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Darkness Comes This Way The Guardians of the Night #1 Summary ß 109 í [PDF / Epub] ✑ Darkness Comes This Way The Guardians of the Night #1 ☄ Pixie Lynn Whitfield – Gwairsoft.co.uk Zarah Duncan is a Guardian It’s an elite job that protects humans and the untainted vampires from the real monsterZarah Duncan is a Guardian This Way MOBI #9734 It’s an elite job that protects humans and the untainted vampires from the real monsters those lost to the bloodlust Rogues infest the city Missing humans unsolved casesZarah knows what the real cause is and she’s been trained since childhood to destroy them But she has a haunting past that catches up one day Zarah Darkness Comes PDFEPUB or was Rogue once and until her no one else has ever cured from the poisoned state of mind before She’. First off I want to thank Pixie Lynn Whitfield herself for allowing me to read the finished eBook copy THANKS When I first started reading I had all these distractions AKA my nephews When they finally went to sleep it was at 10 and i went back to readingYAYWelll I got sucked into the story I stayed up until the early morning hours until I finished it I absolutely loved all the detail in the story I could imagine everything in my mind esp the characters they felt so real Draven was just a bunch of hotness Zarah well she's just pure awesome She totally won me over when she punched a certain someone in the faceepicPlus I like reading about redheads Thomas is Zarah's brother I really wanted o hate him but i just couldn't do it He is very likable The twist on the vampires was very uniue Let me tell you you want to read this so you can see what I'm talking about I think that some people will love this and other won't like it it just depends on what you like Me on the other hand loved this and I highly recommend it to all my friendsI give it 5 hearts 33333

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S been labeled a miracle and the mystery only builds She gets the awful feeling there’s to it than just a lucky magical come back There are deep dark secrets being kept Maybe her boss Nathanial knows something When she gets paired Comes This Way Epub #220 with a partner Draven Kinsley it only adds difficulty He hates her and swears that with a single look she’ll poison him To make matters worse her Rogue brother has to show up and he brings with him a shocking announcement What Zarah le. I should start this review by stipulating that 'Darkness Comes This Way' is a little left of centre from my typical reading As a result I wasn't sure what to expect from this vampiresupernatural novel Safe to say I was pleasantly surprised The characters are dominated by their emotions every action has a conseuence and the action scenes read like they are lifted from a big budget choreographed kung fu flick yep they're that good One of the core strengths to 'Darkness Comes This Way' is the emphasis on a family dynamic separated by violence and mistrust which slowly forms as the characters define themselves by their actions Zarah shows heart and compassion than most vampire protagonists I've read while still dishing out gore with grace She's a misplaced individual searching for the truth while trying to maintain some semblance of who she should be Going Rogue and back to Guardian will do that This could almost be deemed as a coming of age tale of love loss and uest for a the truth which could derail all she knows Whitfield blends Humans Guardians Rogues Fallen Angels and something altogether different into a melting pot of suspense action and tense scenes which left me on the edge of my seat Never knowing how a GuardianRogue encounter will end or how the ZarahDraven dynamic plays out adds a little spice to each chapter Violence cruelty ambitions of domination the parallels from real world to vampiric fiction are easily defined Whitfield does a good job at making this tale of fiction read plausible in real life by subtlety linking a likeness to the world we live in This touch and a revelation later in the book regarding the purpose of the Rogues are highlights of 'Darkness Comes This Way' Overall this an easily readable and enjoyable form of escapism one where a reader will be able to suspend hisher belief long enough to become enthralled in the world Whitfield has created and the fantasy like characters that inhibit it 4 starsThis review originally appeared on my blog

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Darkness Comes This Way The Guardians of the Night #1Arns from him rocks her entire world upside down She not only begins to uestion who and what Comes This Way The Guardians PDF or she is any but it can possibly change the Vampire race foreverThe scary part someone else knows tooand they’ll do anything to get her special blood spelling disaster for the humans that Guardians have secretly been protecting for decades Vampires fallen angels war betrayal and romance fill this ParanormalUrban Fantasy debut the first book to a high action trilog. Full disclosure I know Pixie as a book blogger and I got her book to support her work Even though I know her my review is still my reflection on the story not the person Darkness Come This Way is a vampire story but I promise you there is not a single glitter in sight Guardians are vampire fighters who seek out Rogues vampires who have given in to bloodlust There are strange things happening among the Rogues and Zarah and Draven are teamed together to find out what’s going on It’s hard to talk about the plot without spoiling it because it is complex and twisting Both Zarah and Draven are intricate character and I found myself rooting for them Zarah has an interesting past she was once Rogue but has since been cured though no one really understands how Draven who has no past that he can remember isn’t happy with working with Zarah so that creates a lot of tension for their team I think this was a good story and I think given a dedicated editor it would have been a great story It’s hard in the self pub world to get the resources and funds for someone to edit your work but I think a dedicated editor working on this would have helped with the flow of the story That was my main issue with the book there were times when I would pick up phrases and ideas that seem to contradict each other and it would pull me away from the passage while my internal editor1 kicked inOverall if you like a good vampire story you’ll like this one There is a lot of fighting and a lot of action and a lot of turns to keep you on your toes1 My internal editor often prefers relaxing instead of working and can usually be found frolicking in the fields but every now and then she comes out with her red pen This is a random and unnecessary footnote but I’m going to leave it here because it amuses me