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EBOOK Ç EPUB Great Work of Time ä ¶ GWAIRSOFT ¾ [Read] ➯ Great Work of Time By John Crowley – Gwairsoft.co.uk Niezwykła antologia intrygujących opowiadań których motywem przewodnim jest czas Najciekawsi i najpoczytniejsi twórcy współczesnej literatury amerykańskiej snują zaskakujące opowieWilhelm „The Man on the Persian Carpet”Cory Doctorow „A Place So ForeignTerry Bisson „Scout’s Honor”Robert Reed „Truth”Thomas M Disch „Ringtime”Pat Cadigan „Truth and Bone”Lucius Shepard „Kirikh’uru Krokundor”Ted Chiang „Kupiec i wrota alchemika” „Exhalation”John Crowley „Great Work of Time”Jan Lars Jensen „The Secret History of the Ornithopter”Wayne Wightman „A Different Country”Kelly Link „The Wrong Grave? This review also appears on FingerFlowcom a site for review and discussion of creative worksConsider the following scenario you are granted one trip to any time in the past You cannot bring anything with you to the past or back to the future that will not fit in your pocket You must take extreme care not to alter history or to alter it as little as possible How would you make yourself rich? Buying the stock of a rich company in escrow for your unborn self wouldn’t work and buying rare artifacts would be impossible without acuiring currency from that time periodCaspar Last faces this uestion in John Crowley’s novella Great Work of Time He invents a time machine and uite practically feels he should benefit monetarily from it And he comes up with a pretty clever scheme he travels back over 100 years into the past to acuire a rare stamp that he will either sell at auction or to the owner of the only other existing example of this stamp who would presumably pay to have it destroyed to preserve the value of his own stampSoon after his return from the past Last is approached by the President pro tem “for the time being” of a secret society called the Otherhood and asked to hand over his time machine Though he tries to refuse Last’s protest is over before it begins; the President had travelled from the future using Last’s own machine meaning that at some point in the Otherhood’s past and somewhere in Last’s future the act of handing over the time machine had already occurred And if you thought that point was confusing it gets complicated the Otherhood suspected that Last wouldn’t accept a cash offer for his machine while he was in possession of a rare stamp so they planted a fake price guide in his home to fool him into thinking that his trip had altered the future making his once valuable stamp worthless Professor Last being a genius of “orthogonal logic” had anticipated that his trip could alter history in some minor way so with no other alternative he agrees to sell his time machine for a generous priceThough the episode between Last and the President is an entertaining enough story in itself it makes up only a small part of a much larger narrative about altering history and the responsibility a person has to the world a complicated concept when possible worlds can become actual worlds Denys Winterset a loyal and devoted citizen of the world spanning British Empire is asked by an enigmatic man named Davenant to join the Otherhood He learns of the secret history of the Otherhood that Cecil Rhodes an imperialist and entrepreneur left a sum of money in his will to create a secret society charged with the extension and preservation of the British Empire Winterset is made to understand that the world he knows exists only because of the machinations and manipulations of the Otherhood He also learns of the Original Situation where the minor war of 1914 became the Great War of our reality This war of course led directly into the next World War with the total result being the death of many millions the invention of atomic weapons and the Cold War Winterset is appalled by this information and is convinced to join the secret society to preserve the Empire he loves and the affluent peaceful world the Empire ensures Inside the club of the Otherhood which exists outside of time the actions necessary to create his world have yet to occur and Winterset is given an assignment vital to the existence of his altered world the assassination of Cecil Rhodes before the wealthy imperialist changes his will in 1893 and removes the Otherhood’s endowmentMeanwhile the President pro tem has traveled into the future breaking a cardinal rule of the Otherhood and finds a world diverging significantly from the world the Otherhood was trying to create This world is inhabited by creatures uite different from humans lizard men called Draconics angelic faerie like beings and ominous wise hominids calling themselves Magi And the President loves it The world is stark strange fantastical and eccentric but it somehow feels right to the President as if that is how the world should be The only way this world could have been created was by breaking another one of the rules of the Otherhood traveling to a time before the death of Cecil Rhodes The fabric of this world has been made weak due to the constant changes in the timeline creating fluctuations in reality that would eventually destroy it The angels the oldest race on this world and most sensitive to the manipulations of time reveal to the President the end result of the Otherhood’s actions a world consisting of only a large dark forest with roots descending into the ocean No creatures no life no changeAs right as the world may seem to him he is convinced by a Magus and an angel that he must restore the original timeline In order to achieve this the President would have to break a third rule of the Otherhood by traveling to a point in time he had already been to the assassination of Cecil Rhodes To prevent the creation of the Otherhood the President would have to stop his younger self Denys Winterset from killing Rhodes Because Crowley is such a brilliant crafter of stories he doesn’t give us an easy ending once the President’s identity is revealed In a twisted denouement a third Winterset in a world where the Original Situation had occurred discovers an older version of himself living in Africa This older version recounts the story of his life to the younger Winterset how he had been sent to kill Rhodes and how a distraction prevented him from doing so; a distraction he believed to have been created with the intent of stopping him thus restoring the world to the way it was supposed to be but stranding him in the pastJohn Crowley deftly manages to present a complicated scenario in a way which doesn’t bewilder and confuse the reader Time travel is tricky to convey and there were moments during my reading of Great Work of Time when I thought I should go back and reread previous sections but I plowed ahead and Crowley found a way to bring everything full circle by the end Even so I look forward to coming back to this story and reading it again not only because of intricate and fascinating plot but also the richness of the language Crowley deliberately uses intricate language while keeping things vague having the effect of mystifiying you and making you savor every word Each sentence reflects the time and thought put into its construction; they are not merely describing the action Perhaps most impressively Crowley takes the reader to different worlds and time periods introducing a variety of characters and circumstances and yet the reader doesn’t lose the thread of the storyWhat’s particularly endearing about Great Work of Time are the unexpected places Crowley takes this far from standard time travel story The opening chapter about Casper Last and his uest for riches seems uite distant from Winterset’s struggle with killing a man to create a better world Even shocking was the world of the future; a fantasy world which should have seemed out of place in a science fiction story but didn’t Last’s desire to improve his lot in life a desire anyone could understand seems small and petty when compared to the mission of the Otherhood to create a world in which everyone’s lot in life is improved However the President’s reaction to the future world reveal a corruption of the Otherhood’s mission; the world of strange races rigid hierarchies and no change are appealing to the President This future world feels proper and correct to him and so the objective of an organization to better the world is subjugated to the personal feelings of one man Last’s purpose in creating his time machine was to fulfill his own desires and the President discovers that the future was built upon the desires of one man as well himself Winterset in his different incarnations is driven by the responsibility he feels toward bettering the world Ultimately this is what drives him to travel into the past to kill Rhodes It is also what causes him to return to that time period and prevent the killing For all the good that the Otherhood is trying to achieve Winterset realizes that men cannot guide the entire world for they will guide it to oblivion I wonder if the final pages of the story where the younger Winterset smuggles the older time traveling Winterset out of Africa and into England is the author’s obtuse way of saying that a man is not responsible for the entire world but is responsible for helping himself

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H i przyszłych epokach? Różnorodne tematycznie zaskakujące fabuły opowiadań intrygują wzruszają i bawią Wielkie dzieło czasu zawiera w większości najnowsze utwory tak znanych i lubianych w Polsce autorów jak Ted Chiang Kelly Link Lucius Shepard czy Robert Reed oraz wielu innych Całość została zainspirowana wyśmienitą nowelą Johna Crowleya pod tym samym tytułem która przyniosła jej twórcy prestiżową World Fantasy AwardZawartośćKate An interesting jaunt through time not strictly backwards or forwards Focusing on the danger of stagnation in the form of perpetual peace and the eually dangerous notion that violence is a necessary means to a supposedly desirable end This is certainly not a book of answers as both interfering with time and leaving it alone seem to have enormous and unpleasant repercussions Crowley somehow manages to weave otherworldly beings draconics magi angels stamp collecting the British Empire and the significance of plotting imaginary numbers into one brief but powerful little tale

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Great Work of TimeNiezwykła antologia intrygujących opowiadań których motywem przewodnim jest czas Najciekawsi i najpoczytniejsi twórcy współczesnej literatury amerykańskiej snują zaskakujące opowieści o uwikłaniu człowieka w czasie Czy można naprawić błędy przeszłości? Jak przeszłość wpływa na teraźniejszość? Czy przyszłość jest ustalona a my realizujemy tylko rozpisane już scenariusze? Co czulibyśmy przemieszczając się swobodnie po przeszłyc I will be thinking about this book for a long timeGreat Work of Time is a story about people who travel through time The plot centers on the British Empire and its influence throughout its colonies most specifically its African holdings Naturally the actions of these time travelers have conseuences that spread throughout the continuum of time and space altering everything they touchThis general theory of effect is nothing new to the genre of time travel yet in his explication of this phenomenon and in his execution of the story set forth in Great Work of Time Crowley has accomplished something novel and frightening novel because the theory that he posits for time travel gives birth to a puzzle box of plots each one linked to the other in a myriad ways that a lesser writer would find impossible to describe with mere prose; frightening because Crowley directs his characters to employ this multifaceted instrument in the continuation and perfection of no less a behemoth than the British EmpireOnce the Big Idea of this novella makes its appearance its connotations loom like a massive starlit guillotine its razored face poised above the great works proposed by Crowley's characters its fatal fall held back by a few tenuous uestions Yes these time benders seek to do good and only good for all of humanity but who are they to say what is good? Yes they seek to erase the lines of power that tie men and nations together but are they not themselves the source of a greater power one that holds dominion over every possible reality?These uestions frightened me as soon as they appeared and I wondered if Crowley would approach them in this novella of such modest size And when he not only touched upon these uestions but traced them all the way to their conclusions I was left stunned by what I read and what the words made me seeI am left feeling unsettled Fiction though this may be it is itself another world another reality and what it has shown me has perturbed my own world and my own reality Somehow Crowley steps outside of conventional thinking turns the reader around points and says Look at it this way Having done so I will not forget what I have seen On a conventional note as of this writing Great Work of Time is most unjustly out of print Do not let this prevent you from seeking a copy and digesting it for your own well being