young men were disadvantaged students with significa This will almost certainly be the best book I read this year I knew Lisa peripherally during her time at ESPN I think she worked on one project on which I was involved but saw many of her features on SportsCenter and realized she was a great storyteller This book tells the best story of them all and it's an interesting one in that the journalist originally documenting the story becomes part of the storyCarry On is the story of the intersection of the lives of two high school wrestlers living in poverty one almost completely blind one legless due to a tragic accident and Lisa a TV producer It's cliche to say it's a story about the human spirit but it is It's about kindness not giving up and the meaning of family It's a story that will make you laugh and make you cry this might be the first book about which I'd say that It's a story that gets better and better as it goes along Some may compare it to The Blind Side but I think it's interesting and compelling not that there needs to be a competition between themThis is one that's highly worth reading and don't be surprised if it's a movie in a few years too

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Fenn dedicated herself to ensuring their success long after the reporting ws finished and the story aired and an unlikely family of three was formed The years ahead would be fraught with complex challenges but Fenn stayed with the boys every step of the way teaching them essential life skills helping them heal old wounds and traumatic pasts and providing the first steady and consistent support system they’d ever hadThis powerful memoir is one of love hope faith and strength a story about an unusual family and the courage to carry on even in the most extraordinary circumstanc I wish I could give this book seven stars

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Carry OnNt physical disabilities Dartanyon Crockett the team’s best wrestler was legally blind as a result of Leber’s disease; Leroy Sutton lost both his legs at eleven when he was run over by a train Brought together by wrestling they had developed a brother like bond as they worked to overcome their disabilities In their time developing the segment together Fenn formed a profound connection with Dartanyon and Leroy After earning their trust and their love she realized she couldn’t just walk away when filming ended These boys had had to overcome the odds too many times Instead Oh I loved this book I cried so many times Like 5 times before I even got to page 40I came to this book for the wrestling But this book is so much Oh these boys and their story The beautiful prose of the writer the honesty the inspiration Just when it seemed like Fenn was going to get all preachy and trite she would pivot slightly and turn it into something uniue and universal Lisa's candor about her naivety about poverty is so refreshing and instrumental She takes a second look at what we often take for granted as normal and makes us see with her for maybe the first timehow these things are indeed privilege Lisa's dedication and unwavering love for these boys despite every obstacle is a true testament to what it really means to be a motherLeroy and Dartanyon have been at the forefront of my mind since I started this book a week ago I've been talking about them at the dinner table on my front porch and while driving my kids around It's like they have become a part of my own lifeRich devastating encouraging Poignant and full of harsh realities This one has all the chills and thrills