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Download Book ↠ What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Æ 320 pages Á Sonya sones ç ✅ What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Sonya Sones – My name is RobinThis book is about meIt tells the story of what happenswhen after almost 15 pathetic years Bea good thing right?Only it turns out to bea lot complicated than thatBecause I'm not gonna lie to you there are naked women involvedFour of them to be exactThough not in the way you m I felt like this book kind of ruined the sweet ending that What My Mother Doesn't Know had It was like happily ever after until reality smacks you in the face If you liked the first one its worth checking this one out but the first one is definitely betterThe writing in this book is nice I liked these poems and the book was interesting enough and often funny though not as much as the first in the series She handled a male narrator pretty well but I just didn't like his personalityIn the beginning it was nice Their relationship was believable and I liked the idea of showing how Sophie's social status was destroyed by her revealing that her boyfriend was Robin But after the beginning is over and Sophie manages to feel better about her social situation and regain one of her friends the book kind of takes a 180 It goes from being cute and about them being against the world to the narrator becoming incredibly jealous and slightly aggressive towards his girlfriend and I hated that He annoyed me so much when he couldn't just be happy for his girlfriend and tried to make everything about himself and expected her to spend all of her time with himI also was dissatisfied with the ending it tried to end on a happy note like all of her books but I didn't want to believe it because he had turned into such a jerk It felt like throwing a gift at the wall and then trying to wrap up the broken pieces in a pretty bow and still giving it to someone as if it weren't broken

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My name is RobinThis book is about meIt tells the story of what happenswhen after almost 15 pathetic years of loserdomthe girl of my dreams finally falls for meThat seems like it would Let me start off saying this cover is so completely misleading It looks like an adult kissing another adult The women is wearing a fancy looking blouse hair up in a bun and the man has a beard not typical looking freshman if you ask me I happen to be a freshman Which the guy in the story has a beard but it's redorange not brown So all in all the cover looks like two adults kissing And NO the story is not about that Kissing yeah it's involved but that's not what this is about And then the title What My Girlfriend Doesn't KnowSounds scandalous doesn't itAnd then the 4 naked women mentioned in the inside coverEven scandalous yes?But did the author mention there's also a naked man?No she did notWhy?Cause that could go in many different directionsThere's nothing uite as scandalous as you're thinkingNo need to worryOr uestion my taste in booksMeet Robin MurphyBut everyone calls him MurphyExcept SophieWho calls him RobinYou know what a Murphy is to the people at their school?LoserFailureOutcastNo ualityStupid MoronNerd Geek Dweeb FreakNot so nice is it?Sophie isn't the kind of person who would be seen associating with himShe's beautiful popular smart and niceAnd then winter break happened Sophie turned into Robin's girlfriendSchool started again Sophie's friends ditched her Random acts of unkindness were made to the couplePeople thought Sophie had gone insaneTold in poem format Robin tells of how he struggled agianst bullies in school How it hurt him to see his girlfriend eyes not shinning as bright as before with happeniness How he wanted to break up with her just so she would be happier without people making fun of her And how they promised needed to get through this together people would hopefully accept them eventuallyThis is their storyFriends make all the difference in the world Remember that1413 Hey they changed the cover

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What My Girlfriend Doesn't KnowIght thinkDon't get me wrong my girlfriend's amazingBut the way things have been going latelyI'm starting to believe that the only thing worsethan not getting what you wantis getting it You wont find alot of books like this What i realy like about this book is that it is from a guys point of view It is very intresting to read feelings that I've had but never knew how to put it in words If i remember correctly the guy in this does something very bad Like Stop Pretending this book is also a collection of poems COOL