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The Mirror Test Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï ❮Download❯ ➽ The Mirror Test ➸ Author J. Kael Weston – A powerfully written firsthand account of the human costs of conflict The Mirror Test asks that we as a nation look in the mirror and address hard uestions about AmerA powerfully written firsthand account of the human costs of conflict The Mirror Test asks that we as a nation look in the mirror and address hard uestions about America's wars in Ira and Afghanistan J Kael Weston spent seven years on the ground in Ira and Afghanistan working for the State Department The US government sent him to some of the most dangerous frontline locations Upon his return home traveling the country to pay respect to the killed and wounded he asked himself How and when will these wars The Mirror eBook #221 end How will they be remembered and memorialized What lessons can we learn from them uestions with no uick answers but perhaps ones that might lead to a shared reckoning. J Kael Weston spent seven years on the ground in Ira and Afghanistan working for the State Department He saw up close and personal what it cost; the US lack of national policy has cost our country in terms of treasure international standing and most of all in lives Irai lives Afghan lives and our brave service members This is an accounting of his experiences and a plea to evaluate and remember the longest war Do we recognize the country that we have become And how does the world see us after Irai and AfghanistanWhy I started this book Severely wounded warriors and all patients have a point in their healing when they must look in a mirror for the first time and see their unfamiliar face Their face that they remember is gone and they must deal with the new reality Some can't and that's why it's called the Mirror Test Weston challenges us as a nation to look in the mirror and see what Operation Irai Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom has done; to us to our service members and to the world Why I finished it This is not a book to be read uickly or lightly It demands consideration and time I cried thru the whole audio Weston mentions by name and hometown all Americans that he served with that didn't return alive Powerful and a wonderful book for Memorial Day weekend I also loved all the literary uotes that he included in his book I will be recommending this to all who know someone who served have any interest in political science or consider themselves patriotic Weston argues that we owe our service members Irai citizens and Afghan citizens to think about these wars THINK real hard And it will be the greatest service if we think about the next war before we start it not a decade into fighting it Buddy Read Playing to the Edge American Intelligence in the Age of Terror Hayden advocated enhanced interrogation claiming that it saved American lives Weston refutes these claims as he had to listen to those who spent years in Gitmo and then were released with no explanation or apology

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Worthy of the sacrifices of those troops and civilians alike whose lives have been changed by than a decade and a half of war With a novelist's eye Weston takes us from Twenty Nine Palms in California to Fallujah in Ira Khost to Helmand in Afghanistan Maryland to Colorado Wyoming to New York City as well as to out of the way places in Iowa and Texas We meet generals corporals and captains senators and ambassadors NATO allies Irai truck drivers city councils imams and mullahs Afghan schoolteachers madrassa and college students former Taliban fighters and ex Guantanamo Prison detainees a torture victim SEAL and Delta Force teams and many Marines The overall frame for the book from which the t. Fact#1 I am not a US Citizen neither am I Afghan or Iraui Fact#2 I live and always lived in Central AmericaFact#3 Im not a big non fiction readerWhy those facts I put them here because If one of those were the contraire I would be a logical and potential reader of «The Mirror Test» As it is not the case I have to say marvelous situations brought me to this book so I bought an e copy from and started itJ Kael Weston wrote a marvelous book the book is divided in three big sections and a epilogue 1 «The Wrong War»2 «The Right War»3 «Home»Epilogue «After War»I have to say the first two sections are my favorite both are so vivid that when you read them is hard to believe you are reading non fiction; You are there and you can't stop turning pages and get surprised about what you are reading JK Weston is a person of a great personality and deep thinking a humanitarian that you can tell from his decisions and opinions through the book; My reason to mention this is because one of the main reasons I get motivated to read non fiction once in a while is that I always look forward to the learning experience a conversation with a great mind this author doesn't dissapoint you in that sense you learn a lotI have to mention «Home» was my least favorite section maybe is because it was afar from the wars and the unknown the adventure the danger however that doesn't mean it is bad As I like jogging I can relate it with that moment after a long run when you walk to relax you still have the adrenaline but is time for a reflexion the real Mirror Test for America with his big population big and small graveyards shopping malls museums and citiesWere this a fiction book I'd probably give 44 stars to it a very honest rating however I personally think it reuires a lot of courage to write about the things he wrote about in this book This is an important book and even if it was not written to talk about my country or a war where my country is fighting I believe is a must read for anyone who has a bit of conscience for this world

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The Mirror TestItle is taken centers on soldiers who have received a grievous wound to the face There is a moment during their recovery when they must look upon their reconstructed appearance for the first time This is known as the mirror test Here like grains of sand Weston gathers these voices and stories Irai Afghan and American and polishes them into a sheet of glass one he offers to us as a national mirror What Neil Sheehan's A Bright Shining Lie did for Vietnam The Mirror Test does for Ira and Afghanistan An unflinching and deep examination of the interplay between warfare and diplomacy it is an essential book a crucial look at America now how it is viewed in the world and how the nation views itself. A frustrating safe book Frankly by 2016 it wasn't all that shocking to say the Ira War was a bad idea and to hear that American hubris was largely to blame for its failure The book does alright through talking with people about their experiences what makes this frustrating is that this meandering self congratulatory book desperately needed a editor and a compass The first two thirds of the book are worth reading but by 2016 there's nothing new here the last third feels like it was a way to write off some travel expenses as the author traveled around America and decided to or less go off on tangents wherein the voice gets weirdly regaled with trivia about say Leadville Colorado while pointing out he got a medal but he's no hero this is the second book I've read where someone attached to a Marine Corps unit writes in a way approximating that they were in the Marine Corps The Silence of War was another and gushing creepily about the Marine Corps