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Connected HeartsConnected Hearts Four Lesbian Romance StoriesWords approximateThe Morning After by JaeAfter a friend sets her up on a blind date from hell Amanda has enough of dating A spur of the moment decision to attend an Anti Valentine’s Day party leads to an unexpected encounter She wakes up to a hangover and a surprising complicationTwo Hearts One Mind by RJ NolanKim is a woman. This is one of those anthologies I forgot I owned and one that includes 4 stories Two of which I had already read the two by Jae The Morning After JaeI read this one long ago and did not reread it with this collection Actually I've read it twice before now Once as a stand alone short story and once as a full length novel Departure from the Script Actually I might have read it two times in short form and two times in long form since I've reread Departure from the Script at some point I've never actually rated the short story version and gave the long story versions ratings of 5 and 5Two Hearts One Mind RJ Nolan 37This short story belongs to a series I've not actually read in long form Though I think I've read one or two other short stories related to this seriesThis specific story involves two of the main characters in that story celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way while a third gets caught in the middle and no not in that way On the Road Joan Arling 423A female trucker driving around Europe picks up a hitchhiker They have 'fun' together Off page funSeduction for Beginners JaeThe other short story in this collection I had previously read This short story is part of the Moonstone Series I had given the novel part of that series a rating of 455 and the short story part a rating of 355I give the overall rating for this book based on the two I actually read in this book So 37 423 3965


On a mission She wants to propose to her partner Jess on Valentine’s Day But things don’t turn out as planned because Jess has a plan of her own On the Road by Joan ArlingStella a long haul trucker picks up a hitchhiker on her way south across Europe Long before reaching Sicily she falls for her passenger Rita Stella is thrilled when she learns that Rita returns her. A nice little collection; I especially liked On the Road by Joan Arling

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CHARACTERS × Connected Hearts ☆ ❴Download❵ ➵ Connected Hearts Author Jae – Connected Hearts Four Lesbian Romance StoriesWords 35791 approximateThe Morning After by JaeAfter a friend sets her up on a blind date from hell Amanda has enough of dating A spur of the moment decisi Connected Hearts Four Lesbian RoFeelings But because of her job there seems to be no way for them to be togetherSeduction for Beginners by JaeFor Annie work always took precedence over romance But now recently come out and involved in a relationship with a woman for the first time Annie is determined to seduce her girlfriend Drew on Valentine's Day Unfortunately she has no clue as to the arts of seducti. I had already read and reviewed The Morning After but I enjoyed the other stories in this book Two Hearts One Mind was a sweet story one that takes place after a Happily Ever After ending and only makes it better On the Road wasn't my favorite but the chemistry between Stella and Rita is undeniable And Seduction for Beginners was another adorable sweet sexy story by Jae