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Read The Goose Girl ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ✪ The Goose Girl pdf ✩ Author Shannon Hale – Mythopoeic Fantasy Award nominee for Children's Literature 2010 The Books of Bayern seriesShe was born with her eyes closed and a word on her tongue a word she could not taste Her name was Anidori KilNree and she spent the first years of her life listening to her aunt’s stories and learning the language of the birds especially the swans And when she was older she watched as a colt was born and she heard the first word on his tongue his name FaladaFro. December 21 22 2015This book is sooooo fantastic I love itJune 17 19 2014I freaking love this bookDecember 24 2010 January 2 2011Not sure what else to say about this book beyond Wow It's awesome I mean I've read it SEVERAL times now and just bought it for my sister in law for Christmas I love itMarch 9 10 2010Errr ditto to what I said before And now I'm REALLY excited to read Enna Burning just as soon as it gets here through ILLApril 3 2009In an Austin Powers voice One million starsIt's been a really long time since I added a book to my favorites bookshelf It takes uite a special book to earn a spot there after all thought it may not LOOK like it to the casual observer But I didn't hesitate before adding this oneThis is what I think about the bookIf someone had told me before I read this book Hey Sara You should read this book It's about a girl who can talk to birds I would have 1 tried really hard not to roll my eyes 2 smiled and nodded and 3 never ever picked up the book Things like that are just CHEESY you know Oooh Animal whispererBut this book SUCKED me in Like a really powerful vortex that even the Starship Enterprise could never get out of And Captain Janeway got them out of a really bad ass vortexy type thing one time Usually there's kind of a boring part of a book—at the beginning somewhere in the middle when it starts dragging But this book had nonstop suction Wow It sounds like a vacuum cleanerANYWAY the book sucked me in It was just so interesting with its mythology type storieslegends at the beginning and then really uickly she starts her journey toward Bayern And all along the way CRAP keeps happening to her Usually books that make you tear up do so near the end you know But this one it was like 50 pages into the book and I'm on the verge of tears The mere fact that I cared enough about the characters only 50 pages in to cry over stuff that's happening to them REALLY speaks highly of the writing I'd saySo ALL THIS CRAP keeps happening to her and I'm like Uhhh Shannon I read your Austenland book and it had a happy ending If this book doesn't start turning around I might go jump off a bridge Nevermind that there aren't any bridges in Bryan other than overpasses Parts were just so sad But it all turned out pretty all right in the end I'd say I can't stop grinning so that's an understatementI was going to say something else what character development AniIsi shows REMARKABLE character development through the course of the book which is fabulous From shy timid and with an I'll never be as good as my mother attitude to what she ends up as It's great Just wonderfulAnyway go read the book The audiobook was AMAZING Produced by Full Cast Audio It had a different reader for every character It was fabulous Like listening to a movie with a narratorThe library's copy of Enna Burning is checked in I'll have to go pick it up tomorrow morning Then on to River Secrets and Forest BornEDIT The library copy of Enna was lost so I STILL haven't been able to get it grrr

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Mythopoeic Fantasy Award nominee for Children's Literature The Books of Bayern seriesShe was born with her eyes closed and a word on her tongue a word she could not taste Her name The Goose PDFEPUBwas Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee Crown Princess of Kilde. A cute sweet and simple fairy tale story but unfortunately made me realize that early 2000s fantasy books are not my style I appreciate the earnest and unproblematic elements of the story a main character who becomes stronger female friendships a cute friendship group a sweet romance etc but I found myself feeling bored from the slow pacing and linear storyline Though the last few pages got exciting and fast paced ultimately not much stood out to me

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The Goose GirlM the Grimm's fairy tale of the princess who became a goose girl before she could become ueen Shannon Hale has woven an incredible original and magical tale of a girl who must find her own unusual talents before she can lead the people she has made her own. If you'd like to see my full thoughts you can check out my video review here book is pure magic The writing is poetic and romantic and beautiful The plot is faithful to the fairytale that it's retelling but it brings new and exciting things to the table The fantasy elements are understated but really enhance the story and the characters oh the characters are spectacular