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EPUB ¶ MOBI Genesis for Normal People ☆ FREE Â GWAIRSOFT ë [Read] ➲ Genesis for Normal People By Peter Enns – Gwairsoft.co.uk Given the fever pitched controversies about evolution Adam and Eve and scientific evidence for the Flood the average person might feel intimidated by the book ofH rich possibilitiesTable of ContentsChapter One The Genesis of GenesisChapter Two Genesis from 30000 FeetChapter Three Genesis 1 Yahweh Is BetterChapter Four Genesis 2 4 Adam Is IsraelChapter Five Genesis 4 5 Cain Is a FoolChapter Six Genesis 6 Everyone Is AnnihilatedChapter Seven Genesis 10 12 Babylon Is EvilChapter Eight Genesis 12 22 Abraham Is ChosenChapter Nine Genesis 23 25 Isaac Is the Father of IsraelChapter Ten Genesis 25 35 Jacob Is Israel LiterallyChapter Eleven Genesis 36 50 Israel Is SavedConclusion Now What?Guide for Group Discussions I really enjoyed this book it was a refreshing look at Genesis

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Given the fever pitched controversies about evolution Adam and Eve and scientific evidence for the Flood the average person might feel intimidated by the book of Genesis But behind the heady debates is a terrific story one that anyone can understand and one that has gripped people for agesIf you are not a Bible scholar but want to be able to read Genesis and understand its big picture this brief witty book is the guide you've been waiting for Clear summaries and thought provoking uestions provide direction for personal reflection and group discussion Peter Enns a B Peter Enns and Jared Byas have written a brief 104 pages plus an 18 page Guide for Group Discussions guide to reading the entire book of Genesis as the story of the nation of Israel as told through a later post exile point of view and on how to read it through ancient rather than modern eyes Throughout the book the authors point out how details of the biblical stories in Genesis reflect the realities of a later period of timeThe authors expand on the theme that the story of Adam and Eve isn't about the first human beings but is instead a story of Israel in miniature Just as Adam and Eve were banished from the garden for disobeying God so was Israel exiled from the promised land for disobeying GodThe authors go on to suggest that the emphasis on the flood story is not about how reporting facts of history but about why God sent a local flood and why the Canaanites deserved everything they got The authors also point out how Abraham's trip to and from Egypt mirrors the Exodus story At the end of Genesis a difficult period of growth is about to begin just as at the end of the Babylonian captivity Instead of thinking of this as distorting history the Israelites saw it as connecting the present with the pastThe authors conclude by again pointing out that the book of Genesis wasn't set up to settle the timing and order of creation but to answer ancient uestions for ancient IsraelitesThis book is an excellent fun to read introduction to the entire book of Genesis although the Further Reading page is much too short I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Old Testament

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Genesis for Normal PeopleIblical Studies professor and Jared Byas an Old Testament professor summarize Genesis' key themes and help us see the book as an ancient story one with continued relevance for human experience today Genesis for Normal People illuminates the characters that fill the book of Genesis causing us to resonate with their choices and struggles even as we marvel at their distant world And that's what you'll find here not scientific proof texts or simple moral tales but a distant world made available and a story that is often strange sometimes dangerous and always filled wit Not exactly what I expected but actually helped me “zoom out” even further to see Genesis for what it is an ancient story written to ancient readers That lens is so so helpful and makes it even beautiful when reading Scripture The actual writing of this book is sort of all over the place and a bit hard to follow but ultimately a uick read and has some great larger concepts to grasp on to and take with you