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EBOOK í EPUB Flash Flood Code Red #1 ì 9780099488637 Ä [Reading] ➲ Flash Flood Code Red #1 ➺ Chris Ryan – Gwairsoft.co.uk Ben's on a trip to London to meet his mum But an accident at the Thames Barrier combined with a tidal surge and a dramatic thunderstorm and suddenly his trip turns into somethiRip turns into something totally different as the Barrier is breached and London is flooded With streets underwater communications down Flood Code Red eBook #10003 rats pouring up out of the sewer Rewritten VersionSo I read this book because my boyfriend recommended it to me and it is a book that he finished Therefore I felt like I had to read it as he doesn't particularly enjoy reading but this kept him going with it I like that the chapters were short If you have read any of my reviews then you will know that I am a sucker for short chapters They ranged from 7 11 pages each which is great if you like to read a chapter before bed but it also can encourage you to read another chapter which turns into the whole book before you know it I see this as a good motivator for me to carry on readingThe reason why this book only got 45 stars is because I did not connect to any of the characters I didn't favour or particularly like any of them This may be because there were so many and the chapters kept flitting between them all this also made the story confusing for me because I would forget about who someone was or where we had left them so I had to try to remember everyone's stories The writing style did make me think I was back in an English lesson reading a book as it felt fairly childlike but this did make it simpler and easier to read However when I think a bit about this book I realise that the main character is young so he wouldn't be writing in a mature style especially about a traumatic event like a flood Therefore I feel that this added to the story looking back on itI also DID NOT like the end The reunion didn't happen which is what I was holding on for All in all I would recommend this book if you want a uick read if you're bored one night

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Code Red eBook #8608 Ben's on a trip to London to meet his mum But an accident at the Thames Barrier combined with a tidal surge and a Flash Flood Kindle dramatic thunderstorm and suddenly his t It’s a action story really good if your into fast pace story’s Good characters very interesting back story’s There are 6 books in this trilogy this was the first It was a very interesting book I’m now reading book two “wild fire “ as the last one was so good At times it would be a sad story but Ben the main character would always overcome them In my opinion I think the ending was good but maybe to others it might be boring I think year 8 and up because I don’t think year 7s would find it interesting It can be for both boys and girls it seems to be aimed at boys but i think both would find it entertaining

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Flash Flood Code Red #1S and thousands of people in a state of panic survival becomes a key issue But as Ben tries to get across London to meet his mother little does he know that two terrorists have a similar rendezvou Typical Chris Ryan fare Action adventure survival overcoming odds predictable characters but a jolly good story somewhere in there Aimed at teensyoung adult Ben finds himself in London visiting his mother on the day that disaster strikes The story follows Ben as he tries to survive the floods and the darker side of human behaviour to reunite with his mother The additional twist is a good one and is a great introduction to young people to the actionadventurethriller genre As a jaded oldster I still found it entertaining and fairly compelling The characters are rather obvious and indeed many are stereotypes that never once challenge you to see beyond the public face Still a good read when you want a uick book Glad I left this hanging around the house and might even give it a second read in a couple of years