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Tracers by J.J. Howard Download Ö 7 Õ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Tracers By J.J. Howard – An action packed romance—now a major motion picture starring Taylor LautnerCam is a New York City bike messenger with no family and some dangerous debts While on his route one day he runs into a bea An action packed romance—now a majorRld of parkour an underground group of teens who have turned New York City into their own personal playground running jumping seemingly flying through the city like an urban obstacle courseCam becomes fascinated with Nikki and falls in with the group who offer him the chance to make some extra money But Nikki is dating their brazen l. Woof This book was horrendous It was as cliche as books could be You could probably predict each and every scene as it unfolded With that said it was still fast paced and enjoyable It's the euivalent to watching a Kevin Hart movie You know it'll be poorly done but it still might be enjoyableThe book has two plots running One is the of Cam the sympathetic down on his luck woe is me protagonist and his struggles to keep a promise to his mother The other is his random adoration of his love interest revealing any than that will mess up the book for y'all The plots run together feed each other interrupt each other throughout the book pretty well I felt The plot was enjoyable and though predictable still fun to read The execution felt poor The writing felt cheap But again not every teen book needs to be written like a masterpiece of literature If you need a uick read with some cool action this book is probably an easy one day read if you have time Just don't expect much

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Eader and when the stakes become life or death Cam is torn between following his heart and sacrificing everything to pay off his debts In the vein of great box office blockbusters the high stakes romance here sizzles within this page turning thriller that will leave readers feeling like they are flying through the streets of New York. JJ Howard did it again What a wonderful story I couldn't put the book down and now I can't wait for the movie to come outThis is a definite MUST read

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Tracers by J.J. HowaAn action packed romance now a major motion picture starring Taylor LautnerCam is a New York City bike messenger with no family and some dangerous debts While on his route one day he runs into a beautiful stranger named Nikki but she uickly disappears When he sees her again around town he realizes that she lives within the intense wo. Tracers read like an action movie fast paced tons of action and a thrilling romance Cam is a bike messenger the fastest in his group with a mountain of debts and a ton of baggage He's a loner who meets a beautiful stranger well is wiped out by one She knocks him off his feet and on his behind What I really liked about Tracers was how easy it read It was go from page one and pretty much never let up Although you don't really get to know all the characters the ones you're given depth about grab you Cam seems like an ordinary kid with extraordinary troubles but for whatever reason I felt for him I was able to connect with his character Nikki the silent yet somehow sassy love interest was a solid character She didn't have many moments in the book but you felt her presence just as strong as Cam didCam's immediate obsession with Nikki threw me a little but the author was able to make it all come together in a way that was both enjoyable and realisticI can totally see how this book was made into the movie because it certainly reads like one complete with Chinese gangs gritty streets fast moves and a romance that you find yourself rooting forYou won't be knocked off your feet but you'll be thoroughly entertained There's enough of everything for any kind of reader I'd recommend it