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Pirate Barbarian Free download ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï ❮PDF❯ ✯ Pirate Barbarian ⚣ Author Tasha Temple – Gwairsoft.co.uk Jolene Winston’s brief and formal courtship with Raul Vasco a wealthy Portuguese ship captain leaves her destined for marriage with a man she scarcely knows Raul rEnce threatens to distract him from his uest to remedy a wrong committed long agoThis epic saga of dramatic adventure and romance will hold you spellbound as Captain Kai leads his ship and crew through supernatural perils to fulfill his lifelong mission Raul plots and exacts his revenge and Jolene discovers untold love and ecstasy when she least expects it. Author Tasha TemplePublished by Makai Publishing Age Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 5ReviewPirate Barbarian by Tasha Temple was uite some book Yes it was of piracy blend of paranormal historical romance and adventure The characters were all well developed with Raul who was rather mean even to say horrible person There was Kai who was the hero of the two and then there was Jolene who became his lover This was definitely a adventurous sex well written and a romance ride that I couldn't put down until the end and the ending was greatWould I recommend Pirate Barbarian Yes if you love a love story between a woman and a 'Barbarian Pirate'

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Ruthless pirates the barbarian leader Kai seizes the ship’s precious cargo the rum and Jolene Jolene learns to survive and even thrive on the pirate ship discovering raw and fiery passion with Kai as she battles her way through unspeakable terrors The fierce and handsome pirate captain is captivated by Jolene’s beauty and spirit although her mere pres. 360 starsStory FAIRLY GOODIntimacy Level GOOD SPICYEnjoyment GOODLength 4885 kindle 326 pagesStyle Multi genre Historical Paranormal EroticaI liked this story by the author As with her past books she manages to fuses different genres with her uniue twist on the story However as much as I liked the story the first part of the story was ok to me with the raiding of Raul's ship and the capture of Jolene by Kai As the story and plot started to unfold with a bit of the paranormal aspect I got interestedJolene is engaged to Raul and is traveling with him on his ship While traveling with Raul Jolene starts to see an ugly side to him that she has never seen while being courted by him While at sea Raul's boat has been over taken by Kai a pirate The author gave you a pirate experience by the way Kai spoke and that brought his character to life Kai seem like your typical harden pirate but once he captures Jolene you see a different side of him and I liked that Jolene was your typical maiden who is innocent in so many ways but once her desires for Kai shows and is act upon both their chemistry was sexy and interesting to read as both their journeys begin As the story progressed you begin to see a side of Raul that brought his character to life as wellWith the storyline and characters this was an ok read for me For me personally not the best from the author but still very much likeable and entertainingRNJhttpwwwromancenoveljunkiescomSoPinteresthttppinterestcomladyravenravero

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Pirate BarbarianJolene Winston’s brief and formal courtship with Raul Vasco a wealthy Portuguese ship captain leaves her destined for marriage with a man she scarcely knows Raul reluctantly agrees to let Jolene travel on his sailing vessel to their new home in Africa but uickly reveals his dark and abusive nature when she displeases him When Raul’s ship is attacked by. What happens when your fiancé is worse than the barbaric murdering pirate that kidnaps you Jolene is a gently bred English lady who is traveling on a merchant boat with her fiancé to be married in East Africa Raul Vasco is a rich heir to a shipping company and the one wooing Jolene Well he courts her sweetly for a year Now he's impatient and will take what he wants from his wife to be Everything is going as planned until his ship is attacked by a ruthless pirate KaiThe plot of this story is interesting The main characters Jolene Raul and Kai are all designed with flaws This is nice because who wants perfect main characters Kai is actually one of the better anti heroes I've come across He is a tormented man and it's hard not to like him Of course the way he treats Jolene is what really engages a reader and sways favour to him over Raul The story is enjoyable and I wanted to know what would happen in the ending Ms Temple does a nice job of building conflict and resolving itHere are a few suggestions for future stories First do not change point of view than a couple of times In this story within one chapter without clear delineation the point of view changed several times even to secondary characters While it was easy to follow it is jarring and not recommended Second if a story is take place within a certain time period it's best to stay true to the time period's rules This is fiction but it's historically a bit off which will cause readers who enjoy this type of time period to be drawn out of the book Examples of paying attention to detail for this time period 1 An unchaperoned single female on a boat is stretching it 2 An orphaned female still in control of her family's manor in England is also a rarity More like a distant male relative would have claimed it and tossed her out 3 Jolene left the manor in her servant's hands and didn't think to return What is this How are they going to have money to keep this manor running 4 A woman allowed on a ship in this time period is very rare Exactly because women on a ship where thought of as unlucky I'm frankly surprised this wasn't of a conflict Any woman who is also alone on a boat like this is definitely a whore not a lady and would be treated in that manner by allThese discrepancies while minor distracted me from the story and the full enjoyment It did not however detract from the story itself The story was still good as long as I didn't pay attention to these inconsistencies Let's move on to the sex The sex in this story was sweet and in line with this genre of story The scenes flowed in a smooth manner It didn't feel as if it were thrown in for token sex For my personal tastes the sex was tame but for romance lovers it is probably just right This book is recommended to romance lovers who root for the sexy anti hero and a spunky heroine