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Read Brekkukotsannáll eBook ë Paperback ¼ [PDF / Epub] ★ Brekkukotsannáll By Halldór Laxness – «Os peixes também sabem cantar» é depois de «Gente independente» um dos livros mais significativos e de sucesso na carreira de Halldór Laxness Sem dúvida um dos ue melhor explica ao seu leitor «Os peixes tA a vida adulta do jovem Álfgrímur Abandonado pela mãe em Brekkukot uma propriedade rural na periferia de Reykjavík então uma peuena cidade de poucos habitantes e sob o domínio dinamaruês a infância de Álfgrímur decorre de forma idílica entre os trabalhos domésticos na uinta com a avó adoptiva ue recita os rímur e as antigas sagas islandesas a aprendizagem de latim e a audição à noite das histórias dos excêntricos habitantes de Brekkukot Álfgrímur ue so A gentle comedy set in pre independence Iceland Alfgrimur is abandoned as a baby and is brought up in a run down shack on the outskirts of Reykjavik Passing through the house are a motley bunch of deadbeat lodgers and wacky characters Most intriguing of all is Gardar Holm the son of a neighbour He is a local boy made good overseas as a world renowned singer or is heGardar flits in and out of the boys life during fleeting return trips home almost but not uite giving a concert to his adoring home town One day the saga finally comes to a conclusion as a date for the big concert is set Unwittingly the boy is sucked into the maelstrom and his path for life is setThere is a sense of a country in transition as the old Iceland is changing moving towards independence and with modern industry starting to take hold A whimsical affectionate book amusing rather than laugh out loud funny

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«Os peixes também sabem cantar» é depois de «Gente independente» um dos livros mais significativos e de sucesso na carreira de Halldór Laxness Sem dúvida um dos ue melhor explica ao seu leitor a Islândia descrevendo através da história de vida do seu jovem protagonista o momento histórico da passagem da sua misteriosa e mágica sociedade ancestral à modernidade dos nossos dias O romance ue se situa em inícios do século XX acompanha a passagem da infância par The fish can sing just like a birdAnd grazes on the moorland screeWhile cattle in a lowing herdRoam the rolling seaStarting from this Icelandic paradox put in verse Halldór Laxness weaves an enchanting tale on the outskirts of Reykjavík in a time when the price of a Bible was eual to that of a heifer and people still tried to cure headaches by smearing their faces with warm cow dung Some say that The Fish Can Sing is a coming of age novel but I don't really see it that way; it is the diary of a place Brekkukot and the portrait of a generation long gone in a time when Reykjavík was just a bunch of houses inhabited by farmers and fishermen Álfgrímur is an abandoned child who grows up at Brekkukot surrounded by peculiar people and evening sessions of sagas and rímur His childhood revolves around Brekkukot convinced like the eminent Candide that the world we live in is best at home He reminisces about a lot of things there a clock in whose ticking he discovered eternity a window so small that it was possible to see only one blade of grass and one star Álfgrímur doesn't perceive himself as poor and he wants to become a fisherman just like his adoptive grandfather Until one day when he hears about the one pure note and starts to indulge in dreams of becoming a singer This is one of the details I loved most in this novel one blade of grass and one star Such a tiny universe and yet so grand Because Brekkukot is an open place for the unfortunate and the poor who bring with them strange stories and peculiar situations All sorts of people come to live here from all over Iceland some just in passing others to stay for good until their dying day Álfgrímur shares the loft with three permanent inhabitants a genuine saga men who used to pilot Danish ships; a philosopher with a mysterious job whom the child believes to be descended from the Hidden People; and an occasional drunk admirer of cesspools who in old age was to become the first person to be run over by a car in Iceland The household is run by Álfgrímur's adoptive grandfather Björn of Brekkukot and his companion whom Álfgrímur calls his grandmother two people that Laxness endows with unforgettable traits No matter the circumstances fisherman Björn sold his fish at the same price rejecting all the fundamental rules of economics because he thought that people accumulated money that they actually needed He used to read the Bible in a monotonous and solemn chant a special manner of reading that is now lost Wealthy people considered he had no ambition but how much benefit could it bring to a man who was obviously happy than most Álfgrímur's grandmother is a mysterious character to him because he doesn't really get to know her She was a well of knowledge answering people with sayings and proverbs knowing whole ballads by heart from beginning to end And it seemed she never had a bed of her own to sleep in It was not until after I was fully grown that I noticed her sufficiently to feel that I really saw her Suddenly one day I simply felt that she was probably closer to me than anyone else in the world even though I knew less about her than anyone else and despite the fact that she had been in her grave for some time by then And then there is the elusive Garðar Hólm the most famous Icelander known all over the world for his amazing voice Álfgrímur has the chance to meet him several times when the singer comes to Reykjavík not knowing what to think of his strange and unapproachable character He can't even hear him sing because Garðar Hólm always leaves unexpectedly before his due concert Music had not been an educational subject in Iceland since the Middle Ages – indeed it was considered an affectation or an aberration especially among the educated – until Garðar Hólm won for Iceland musical fame abroad; and then a few people began to think highly of it But for a long time afterwards it was still generally

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BrekkukotsannállNha um dia tornar se pescador tal como o seu avô vê no entanto todos os seus projectos de futuro serem abalados pelo regresso a casa do Garõar Hólm Famoso cantor lírico orgulho da Islândia a vida de Garõar está porém envolta num misterioso segredo ue caberá a Álfgrímur desvelar ligando para sempre a sua vida à desta estranha personagem Será Garõar a fazer com ue Álfgrímur se apaixone pela música incitando o a alcançar com o canto da sua voz a «Nota Pura and swim underwater for a really long timeGreat stuff from this Icelander