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Backroad to PDF #180 On the Backroad to Heaven is a uniue guide to the world of Old Order Anabaptist groups Focusing on four Old Order communities the Hutterites Mennonites Amish and Brethren Donald B Kraybill and On the Kindle Carl Desportes Bowman provide a fascinating overview of their culture growth and distinctive way of life Fol. I found this book very helpful in explaining these religions especially the Brethren the German Baptists I had some as neighbors and they were very nice and friendly Our children played together and attended school together and I worked with some Although they are the most modern of all the groups they are still considered an old order It really helps to understand other religions and respect their ways without judging

review On the Backroad to Heaven Old Order Hutterites Mennonites Amish and Brethren Center Books in Anabaptist Studies

On the Backroad to Heaven Old Order Hutterites Mennonites Amish and Brethren Center Books in Anabaptist StudiesLowing a general the Backroad to Heaven Old PDF or introduction to Old Order culture they show how each group uses a different the Backroad to eBook #10003 strategy to create and sustain its identity The Hutterites for example keep themselves geographically segregated from the larger society whereas the Brethren interact freely with it. This is a sociological study of four Old Order Anabaptist sects the Amish the Horse Mennonite the Dunker and the Hutterite communities written for the general reader by authors with deep knowledge of their history culture and faith traditions This work is particularly valuable for the information it provides on the lesser known sects on the Hutterites and the Dunkers the Old Germen Brethren But it contains a plethora of information on all four And is objective It does not romanticize their communal life styles does not it see them as ecological heroes nor as unspoiled naturally wholesome primitives nor as tourist attractions or curiosities Although the word heaven is in the title and heaven is the ultimate goal of the groups discussed and is in fact the original and continuing motivation for the existence of these groups this work is sociology not theology Is primarily a study of the countercultural social structures of these sects particularly the means by which they define themselves organize their society preserve their traditions The authors provide a good description how each actually functions They evaluate each community's success in creating group loyalty in fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of its adherents They do a costbenefit analysis of the price paid the compensation gained by adherents for replacing their individuality with group identify They also provide an economic analysis of each society of the means by which they support themselves how successful those means are whether the group is prospering growing or declining In the past the groups were primarily dependent on agriculture on farming but this is changing The growth in their population resulting from the large size of their families coupled with the unavailability of suitable cheap farm land has forced some particularly among the Amish to turn to other sources of income This change to work outside the farm to work in construction or in manufacturing or in retail trade has stressed the traditional system of social control in these groups They have had to adapt to new economic conditions while finding a way to preserve what is essential in their communal life The authors evaluate these changes assess how successful these adaptations are and assess the future viability of these communities Probably the most informative portion of the book is its delineation of the particular techniues that the individual groups use to mark their borders the fences they build to keep members in the contemporary world out The Hutterites primarily use the communal ownership of property; all use idiosyncratic customs horse transportation particular clothing hairstyles headwear and measures of social control eg shunning; and all avoid various aspects of modern technology that are seen to weaken communal life the family structure Particularly illuminating was the book's explication of the true significance of these peculiar customs their true role in these societies as the functioning means by which the community consciously defines itself from the surrounding culture they are the signs of loyalty of submission of the members to the group For example the use of hook and eye fastenings by the Amish instead of buttons while seemingly unimportant in itself and of no particular religious value serves as a visible sign of submission to the group as proof of a willingness to follow t

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On the Backroad to Heaven Old Order Hutterites Mennonites Amish and Brethren Center Books in Anabaptist Studies Read & Download ☆ 5 ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ On the Backroad to Heaven Old Order Hutterites Mennonites Amish and Brethren CThe Amish and Mennonites are alike the Backroad to Heaven Old PDF or in how they engage the outside world adopting a complex but flexible strategy of compromise that produces an evolving canon of social and religious rules This first comparative study sketches the differences as well as the common threads that bind these groups together. Picked this up at the library because it featured a chapter about the Hutterites It's a neat book that compares and contrasts four different Old Order groups The first few chapters cover each group and the last few compare and contrast them then talk about what makes them continue on despite changing technology The chapters on the Old order Mennonite and Amish were ok probably because I already knew some things about them The most interesting to me were the chapters on the Hutterites and the Old German Baptist Bretheren Probably because these two groups aren't as well known If you are interested in the Amish and similar groups at all I recommend this book