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free read Darklight Darklight #1

free read Darklight Darklight #1 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ❰Read❯ ➵ Darklight Darklight #1 Author Bella Forrest – Vampires don’t exist At least not anyI celebrated when vampires were declared extinctThose beasts had preyed on humanity for millennia committing senseless bruVampires don’t exist At least not anyI celebrated when vampires were declared extinctThose beasts had preyed on humanity for millennia committing senseless brutal murders Like the rest of my colleagues at the Occult Bureau I looked forward to a world where we could Darklight Darklight ePUB #199 all sleep at night where constant cover up jobs were no longer r. I wanted to give Bella another chance I was hoping she would impress like she did with her Shade of Vampire series before it got 60 books in I was dreading it was going to be the same plot as SoV I was pleased that it wasn't BUT it had the same main female character The extremely smart resourceful popular talented beautiful headstrong bland character That's what I got Again Don't get me wrong this was a different take on vampires which I appreciated I jut didn't like Lyra At all She was BORING af This also should not have been a 400 page book There was too much Lyra was a horrible narrator I'm a professional I don't think I can stand hearing that phrase ever again

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T I knew into uicksand Vampires like him were killers who devoured humanity’s inner darkness until shadows danced beneath their skin Yet there was to him than thatHe showed me that light cannot exist without the dark and that trying to fight this balance would have conseuences our human minds couldn’t even comprehendBecause sometimes darkness needs to exis. The Twilight cover rip off aside this was just too weird for me Giant birds working with vampires humans using military weaponry to kill bothjust whaaa The writing was cold dead simplistic Didn't develop a relationship with the characters didn't root for them or was curious to know DNF early on

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Darklight Darklight #1Euired to keep the public calm and unawareBut the end of vampires wasn’t the end of our problems It was only the beginningOther blood sucking creatures began to lurk in the night As soon as I turned twenty one I became a ground agent at the Bureau because I wanted no needed to join the fightAnd then Dorian Clave burst into my life turning everything I though. This book does not deserve the beautiful cover assigned to it Between it the enticing title and the knowledge that the story involved vampires one of my minor book obsessions I thought I was going to be into a real treat Wrong Wrong wrong wrong I don't often get angry at books but this one made me irate I hate to see such a good opportunity turned into crap This book is probably one of the lames and cringy est things I've ever read And yes I gave Twilight a 55 stars so I'm not just a hater of vampire romances The characters are pretty bad Lyra is very immature so even though she's supposed to be 21 I couldn't stop imagining her as 1617 Which considering she's in charge of an entire team of soldiers seems ridiculous Dorian is literally the most boring character ever invented which is even worse because I didn't think it was even possible to make a vampire boring But they all are The vampires behave and are treated like confused children and aside from being uick and somehow knowing when someone has done bad things they are completely useless Apart from them there are about 500 other characters introduced that are eually bland and pointless The plot is nonexistent at best To prove that I have gathered a list of things that occur in this book a mission a kidnapping a dive into a realm of another world government meetings interaction exercises between humans and vampires a field trip a mysterious illness a game of dress up to disguise the vampires a side path of about 70 pages to find a group of bad guys stealing children and selling their organs a kiss induced coma discovery of secret government plans a battle and an escape to the desert In that order And somehow none of it manages to be interesting The writing is terrible There are so many plotholes so big that even I was able to notice them and plotholes usually fly over my head For instance can someone please explain to me what the vampires are and are not familiar with Dorian can't work a phone and doesn't know what a high five is but he's able to laugh at jokes about airplanes or looking like a clown in a bar And at one point one vampire is unfamiliar with chess or board games of any kind but the next day Dorian tells Lyra to think of fighting like playing chess Excuse me So now we're just going to pick and choose information when it suits usIf that doesn't convince you of the terrible writing of this book then here are some chosen excerpts Everyone paired Good This next activity is simple Humans you will make basic hand gestures and body movements Vampires you will copy everything your partner does Got it Yes you read that right Probably one of the most cringyest things I've ever read I had to sit through an entire chapter of watching the humans and vampires do interaction exercises to get to know each other I'm with K dog Zach said as we headed towards the gravel road He slapped Kane on the back and I heard Kane suck an irritated breath between his teeth He smelled like a breeze that had recently passed through the branches of a cedar treeBros for life I added amused And honestly if I have to hear the words redbill mission any I think I might scream Which takes me to yet another thing I hated about this book The entire militaryarmy backdrop of the story All of their missions were annoying and pointless No one on their base seemed like they had experienced enough to be a soldier even though they were considered some of the best I hated having to sit through a recap of their mission after I had just spent thirty minutes reading myself to death during the actual action I saw no benefit any of it brought to the storyline and it only made everything that much boring and unrealistic I apologize for my rant but after spending five hours of my life hoping this would somehow magically become good only to find that it only gets worse I'm very upset Even worse is the fact that the self harming part of my brain is letting me know there's enough of a cliff hanger at the end to make me want to download the seuel