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Depths of Madness Forgotten Realms The Dungeons #1Eeper into death or madness Its victims don't remember how they got there No one remembers how to get Depths of Epubout. To fear losing what you love is to abandon loving it here and now To fear losing one you know you will lose makes less sense stillShe was ever a creature who worshiped her own destructionHow can euality be maintained she mused if not by mutual antipathy

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Gotten arcana wait within its vaults Twisted accidents of magic prowl its halls Sinister forces lure the unsuspecting d. A dungeon crawling adventure with a full set of classes and their personality issuesIf you like dnd you will like this bookI looked up a few of the monsters online Was really fun The forgotten realms wikia was very helpfulYour imagination can really take flightIf you've ever played in a dungeons and dragons campaign or wanted too It's like a really fun campaignKudos to the writer Erik Scott de Bie

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Depths of Madness Forgotten Realms The Dungeons #1 free read ↠ 106 ´ ➿ Depths of Madness Forgotten Realms The Dungeons #1 Free ➶ Author Erik Scott de Bie – The last thing she remembers is seeing her friends die Now it's her turn Eldritch and forgotten arcana wait within its vauThe last thing she remembers Madness Forgotten Kindle #216 is seeing her friends die Now it's her turn Eldritch and for. I am not a DD fan but starting reading the books because of an increasingly popular dark elf who caught my interest too many times at the bookstore So because of that I am not at all familiar with the deities countries or races of the world This hurt my experience since de Bie explains practically nothing about the world these characters live in I was interested in this book because if it's summary but I find it frustrating especially since this is a specialty gaming company that one would think wants to expand their influence and interest the general public When one of us gets drawn in we certainly don't want to feel alienated by the obscure and strange names Anyway I found the wikia to be immensely useful on this oneThe writing style could be difficult at times as the author has a tendency to describe things hastily and then move on leaving us confused as to what exactly happened in any particular moment like how the characters ended up outside at one point The first couple chapters were especially difficult as if de Bie was just learning how to get his bearings as an author and we were the subject of his experimenting But it got better after that Indeed I was sucked in and spent all night reading it finishing it two days laterI could argue about Twilight's reactions and motives many of which were confusing and unrealistic but she was an admittedly complicated character and I can't begin to understand her since we don't get to view her past at all But what I found fascinating were all the different personalities struggling together to stay alive and how they interacted I loved the hateful Davoren most of all because his contempt and vileness put a wedge into everything the characters were trying to accomplish I found the ending very satisfying because although I knew there was betrayal involved it was a complete surprise to find out to what degree and especially how it resolvedI also loved the innocent Liet mostly because he is the type of lame character that would never appear in a fantasy adventure no power no strength too naive These things made him so normal that I couldn't wait to see how else he would affect the story I also enjoyed seeing how he affected Twilight who promised herself not to fall for him So of course I enjoyed the ending I'm trying not to spoil anything but I like unexpected and difficult resolutionsSo overall a fun and exciting adventure not overly deep but filled with fascinating characters and creatures my first encounter with a sharn and I was blown away That's really all I wanted although I'm a sucker for creepy horror and I could have used grisly details and scary moments which was what I thought would predominate here There was enough of it though to keep me reading straight through and crave