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The Dead LakeVes into a forbidden lake The radio active water changes Yerzhan He will never grow into a man While the girl he loves becomes a beautiful woman'Like a Grimm's Fairy tale this story transforms an innermost fear into an outward reality We witness a prepubescent boy's secret te Ominous and timely when you think about our own man who never grew up's plans to destroy our water

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The Dead Lake kindle ½ 128 pages Download ↠ Hamid Ismailov í ➾ [Download] ➾ The Dead Lake By Hamid Ismailov ➳ – A haunting Russian tale about the environmental legacy of the Cold War Yerzhan grows up in a remote part of Kazakhstan where the Soviets tests atomic weaRror of not growing up into a man We also wander in a beautiful fierce landscape unlike any other we find in Western Literature And by the end of Yerzhan's tale we are awe struck by our human resilience in the face of catastrophic man made follies' Meike Ziervogel Peirene Pre An astonishing tale tinged with sadnessrecounted by Yerzhan to a stranger on a train journey that is in part imagined by the listenerYerzhan grows up at a railway siding where two families live their lives intertwined than appears on the surface Every so often the ground shakes another sun rises and everything is still Then there is the Zone that area where it is so silent his ears ringYerzhan learns the violin and is bright but the real light in his life is Aisula a light that gradually fades upon his reaching the age of 12 when he walks into the forbidden Dead Lake to impress her and from that day stops growing destined to watch her pass himAnd the thing that loomed over him like a visceral fear could happen in the middle of the sweltering summer when sheep suddenly started bleating as if they were under the knife and went dashing in all directions cows dug their horns into the ground and the donkey suealed and rolled around in the dustAnd a slight rumble would run through the ground Yerzhan's legs would start tremblingand then his whole body and the fear would rise up from his shaking knees to his stomach and freeze there in a heavy ache until the sky cracked over his head and shattered into pieces crushing him completely reducing him to dust to sand to scraps of grass and wool And the black whirlwind hurtled past above him with a wild howlFull review here at Word by Word

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A haunting Russian tale about the environmental legacy of the The Dead eBook #180 Cold War Yerzhan grows up in a remote part of Kazakhstan where the Soviets tests atomic weapons As a young boy he falls in love with the neighbour's daughter and one evening to impress her he di Whilst on a train journey across Kazakhstan the narrator meets Yerzhan a twenty seven year old itinerant peddler and virtuoso violinist who strangely has the looks and build of a boy of twelve years After overcoming his initial diffidence Yerzhan starts to recount the tale of his childhood He recalls growing up in a two family settlement on a lonely remote railway outpost in the Kazakh steppes close to a top secret “Zone” where Soviet nuclear experiments were carried out He tells of his precocious musical talents on the dombra lute like folk instrument and the violin and his eually precocious love for his neighbour Aisulu Chillingly he recalls a fateful day when during a school outing to the “Zone” he waded into a radioactive lake to impress his classmates Did the poisonous waters stunt his growth or was some other worldly spell cast on him I suppose Hamid Ismailov’s novella might be regarded as a work of “magical realism” I would prefer to describe it as a modern day fable or myth For what is mythology if not an attempt to describe and explain the world through stories and symbols In this case Ismailov conjures up images of terrible beauty by means of which he evokes daily life in the Kazakh steppes at the height of the Cold War Andrew Bromfield's sensitive translation from the original Russian retains a poetic feel to it as if the prose were permeated with the strains of Yerzhan’s dombra A haunting coming of age novel about a boy who does not come of age this is my favourite amongst the Peirene Press publications I have had the pleasure to readhttpsendsofthewordblogspotcom20