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Join Dragon School Learn to Dragon School PDF #180 Fly Sixteen year old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to ride. 5 wild stars on the back of a dragon I felt the tingle in my bones of a tale to be told I shivered slightly curled my feet up under me and read onYep this is exactly how I felt while reading this little novella Now sign me up please I want to join Dragon School Dragon School is a series of novellas that was recommended to me in IFA Facebook Group on my rec reuest post for Broken Hero books And I believe I have found another favourite Sixteen year old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to ride dragons and join the Dominion Dragon RidersBut Amel has a crippled leg and Dragon School training is grueling And to make things worse she even has to content with the disdain and resent of her peers Because a cripple like her has no place among the dragon ridersAnd yet Amel holds her head high and is determined not to be any less than someone with two working legs Because by being a part of the Dragon School she not only eases the burden of her poor family so that they don't need to care for a cripple but may just fulfil an unbelievable dream To fly freeHurdles await everywhere on her path From being left the last to choose a dragon to having to manage climbing up and down cliffs for her daily chores and much And despite all hindrances scorn and even doubt Amel keeps persevering 'There was no way I could make it There was no way I could let myself give up' A ruined leg shouldn't be a reason to destroy an existence And Amel is determined to prove it 'If they thought I wasn't worthy then I would just have to show them all that they were wrong about me''No one wants a cripple like me to do anything except stay out of the way but I'm going to show them that I stand just as much chance as everyone else' After all she wants to join a Dominion Colour and gain a purpose in life And is determined to feel grateful even if she gets a 'surly swamp colored dragon covered in warts with breath as bad as garbage heap' as long as that dragon will be hers and she'll be able to ride itIf she really gets one just like this you're going to have to read this to find out But I guarantee you will love the journeyDespite being such a short read this little novella tugged on all my heartstrings Because of the wondrous connection between Amal and her dragon because of their feelings and shared gentleness and because of all that injustice towards them bothIn a flawless narration that's a pleasure to read Sarah KL Wilson gives us here a fast paced tale full of feeling Daring brave and endearing this is one tale I simply couldn't set down 'Dragon Riders sure were strange people They were as wild and predatory as the creatures they rode' And how I wish I could be one of them right nowIf you love dragons and dragonhearted girls who despite being broken bravely defy odds with a bravery and kindheartedness to have you cheering in their corner from the very first paragraph YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS BOOKIt is F A B U L O U SAnd now I'm off to read the seuel because I want Find this review and on my book review and cover art blog The Magic Book Corner

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First Flight Dragon School #1E must complete her First Flight on a dragon Can Amel survive First Flight and become a Dragon School initiate or will her dreams dash on the rocks bel. I know this was meant to be a story and not an entire book but it was a beautiful opening to the series Very heart felt I can’t say I’ve read a story like this beforeAnd I love anything relating to dragon riding school

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Free read ¸ First Flight Dragon School #1 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Read] ➳ First Flight Dragon School #1 ➻ Sarah K.L. Wilson – Join Dragon School Learn to Fly Sixteen year old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to rDragons and join the Dominion Dragon RidersBut Amel has a crippled leg and Dragon School training is grueling Before she can even become an initiate sh. Amel Leafbrought is a 16 year old girl with a crippled leg and who comes from a poor family but all her life she's dreamed of becoming something someone important No longer wanting to be a finacial burden to her family and being fed up as only being seen as nothing than a girl with a disability Amel makes a life changing decision The grim thought of never even trying brings her to dragon school What is there to lose when she already has no one and no money Sure she could lose her life but it'd be better to lose her life trying to become something than to waste it by playing safe and always wondering what if She had always imagined what becoming a dragon rider and living her days with purpose might be like but never thought the day could ever come But here she is now in dragon school along side her wave of new dragon rider trainees Each one eager to pass every task and become a member of the Dominion Dragon Riders; to live their lives according to their chosen dragon color Dragon school is not for the weak The work is grueling and the tests could very well kill you if of course the untamed dragons don't do it first Besides that the teachers and students are all reluctant to become attached to any of the new trainees for fear of losing them to a brutal death before any of them can even reach the next stage Though all the students struggle with their lessons Amel struggles most of all because of her disability and everyone around her believes she'll be dead before they take their first flight However she does make one friend though who seems to believe in her and she refuses to give up and let her disadvantages stop her from doing what she set out to do When an urgent letter arrives to the school from the Dominion Capital the teachers have to cut their students training time short Though they were supposed to have weeks to prepare themselves for their first flight trainees only have until the next morning to either pass or not What reason does the capital have to rush the dragon school to test their students so prematurely Will Amel pass her test in time and move on to be an initiate or will she be one of the unfortunate failures who die trying First Flight by Sarah K L Wilson is a YA fantasy story about a girl with a crippled leg who wants to become a dragon rider and find her place in this world This is the first novella in a series of twenty From start to finish this novella is packed full of action and suspense The characters all have their own voice and uniue personalities I love Amel she's strong willed thick skinned and kind hearted She has a disability and the author treats it realistically and makes it believable Roalcan is another favorite of mine I love his friendship with Amel and his attitude in general I do wish that we could've gone a little deeper in these characters' backgrounds as they're only really just touched on but I found myself getting attached to certain ones despite that anyway The world building was good I would have liked a little detail on the surroundings and much detail on how the wild dragons live the deal between the dragon ueen and the Dominion people the magic used in keeping the dragons bonding them and what the symbols represent etc and the laws of the world they live in However this is the first novella of many so I'm sure of that information will come soon enough I hope I really enjoyed learning the differences between the dragon types and what their colors represent Purple is my most favorite color and the fact that the main dragon of this story is purple makes me enjoy it even Overall this is a YA fantasy fast paced short story novella that's full of danger suspense and overcoming nearly impossible challenges despite being at a disadvantage If you have a love for dragons strong female leads and fantasy worlds then this is for you This doesn't end on a cliffhanger but it will leave you reaching for the next book as soon as you finish Sarah K L Wilson's Dragon School serial is on KU so read it for free if you can