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Summary Secrets After Dark After Dark #2 107 Ù [Read] ➵ Secrets After Dark After Dark #2 By Sadie Matthews – Beth and Dominic embarked on the most intensely sexual and emotional relationship of their life in FIRE AFTER DARK the first novel in Sadie Matthews' erotic romance series Now SECRETS AFTER DARK will Beth and DCraves that delicate seductive game of give and take of walking the line between pain and pleasure abandon and release Persuading Dominic to let those secret parts of himself unravel will be the biggest risk I've ever taken but I can't resist Even if it means we fall apartProvocative and sophisticated exhilarating and seductive the AFTER DARK series is a compelling pleasure we should all indulge. i enjoyed this book so much than the first had so much going on that kept me turning the pages it takes such a dramatic turn almost into a mystery than a loveromance that kept me guessing and a little fustrated at the same timethe characters are well writen beth fustrated me a little by not saying or asking what she should and i really didnt like anna or Andrei from the start but together it made a great story line with lots of twists along the wayI do think it was a lot darker than the first and its defo not for the light harted and Dominic well yes he does take hee to new extrem levels but the fact she uses the face work twice showed he has less self contol than he thinks also think as his roll as master that he would be a but controlling or keppjng an eye on her when hes not around didnt like that he kept lossing touch however this made it even of a page turner to figure out what he was doingany way was a good read and look fowrd to finding out the mystery the suspence is killing me x

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Day and Nikki GemmellOurs was a love bound by powerFalling in love with Dominic changed me I relinuished myself completely and placed my heart and my trust in Dominic's hands but in one exuisite excruciating moment he abandoned his control Anguished by his actions he has locked those darkest desires inside unable to share my conviction that it would never happen againNow it's not only Dominic who. Man whyThe book started fairly okay I read the first one over a year or two ago so I didn't remember much except the fact that I thought it was way better than Fifty Shades of Grey because Dominic wasn't a psychopath like Christian GreyThis book started okay with Beth waiting for Dominic for weeks without having an answer from him but she was sure he will contact her Insert Dominic's boss Russian rich man Andrei Dubrovski who ends up obviously interested in Beth and a potential adversary for Beth gorgeous Anna who is actually involved with Andrei and then you get the recipe for disaster Especially because obviously in every romance book there has to be a bitch that cannot keep her hands off the main character's man Ugh I hate this Let's try to pin women against each other lessLaura Beth's best friend couldn't have been spineless or seem less than a friend She was way too perfect on paper saying things that only look good on paper because real life friends don't talk like that They usually tell you the truth in a real like way and they seemed like acuaintances than best friendsOverall I thought there were too many details in this book considering it's a trilogy and a lot could have been sparedview spoiler And the end With all of Dominic's lies and secrets Why He wasn't much of a presence in this book and didn't do much And when he fixated on Beth and Andrei at the end instead of fucking answering what it was ughAnd the whole Beth Andrei Dominic triangle was unnecessary The whole who fucked her in the catacombs might have been interesting at first but not something to base an entire book on And the fact that the author obviously made Anna seem like a bitch in heat instead of a powerful woman who can be both successful and attractive and have anyone she wants and just be happy with that was disconcerting Beth was way too obsessed with Dominic as well thinking that everything he does is perfect and he's perfect and gorgeous and she'd do anything for him to the point where she has to comfort him after their dominate submissive sex goes wrong Nope NopeI'm curious for the last book but I had bigger hopes for this hide spoiler

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Secrets After Dark After Dark #2Beth and Dominic Dark After Epub #225 embarked on the most intensely sexual and emotional Secrets After PDF or relationship of their life in FIRE AFTER DARK the first novel in After Dark After Kindle #210 Sadie Matthews' erotic romance series Now SECRETS AFTER DARK will take you one step closer to the bittersweet edge of passion the perfect read for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James Sylvia. This was such a bittersweet read for me It’s taut compelling a little uncomfortable and you seriously just never know what is coming next For a book that’s touted as a FSoG style romance it’s definitely a departure on the angsty side The characters are all very flawed everything is suspect everyone is duplicitous and nothing is what it seemsWe continue the story of Beth and Dominic but this time characters are introduced that will have a big impact on the central romance and the story broadens its horizons significantly The first book was a fairly insular tale focusing almost exclusively on Beth Dominic’s relationship but with the introduction of Russian billionaire Andrei Dubrovski and his treacherous lady friend Anna the whole dynamic begins to shiftIt’s a fairly uncomfortable read and the big uestion at the centre of the story is what on earth really did happen in those catacombs I find I trust no one and don’t believe what they say and Beth shouldn’t eitherDominic is I guess meant to be our hero but he’s keeping secrets he’s not being honest and he’s neglectful of Beth at times when she needs him most As a dom I find him very unconvincing He doesn’t read Beth well and twice has taken it so far she has had to safe word out There’s a darkness that seems to overtake him when he scenes with her and he loses his better judgement almost consumed by his dominion over her He then has to punish himself and is a strong believer in mortification of the fleshDominic Stone Beth was at least for me a stronger character in this book than the first – she’s barely recognisable from the sad heartbroken young girl we first saw taking that taxi to Mayfair She’s grown up very fast is determined she knows what she wants and that is Dominic and is not afraid to stand up for herself when the going gets tough I’m not convinced that she’s truly submissive – sure she is getting off on their play but at times she feels objectified and I don’t think that she’s a bone deep submissive despite her very instinctive physical reaction to Andrei that she can’t help despite the roaring of her conscienceBeth Andrei – I really don’t know what to make of him At times I thought he was a player at others I thought he was the most honest person in the book I feel sure that we’re going to get to know him a whole lot better in the next book and I’m not sure if Beth isn’t better off with him than DominicAnna – she sure needs a real good bitchslap She’s very beautiful but if you look close you’ll find it’s an optical illusion and the beauty soon disappears and you see what’s underneath She’s a manipulative controlling self centred liar and I can’t wait for her to eventually get her most richly deserved comeuppance This series definitely offers something a little different from the wealth of intense contemporary romances out there with characters much deeply flawed than the norm and a twisting story that constantly surprises It’s well written and every scene comes vividly to life with the descriptive narrative It’s definitely captured my interest and I’m very much looking forward to reading I want to believe that Beth and Dominic will find their HEA but I’m not convinced that’s even remotely possible after the events of this book4 suirmy uncomfortable stars For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews