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kindle î The Zhivago affair 352 pages Download ´ gwairsoft Á [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Zhivago affair ❤ Peter Finn – Drawing on newly declassified government files this is the dramatic story of how a forbidden book in the Soviet Union became a secret CIA weapon in the ideological batSternak’s funeral in was attended by thousands of admirers who defied their government to bid him farewell The example he set launched the great tradition of the writer dissident in the Soviet Union  In The Zhivago Affair Peter Finn and Petra Couvée bring us intimately close to this charming passionate and complex artist First to obtain CIA files providing concrete proof of the agency’s involvement the authors give us a literary thriller that takes us back to a fascinating period of the Cold War to a time when literature had the power to stir the world With pages of black and white illustratio This is an enlightening account of the life of Boris Pasternak and his defense of literary truth It is also a story of espionage and the CIA's use of the book Dr Zhivago as a weapon during the cold war It is a good read in spite of all those difficult Russian names

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Drawing on newly declassified government files this is the dramatic story of how a forbidden book in the Soviet Union became a secret CIA weapon in the ideological battle between East and West In May an Italian publishing scout took a train to a village just outside Moscow to visit Russia’s greatest living poet Boris Pasternak He left carrying the original manuscript of Pasternak’s first and only novel entrusted to him with these words “This is Doctor Zhivago May it make its way around the world” Pasternak believed his novel was unlikely ever to The Zhivago Epubbe published in the Soviet Un Dr Zhivago is one of my husbands favorite movies a very unusual pick for him because he usually likes ironic comedies I remember reading this in school but had no idea of the history behind the novel nor of the man who wrote itThis is a non fiction book that reads in may ways as a thriller The fate of many of the writers under Stalin was very oppressive although Russians had a great love of poetry if that which was written was thought not to be in the service of Soviet politics their fates were set The author writes After 1917 nearly 1500 writers in the Soviet Union were executed or died in labor camps for various alleged infractions Pasternak himself somehow escaped this fate In wanting to leave a legacy he began writing Zhivago a semi autobiographical novel that would take him over ten years In the end it was deemed by the Soviet Union unpublishable so it was given to an Italian publisher to publish and translate and circulate throughout foreign coup tries It would become a weapon used by the CIA propaganda for a warning about the Cold War There are many parts to this story and I felt that the authors did an outstanding job following them all and keeping the book moving fluidly throughout His messy home life is examined as is his writing career One item I marked as amusing was how he and Nabokov felt about each other they w3re less than impressed by the writing of the otherA book well worth reading and one I will now pass on to my husbandARC from publisher

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The Zhivago affairIon where the authorities regarded it as an irredeemable assault on the Revolution But he thought it stood a chance in the West and indeed beginning in Italy Doctor Zhivago was widely published in translation throughout the world From there the life of this extraordinary book entered the realm of the spy novel The CIA which recognized that the Cold War was above all an ideological battle published a Russian language edition of Doctor Zhivago and smuggled it into the Soviet Union Copies were devoured in Moscow and Leningrad sold on the black market and passed surreptitiously from friend to friend Pa If anyone thinks that books are just stories fictional entertainment then pass them this book Finn uncovers the way in which Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago became a weapon to both sides in the Cold War as both Soviet Russia and the US battled to win 'hearts and minds' With access to previously secret CIA files there's a slight air of the rompheist about this if it weren't for the very serious import and impact 'the Zhivago affair' had on peoples' lives The account of Americans secretly funding the giveaway of the novel at Expo '58 from the Vatican stand should be comic but coming as it does amidst the virulent persecution of Pasternak his associates his family and other writers smiles die This is very detailed and follows all the to ing and fro ing over Pasternak's Nobel nomination his acceptance and then his retraction What makes it deeply ironic is that by the end the CIA and Khrushchev all agree that Zhivago never was especially anti Soviet and Khrushchev himself expresses regret for the way Pasternak was treated Too late of course as he was already dead riddled with cancer It's a fine choice though by Finn to end with Pasternak's son's acceptance of the Nobel medal from the Academy A lively account of a specific case but one which raises all kinds of issues about censorship artistic freedom and the individual