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FREE PDF ë BOOK The Stranger She Loved ✓ GWAIRSOFT ´ ❰Download❯ ➺ The Stranger She Loved Author Shanna Hogan – In 2007 Dr Martin MacNeill—a doctor lawyer and Mormon bishop—discovered his wife of 30 years dead in the bathtub of their Pleasant Grove Utah home her face bearIn 2007 Dr Martin MacNeill a doctor lawyer and Mormon bishop discovered his wife of 30 years dead in the bathtub of their Pleasant Grove Utah home her face bearing the scars of a facelift he persuaded her to undergo just a week priorAt first the death of 50 year old Michele MacNeill a former beauty ueen and mother of eight appeared Another great read by Shanna Hogan I can only hope that she continues this way and by that I mean perhaps not writing so many books but taking her time to research and write a book All the books she has written so far are excellent ones It takes time to write a good true crime book but there are some authors who write tons of books and many of them not very good ones I prefer uality over uantityI think most readers prefer it the first way but some of the authors choose the money instead of ualityThis means at least in my case I am not as eager to buy just any book any because I liked another book of an author I've been burned too many times but so far with this author 3 books and all were excellentAt first after I read a few chapters I wondered why were the reviewers so positive? What can possibly happen now but the reviewers had it right this time And a lot can happen It's the real world Crazy stuffHighly recommend

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To con his way into medical school It would take six long years to solve the mystery of Michele's murder and secure a first degree murder conviction against the once prominent doctor New York Times bestselling author Shanna Hogan delves into the high profile case unmasking the monster beneath the doctor's carefully concocted faça This was a uick book to read and well written but so very sad to read since I knew Michele in High School She was the beautiful popular girl that we all wanted to be friendly to everyone cheerleader and Homecoming ueen You knew that good things were in her future It was so sad to read that her life ended at the hands of her husband of thirty years I was so impressed with her Daughters who were very courageousand persistent even through all of the obstacles they faced May they be able to have a happy life now and may Michele rest in peace

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The Stranger She LovedNatural But days after the funeral when Dr MacNeill moved his much younger mistress into the family home his children grew suspicious Conducting their own investigation into their mother's death the MacNeill's daughters uncovered their father's multiple marital affairs past criminal record and falsified college transcripts he used Don't ask me why I picked up this book at the librarythe title makes it sound like a bodice ripper I would rather read the back of a cereal box but then I saw it was true crime so I thought I would give it a try which was probably a mistake The story sounded interesting but when I was about two chapters into it someone peaked into a drawer and I wondered where the proofreader was These types of errors were repeated throughout the book which is the kiss of death for meA doctor and his family are the model couplea Leave it to Beaver family but secrets abound in this less than perfect picture And then the wife is found dead in the bathtub under strange circumstances The book examines the double life of the doctora liar cheat manipulator arrogant bastard who is having a torrid affair with a woman named Gypsy Everything falls apart in his world when his children decide that he killed their mother and set out over the years to prove it It certainly appears that he was guilty and he is finally brought to trial Butfrankly it was a very weak circumstantial case and if I had been a juror I would have had reasonable doubt Being a lying and cheating husband does make one a killer but the jury saw it differently End of story Not a total waste of time but certainly nothing special