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Magic Binds ePub ð Hardcover Read Æ ❮Read❯ ➬ Magic Binds Author Ilona Andrews – Mercenary Kate Daniels knows all too well that magic in post Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business But nothing she’s faced could have prepared her for this Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lenn Mercenary Kate Daniels That if Kate marries the man she loves Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead The odds are impossible The future is grim But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rule Re read 1211825118After re reading the whole series I have just one thing to say Kate better not die at the end of this or I shall be enormously upset Also I really hope they do a spinoff with Derek and Julie because they really deserve a HEA with each other 5 StarsI fail to find words to describe how much I loved this book Definitely one of my favourites If you have not read this series and these authors you are seriously missing out

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Official But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar Kate’s father Roland has kidnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry in his never ending bid for power A Witch Oracle has predicted FIRST READ 23 SEPT 2016 ★★★★★SECOND READ 10 AUG 2018★★★★★ I don't really have anything new to add except it was just as good Loved it This series has stayed so strong and the final installment is soon to be released The best urban fantasy So much winIt's saying something when the 9th book is one of the best of the entire series Yes this was AMAZING I couldn't get enoughThere was just so much win I admit that I didn't really like the previous one but this was the shizz The story the pacing everything was spot on It was a real joy to read I mean everyone who is reading this probably knows what has come before and what everything is leading up to There is a lot of Roland is this book Kate's Bad Daddy Their interactions were epicJust so much happened and the authors have proved there is still so much world building and surprises to be found in the Kateverse It all still feels fresh and the writing is top notch I have nothing negative to sayStandouts Roman Christopher The surprise reappearance of a certain character Julie RolandThere were just so many awesome scenes and excellent dialogue None of it felt like filler When you look at the now Kate and compare her to the then Kate it blows your mind She is really something now More than just a bad ass but the whole package The authors have truly done a spectacular job of showing her growth and depth and she has really become a bigger than life character A true classicI hate Jim and really he is just the worst Mahon seems to have changed a lot which is good because I wanted him to die in the last bookA lot of the supporting characters get these fantastic little power scenes They may not be a main part of this one but when they show up it really packs a punch Dali Ghastek Desandra for exampleSo many feels I got chills multiple times and got a little teary a few times This was just an outstanding addition to the series When urban fantasy is done this well I love it There really is no comparison Almost every other UF series feels flat and amateurish to me now because the bar has been set so highOh and can we PLEASE have Hugh in the last book and can he PLEASE NOT DIE??? Please I miss his roguishly evil self TEAM HUGHBuddy read with the Ilona Andrews Addicts groupOriginal post ON NETGALLEY 29 July 2016 GO GOI already know I'm going to get rejected but if you like this series go Try and reuest it I can't believe it's there

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Magic BindsMercenary Kate Daniels knows all too well that magic in post Shift Atlanta is a dangerous business But nothing she’s faced could have prepared her for this Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship reread really fast for the Magic Triumphs release tomorrow I can totally do it somehowOfficial Release dayI'm so excited to read this with my crew at Ilona Andrews AddictsTHIS WAS FAN FREAKING TASTICI never in a million years would have guessed at even half the stuff the Andrews came up with to put in this storyKate and Curran – Love them ALWAYsFavorite side character – Roman The priest of the God of Evil and Monsters gets some great page time and adds to every scene he is in “It’s not that I’m that evil really I’m just beloved by evil things” JulieIf you read Magic Stars you know who she has been talking to and so you know why I’m worried If you haven’t read Magic Starswhat are you waiting for go read it nowI’ll wait hereChristopher OMG Christopher I had theoriesI had speculationsI had out there notionsbut I wasn’t even close I will send cookies to someone if they guess right on what his story isEVERYTHING ELSERoland new wonderful mythical creatures battles and a special guest that I never thought I’d see againThere is so much wonderful that I can’t wait to read it againPre readWhen one of your favorite authors says you get to beta read their new book