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characters Betrayed ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ✻ [EPUB] ✰ Betrayed By P.C. Cast ❅ – Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 Zoey High Priestess in training has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast powers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx AlsoAlso see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE Zoey High Priestess in training has managed to settle in at the House of Night and come to terms with the vast po. Much much and much better than Marked LOL Just kidding only 05% betterSo here's the dealOhh I see betrayed Should I read itMaybe I should what if it turns out to be betterBut what if it sucks Maybe I should not10 minutes laterOkay okay I am reading thisNow here's the real storyZoey thinks she's the most amazing person in this worldSo wrongHalf of this book is about Zoey waiting for her freaking Superman Eric And when he finally arrives he does N O T H I N G except for maybe being a useless piece of shit So much for supermanAnd then comes her to be pitied for friends They were either her servants in some previous life or some freaks definitely not from this earth I mean1 Zoey speaks rudely to them2 Zoey never tells the truth3 Zoey never told them about anything personal4 Zoey disrespects them5 Zoey hurts them But still they have the compassion to call her their friend rolling eyesI would have been a pretty popular girl by now if this shit happened in the real worldShe ladies and poor gentlemen has 3 boyfriends and then has the audacity to call other people slutsAnd I actually like Heath a lot I just hate Zoey for screwing it all upFighting fighting not even fightingZoey using the elemental powers made me go likeEven this baby is fighting better than youBUT WAITAphrodite is actually goodand Neferet is now the official enemyAnd now I seriously hope and wish from the bottom of my heart that Zoey dies and world comes to peace AmenRating 25 Still going to read Chosen because there is this little hope inside me

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House of Night While danger stalks the humans from Zoey’s old life she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so uniue might also threaten those she love. Good Lord was this terribleIt had a great concept a vampire finishing school Say it to yourself a few times Vampire Finishing School I envisioned a dark mirror of Hogwarts something that would feed my irrational obsession with boarding schools while twisting it down new hopefully black humor laden pathwaysThis was not the book I got but I'm flexible What I got was a flat contrived exercise in demonstrating the problems of YA writing fantasy writing and romance writingZoey never misses a chance to remind you that she is The Most Powerful Fledgling Ever She would rather explain to you in laborious detail what every event means instead of letting you judge for yourself from the conseuences of each plot turn She will describe every other character's personality for you because apparently you're too dumb to draw your own conclusions from their dialogue and behavior or rather the authors are too lazy to give them dialogue and behavior that would limn their natures organically She rings false as a teenager and frustratingly as a person that anyone would likeThere's no magic in Betrayed You might read it to get your vampire fix although truthfully it doesn't even do that well but it's not going to give you a reason to keep reading It seems to assume that teenagers aren't familiar with good writing so there's no reason to try very hard for them I disagree Try Stephanie Meyer At least you get the impression that she respects you

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BetrayedWers the Vampyre Goddess Nyx has given her Just as she finally feels she belongs the unthinkable happens human teenagers are being killed and all evidence points to the. While still a somewhat enjoyable read if only because I like the idea behind the story I enjoyed the ending the overuse of the words slut stank slut hag hag bitch skank ho and ho bitch was a bit much It's always bothered me how casually teen girls throw around the word 'slut' as an insult not even teen girls adults constantly toss that word around as well It seems that if a girl isn't well liked the automatic insult is to call them a 'slut' and it's really aggravating I mean if you have a vagina chances are somewhere along the line you've been called a slut and honestly it's getting ridiculous Of course these terms are never applied to any of the guys in the series just the girlsZoey the heroine I praised in the last book for being a good role model seems to use these words a lot to describe one particular girl who she happened to catch once in a slightly compromising position in the first book Yet Zoey is confused over not one not two but three guys in this book Does that make her a slut No but it does make her extremely hypocritical and I find it horrible that a book clearly designed for teen girls feels the need to use these words to such an extent They appear practically every other page and it's highly distracting and preventing me from being able to stay wrapped up in the storyAlso this book constantly kept reviewing what happened in the first book to a point where it was repetitious and annoying Every single thing from the first book does not need to be re explained We are not idiots The name dropping also continued into this book it's also excessive like they're trying to say Hey look at us we're relevant to teens today but it's having the opposite effectI'll continue on with the series though I need to know what Neferet is up to