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READ The Map Thief õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Read] ➫ The Map Thief ➳ Heather Terrell – Beijing China 1421 It is a momentous time for the Ming Dynasty Honoring the completion of the Forbidden City a fleet of unprecedented size sets sail under Admiral Zheng He Zheng’s mission is to char BeijinOvers the shocking truth The map is valuable than anyone has ever imagined and her client’s motives are sinister than she suspectedWeaving rich historical detail and astounding fact into a fast paced suspense fiction ride The Map Thief is an incredible entrée to the murky underworld of stolen artifacts and the thieves and traders who broker them From Hong Kong to the Italian countryside from Lisbon to the remote reaches of Communist China and literally around the world on the ships of fifteenth century explorers Heather Terrell takes readers on a globe trotting adventure of epic proportions From the Hardcover editi. Heather Terrel is an excellent storyteller and historian In this intriguing novel she interweaves and connects three different time periods and characters that all mesh together uite seamlessly An early 15th century Chinese navigator Cartographer A mid 15th century Portuguese explorercartographer and a contemporary lawyer who deals in international theft and retrieval of precious artifacts I enjoyed all aspects of this well written novel Recommended for those who enjoy interpretive history action and the challenge of continuous switching back from one story line to the other

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Beijing China It is a momentous time for the Ming Dynasty Honoring the completion of the Forbidden City a fleet of unprecedented size sets sail under Admiral Zheng He Zheng’s mission is to chart the globe The Map PDFEPUB or trading for riches and bringing glory to China’s emperor Among the crew is the talented cartographer and navigator Ma Zhi whose work will lead to the first true map of the world–but whose accomplishment will vanish when the fleet returns to a very different China than the one it leftLisbon Portugal At the height of Portugal’s maritime domination during the Age of Discovery the legendary exp. This is an interesting novel blending historical settings with a modern day thriller This is a well researched novel but often it seems the author is trying too hard to show off the research providing details that don't directly or indirectly impact the plot or character development Its a very short novel and could have perhaps done with twists and drama Perhaps the author is overly protective of her main character because there never really comes a point where I felt anxious for her or felt that her life was at risk somehow managing to pass through the criminal underworld with only a bruised egoWhat this story does offer is an insight into one of the Western worlds dirty secrets cultural theft and a denial of Eastern influence in the foundations of western development

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The Map ThiefLorer Vasco da Gama embarks on a uest to find a sea route to India On board is navigator Antonio Coehlo who guards Portugal’s most secret treasure a map that already shows the wayNew York present day Mara Coyne’s new client has left her uneasy Republican kingmaker Richard Tobias has hired her he says because of her skill in recovering stolen art and advocating for the rightful owners but Mara senses that he is not telling her everything Tobias reveals that a centuries old map was stolen from an archaeological dig he is sponsoring in China and he wants her to get it back But as Mara begins her investigation she unc. Mara Coyne begins a case to find a map thief which takes her on a rollercoaster journey to China and Portugal but who can she trustThis book has all the makings of a great story there's flashbacks to both China and Lisbon in the 1400s to expand the tale there's secret riddles love interests and globe trotting However it's all just left feeling a little flat I didn't realise and there is no reference to it on the book's page that this is actually the second book in the series of Mara Coyne The previous book The Chrysalis is referenced heavily in the first half of the book which confused me at first I thought it might just be hidden exposition that I would find out about as I kept reading I'm not too sure if Mara is better rounded and introduced in that story but in this one she is very two dimensional and not particulary relatable The love interest angle is predictable and boring I actually much preferred the flashback character of mapmaker Ma Zhi and found his story and character a lot padded out and interesting and the setting of China in that time was very well researched The Portugese flashback character also didn't seem very well rounded or well written and didn't really add much to the story I found myself skimming those flashbacksOverall it's an ok tale but it seems to try too hard to throw all of the elements of an archaeological thriller together and the plot gets a bit muddled at times with a dull lead character I would recommend perhaps reading the other one first so you understand the references although I wont be giving it a go after this one I'm afraid