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In this Epic Fantasy a young boy and girl are thrown into a The Watchers PDFEPUB or battle that will change their destiny forever Elves dwarves dragons wizards humans and are bound together in conflict love paranoia and power struggles with the world in the balanceThe Watchers long ago abandoned their sworn d. Five stars as a whole This is the first book I have read from the author so I wasn't sure what to expect out side of the posted summary of the book While the books plot seems simple it gets very complex as it brings in characters races and points of view This really aids the books as a whole The book tells me the story of the Chosen Ones of prophecy along with a large number of other characters who are intertwined with prophecy directly or indirectly and the rising darkness The Chosen Ones are two twin children Peter and Alexandra who are living normal lives until the Guardians are killed by the Kings military and their spy master Brannis who is secretly controlling the king Peter gets conscripted as he distracts the military after his sister His sister successfully gets away and eventually makes to the Elven kings city The book also introduces Karoel and a wizard named Rendil who are trying to aid the children in ways the children are unaware of along with the villain Lord God Khall his bonded helpers lady Olivia who Peter is smitten with Jon peters best friend and a dwarfs named Beron along with a few essential characters left out to prevent spoiling the novel As the story progresses along Peter is chosen to be a member of the Messenger Corps under a false name which he easily excels and becomes trusted by the lady Olivia and commander Towe Lady Olivia is a maiden for choosing along with others to be chosen as the wife of the king As her fathers health is getting worse she manages to escape so to speak to visit her father followed by a rider in black and the bastard son of the king Brandon Jon and Peter work side by side as Fox hunters goblins despite their military differences The church also plays a minormajor role since they deny the existence of dwarves elves goblins trolls and anything else magical This makes things difficult as the dwarves Beron and his fathersend an ambassadors who are mistaken for cattle rustlers while Beron manages to escape with help from commander Towe despite his fathers death manages to make to the elves with help from Karoel The book concludes in a classic cliffhanger fashion with Beron Jon and Peter in the watchers keep as Alexandra and her guard Darius are lost in a sea at storm struck down by a artifact of great power stolen by the elves in the hands of lord God Khall I received this book from goodreads giveaway

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The Watchers Keep The Triadine Saga #1He greatest conflict since the Breaking of the WorldAs The Children of the Prophecy the twins will be tasked with a near impossible uest to recover the pieces of the fabled Triadine and unite the races in a battle to destroy the growing evil without destroying the world in the processBook of The Triadine Saga. Rating 3I won a copy of this book for an honest review This will never effect how I like or rate a bookI'm not gonna lie this book was intimidating It had the weight of all of its 680 page count So it literally sat around for months after it arrived while I got some other books read first till finally moving to tackle such a monster And what did I think when I finally finished itIt's okay It wasn't bad Wasn't great It was just okay Truthfully it felt like an overly long prologue where not a whole lot happened Just spending time with characters who felt like they were just waiting around for the second book to finally come along as well All of it just felt like set up for much bigger events that were going to go down in the next book Which actually is a good thing I mean you have to read this book for the next to make sense and after this one I really want to read the next one because I feel it's likely to be better and now that I know these characters well enough it should be fun then this one was It had some standout characters The world was interesting enough but the characters are what stand out most in this book The ones I enjoyed spending time with most were Peter Rendil Beorn and Karoel Maybe not so much Peter but the other three felt really well written and I enjoyed sharing in their adventures Something I hope stays the same should I ever get my hands on the second book While Peter's adventures were fun he didn't have nearly as much life experience Also he had one big disadvantage That of becoming extremely stupid whenever Olivia was aroundHere I come to the biggest problem with this book OliviaThis character felt completely useless and unneeded I'm pretty positive you could of taken her completely out of this book and nothing would of been taken from the story Her character and her story line made me cringe anytime I seen it as the next thing I had to read This coming from someone who didn't really care for the repetitive acts of characters like Turbin and Bannis but could see where their parts might be bigger in the next book It wasn't so with Olivia She felt like wasted space and that feeling never changed It felt like the book tried to give us some strong female characters Olivia excluded but failed to execute them right It didn't feel like the females really ever did much in this book which easily led to only the male characters being my favorite ones to read Other than that though the story was solid enough and enjoyable Minus the times spent with Olivia Turbin and Bannis I had hoped we would spend time with Khollaran but had to realize there wasn't really much that could be done with him at this point Again hoping that in the next book he'll play a bigger role since he did seem really interesting I'd recommend this to those that really love fantasy and who don't mind sitting in for a long bit of reading

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review The Watchers Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë ➵ [Read] ➯ The Watchers Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1) By Timothy Bond ✤ – In this Epic Fantasy a young boy and girl are thrown into a battle that will change their destiny forever Elves dUty to monitor and suppress the powers of Khollaran an evil wizard locked away in a distant prison at the end of the First Age As his power grows an ancient and dire prophecy appears to be coming trueThe Guardians take actions to try to stop the Dark Wizard putting young Peter and Alexandra in the middle of t. This was a great Fantasy book for me I'm never sure what to expect from Fantasy book because the fun of them is for me they can go anywhere they want I very much enjoyed this book and I think you would too If you like Fantasy you should give this one a try I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review