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Review · Firestar Families War Cycle #1 108 Î [Read] ➪ Firestar Families War Cycle #1 Author Bruce H. Bretthauer – The United Families a culture that is 98% women have been at war for nearly 30 years Losses and costs have been mounting and they are desperate for a solution They may have found one in young CorFound one in young Corey Andersen Family Red Ridges She may just be lucky or perhaps somethi. Picture a damaged colony ship occupied by some very sharp people lost in a nebula that is radiation saturated Electronics do not survive long in this environmentPicture that population 100s of generations later where men due to environmental circumstances where Y chromosomes do not do well are less than 5% of the population Understand then men are protected first and foremost All men are housed deep underground to get as much protection from radiation as possible Society’s survival depends on their survival Most women save the Family eugeneticists and Elders and the Families’ traders have never seen a live male Later in the series the men’s life is described Births are results of using precious male genome stock and are always three females or one male the latter not so often That threesome phenomenon is crucial to this book and the entire series The culture has developed the finest genetics in the galaxyTheir planet has been taken from little than rock and ocean to an almost terraformed habitat The culture is comprised of Families ranging in size from 60000 to several million Families are divided geographically Each is governed by an Eldest selected in what manner is suitable to the family involved The society as a whole is governed by a Council of Elders selected by each family to represent them The Government has Navy commanded by an Admiral selected by the Council who is referred to as the Navy’s Eldest In fact anyone in a leadership position may be referred to as Eldest of that entityPicture that culture still under attack after 30 years of warThe nebula can provide any and all resources the culture reuires save for peopleNow add to this picture that people are still people blessed with all the idiosyncrasies people can exhibit We first meet the main protag Corey Anderson in the middle of a battle She takes her suadron into a head on assault and brings them out alive Her sobriuet is Crazy Corey because she does things that make sense only in her head She feels the battle around her uses that feeling to develop tactics then implements them with amazing success She will continue this functioning throughout this book and throughout the series As the middle of a set of triplets Corey encounters difficulties with the Navy her Family and her sistersHer next adventure involves aiding an unfamiliar ship fight off two ships of their common enemy Imagine the consternation when the new friend is from a culture where no women are allowed in their Navy Remember the Families’ homes are in the Nebula and the nebula is hostile to Y chromosomes So although the men of this new ally are involved in the action only a handful ever see the women’s Home world One of them Alan Young the commander of the ship in the fight with the two bad guys becomes a major playerCorey attends Command and Staff College; she saves a convoy of settlers; she helps defend Home from a major attack; and she loses almost every battle with the clerks in Navy Administration There is action there is politics; there is Family togetherness; and there is humor The latter is mostly but not entirely attributable to those damned clerksThe science is soft but intriguing Remember those geneticists The plot is consistent and believable And the writing is superb For a series that is basically a war story in 8 chapters you will be hard pressed to find a better specimen of the genre

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The United Families a culture that is % War Cycle PDF #197 women have been at war for nearly. Brilliant story Outstanding series This is a great story and the start of a series The story starts some 18oo years as far as I could tell in the future and focuses on in this book one character The world she comes from is inside a nebula Why is this important well because that nebula is deadly to men therefore men in that world's society are kept protected far underground away from the deadly radiation that would kill them on the surface Leading from this the ratio of men to women is about 19 with the women living on the surface This story starts with a young space fighter pilot called Cory callsign Crazy Cory who is a member of the space navy She with her wingmanwoman saves a unknown ship from their enemy and in doing so ends up meeting males for the first time in her life What I especially liked was that the women in the series did not fall back to the standard position of so many in other booksTVmovies and play second fiddle to the male charactersAll the characters are well fleshed out and contribute to the story Over the course of the series Families War Cycle we meet different characters and situations The author has done a great job with all of them in that we really get emotionally involved with them which makes reading these books so wonderful This is one of my favourite series' and can't recommend it enough Unfortunately the author Bruce Bretthauer died I think last year so there won't be any in this series However he did leave as I understand it though I could be wrong stories with another author to finish The Families War Cycle is a complete series

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Firestar Families War Cycle #1Years Losses and costs have been mounting and they are desperate for a solution They may have. This was a very enjoyable book For those who like military science fiction with a bit of space opera thrown in this book will be tailor made for you If you like David Weber's Honor Harrington series you will like this book but on that laterThe story is about a fairly junior space fighter pilot and her rise through the ranks during her space nation's long war with marauding space barbarians who it turns out are really What makes the story interesting is that the main character is a member of a space nation that is 98% women They are a female dominated culture because they were forced to settle their world in a highly radioactive nebula with the conseuence that in order to survive they had to manipulate the genetic code This genetic manipulation enabled the colonists to survive but with the side effect that live births of males became rare This is a good hook for the story and the author tells it well The story moves briskly the characters are well developed and the space combat believable and interestingNow the book does have a couple of problems The first problem is the obvious derivative nature of the plotstory I said that if one likes the Honor Harrington series one would like this book That's because much of the story in this book is a clone of several Honor Harrington books An isolated space nation is discovered by a larger empire a space nation with a culture completely foreign to the space empire and a space nation whose alliance with that empire contributes than one would think given the small space nation's size It's essentially the planet Grayson that is featured in most Honor Harrington books the ideas I mentioned are not by any means the only similarities Now this is only a problem in the sense that it is there I didn't find it too troubling it's far from being plagiarism but purists out there might react differently As it is the high uality of the story telling makes made it easy for me to ignore this issue The second problem I had was the absence of sex The issue is this we have a society with 98% women with the men hidden away and basically used a sperm donors yet there is never any mention or even hint of how the women in this culture handle sex and romantic relationships Do they have sex with one another No indication they do Do they fall in love with one another No hint There would have to be some kind of cultural adjustmentbut there is no mention of it Unless Unless the culture's skilled geneticists bred out sexual desire But there is no indication of that either especially since the main character begins to be attracted to a male from a foreign space empire Now I do not want soft porn in my reading However I found the believability of the entire book placed into uestion by the complete absence of any discussion of how this culture handles sexNow those two problems are minor given the overall good story telling in the book Overall I enjoyed the book very much and I intend to buy the seuel