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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Shoulda Been a Cowboy ô ❴EPUB❵ ✼ Shoulda Been a Cowboy Author Maisey Yates – In this sexy sweet preuel novella to her new series USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge Oregon where it's never too late for second ch In thiOffering a whole lot than fresh baked muffinsJake's dark smoldering appeal hasn't changed one bit But Cassie has Following everyone else's rules didn't uite work out Time to ask for what she's always wantedand what Jake's than happy to give A wild hot romance that could make a one time bad boy realize he's back for go. 35 starsI am not a huge fan of novellas and this story kind was a shining example why Now I understand that this was meant to be a shorter format and needed to get to the chase uickly without too much build up The thing is I like the buildup and anticipation of a romance That's why they're so enjoyable to me Plus the fact is I like seeing the development and growth between characters as the story progresses Now surprisingly this story with Cassie and Jake had a little bit of buildup in the beginning of the story Problem was it wasn't that exciting and bordered on boredom My concentration was not on the story and my mind wandered off I just didn't find their story interesting and kind blah which was surprising for a Maisey Yates book I love her books and stories that she tells but not so much in the beginning of this story Once they finally did kiss and get it on The story got much better It just took off from there Problem was from that moment on it kind of just raced to the finish line too uickly I know that's due to the fact that this was a novella but I would have liked pacing and development I wanted to see them fall in love Step by step But before I knew it they were declaring their love for one another When did their lust turn into love That's my uestion It just felt unbelievable to me And to me that was a big no no I have believe it in order to be into it This novella was the preuel for the Copper Ridge series I love Copper Ridge which was the reason t decided to give this novella a shot I thought it would have that flavor that Copper Ridge had just in a shorter format And unfortunately it didn't I didn't love it or the characters of Jake and Cassie They were okay but I didn't fall in love with them like I have the other characters in the series That was another big problem for me It was great to see those other characters before they got their happily ever after That made me smile that what was going on in Jake and Cassie's relationship Just they didn't do it for me I couldn't connect Now that probably has to do to the shorter format and not getting to know them over a substantial period I wasn't as invested in their romance What I did like was the fact that they had a backstory and both of them wanted the other back in the day That increased the sexual tension between them It created that barrier also of why they couldn't be together in the first place I liked seeing that struggle though it didn't last long Highlight for me were definitely the love scenes Maisey Yates knows how to write intense and passionate scenes between characters They were so steamy So sexy So hot It made up for the fact that the first half didn't keep my attention These scenes kept my attention Steam wafted off the pages and just showed how much chemistry that they had Overall this novella was okay The second half was better than the first half I just wasn't thrilled with the couple or how rushed it seemed in the end when they declared their love for one another I never like that The story wasn't all bad with a few highlights here and there but it wasn't my absolute favorite story by Maisey Yates I needed to be drawn in from the beginning and I wasn't I just needed story wise and development wise And unfortunately I don't think that was conducive to the novella format I am glad this was a free novella to included in Bad News Cowboy because otherwise I wouldn't have


In this sexy sweet preuel novella to her new series USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates welcomes readers to the charming small town of Copper Ridge Oregon where it's never too late for second chancesThere's not much about his teenage years that Jake Caldwell can be proud of Except maybe for keeping his hands off. Shoulda Been a Cowboy is the story of Cassie and JakeA sorta second chance romance between a bad cowboy and a good baker girl The h had been attracted to the wild H fifteen years ago but one night he disappeared leaving their town of Copper ridgeNow he's back threatening her livelihood by planning to sell the building she has her business in Alas the h has been through enough with a controlling mother and a shitty marriage ruining her life until now finally decides to take a chance on her desires She propositions the hero he consents they bang like bunnies there's some pushing away and drama but it all ends in a HEAEnjoyable in partsUnsafe35

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Shoulda Been a CowboyCute kind hearted Cassie Ventimiglia She was the Shoulda Been Epubonly one who saw him as than a tattooed rebel who couldn't wait to leave the ranching life behind Now he's back in Copper Ridge to sell his father's property and staying right above Cassie's coffee shop And out of nowhere the girl he's never forgotten is. 35a great little cute fluffyI liked both MCs and loved the setting Am definitely going to read the series after falling in love with yet another novella I read set in Copper Ridge Broody hot heros with strong interesting female leads a splash of good smut and swoony setting seems just my thing these days Even if it is a tad too wellclassically romantic for me The character building does make up for it Somehow Yates manages to create vivid and interesting characters in a short story Not only that she did throw in a few support characters that give me hope for the next books SO while it is a tad cliche even a bit insta at time I am eating it up simply because the characters leave me wanting