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Making Friends with Billy Wong review å 109 É ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Making Friends with Billy Wong Author Augusta Scattergood – Azalea is not happy about being dropped off to look after Grandmother Clark Even if she didn't care that much about meeting the new sixth graders in her Texas hometown those stWith Billy PDFEPUB #227 Azalea is not happy about being dropped off to look after Grandmother Clark Even if she didn't care that much about meeting the new sixth graders in her Texas hometown those strangers seem much preferable to the ones in Paris Junction Talk about troubled Willis DeLoach or gossipy Melinda Bowman Who needs friends lik. Augusta Scattergood has a knack for nailing the middle grade voice and for really setting the stage in historical fiction I loved her books Glory Be and The Way to Stay in Destiny so I was looking forward to reading her newest work Making Friends with Billy Wong Like Glory Be Making Friends with Billy Wong holds a special place in my heart because like the author I was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta Although this particular novel is set in Arkansas I'm sure there was not much difference in what was happening in MississippiAugusta Scattergood has educated me by showing me a side of history that I didn’t realize when I was coming of age in the late 70s and early 80s—that the Chinese people in my community had suffered racism just like all the other marginalized groups This is an important book for young readers so I hope it gets the widespread distribution that it deserves

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P has never been easy Maybe this time it will beInspired by the true accounts of Chinese immigrants who lived in the American South during the civil rights era these side by side stories one in Azalea's prose the other in Billy's poetic narrative create a poignant novel and reminds us that friends can come to us in the most unexpected ways. Thank you Augusta for sending me your newest book an historical fiction story about Azalea and Billy and a whole lot This one reminded me a lot of Glory Be in that it is a story about ordinary children trying to figure out why not everyone is treated the same Azalea is dropped off at her grandmother's house in Arkansas in order to help her out while her grandmother nurses an injured foot Azalea is not happy about spending the summer with Grandma Clark especially after the greeting Appreciate you being here but don't expect coddling Never coddled your mother Don't plan to start with you Which I'm sure Johnny Morgan that daddy of yours does Azalea pines away for her home in Texas but soon she is immersed in life in Paris Junction She meets Billy Wong a boy whose family owns the Chinese grocery store Lucky Foods He has a voice of his own through small poems throughout the book His story is that his school the Chinese Mission School closed and he will be attending the public school in Paris Junction The town bully Willis soon makes his appearance as a good for nothing harassing Billy and his family stealing items from their grocery store and getting accused of vandalizing Lucky Foods Azalea finds out he has a story of his own of course but that doesn't change him or Azalea's feelings about him much Other problems loom over Azalea the broken plate the strangers in the shed telling the truth Melinda and her friends the relationship between her grandmother and her parents and missing home However lots of things get mended as well and this leads to a satisfying ending I love summer stories stories of days gone by and stories of childhood filled with ordinary problems against a back drop of history Scattergood is an expert at all these elements and this book has them all

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Making Friends with Billy WongE theseAnd then there's Billy Wong a Chinese American boy who shows up to help in her grandmother's garden Billy's great aunt and uncle own the Lucky Foods grocery store where days are long Making Friends eBook #207 and some folks aren't friendly For Azalea whose family and experiences seem different from most everybody she knows friendshi. Boy did I love Billy's voice in this story While he wasn't the main narrator in this novel his chapters were my favorite