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Without Law Without Law #1Group female liberal arts snowflakes what a real man can do and turn all four of them into survival and combat experts Disclaimer This novel contains detailed sex scenes between the male protagonist and multiple wom. DNF Will come back to this some other time

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Without Law Without Law #1 review ☆ 103 ☆ [KINDLE] ❆ Without Law Without Law #1 By Éric Vall – Gwairsoft.co.uk When the world ended former Army Ranger Connor “Tav” McTavish thought he’d prepped for everything He was wrong When roving gangs destroy all semblance of law and order and the strong take what t When the worldWhen the world ended former Without Law ePUB #180 Army Ranger Connor “Tav” McTavish thought he’d prepped for everything He was wrong When roving gangs destroy all semblance of law and order and the strong take. tl;dr Terrible Cartoonish characters no plot 1 star is free the other is for the competent grammarThe book starts with the MC coming from the mountains to a deserted city While trying to figure out what is going on he meets a group of 4 girls and a janitor about to be raped He kills the two would be rapists and then we are introduced to the characters Now so far we know absolutely nothing about the guy All we know is he was in the mountains because he is a badass and that's what badasses do they live in mountains Of course he offers to help the girls and the janitor because he is a badass badasses have nothing better to do with their lives So when a situation presents itself in which he has to babysit 4 mentally challenged college girls plus a janitor for who knows how long he takes it Because he is a badass He is a complete stock character It's like the character of a game really no backstory no personality just one thing he is toughThe other characters are similarly cartoonish There's a blonde what I think is the author's idea of a sorority girl She is defined by two characteristics she is dumb and she is a super slut She also can't go one sentence without saying the word like Usually this by itself would not be enough to make me think it's wrong but you can't put a character like this in a book and have all the characters around her just not noticing how stupid it is She is such a slut that just as she meets the MC he's just killed two dudes there's blood all over his shirt and as they walk towards their house I guess she just takes his arms and presses her breasts onto him Because that's what girls do after they were just about to be raped and witnessed two guys getting killed And the MC is completely OK with this of course being the stock character that he is he is not entitled to a personal opinion on the matter Then there's the bookworm girl She wears glasses of course she is skinny and she talks sheepishly towards the floor All the time I won't write about the rest this is enough to prove my pointHonestly I feel perhaps I'm being a little unfair towards this author since I haven't really finished the book but you can't really write this and expect me to read it all the way can you Perhaps in a point to which I haven't gotten the janitor kills the MC because he was the main character all along and enslaves all the girls so we can have a nice story without having to read like every other sentence but I somehow doubt this will happen

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What they want from the weak Connor will find himself as the sole protector of an all girl’s college hidden away in the Green Mountains of Vermont Now his only chance at survival is to Without Law MOBI #234 show. If you smack the hell out of the I Believe button and ignore all the glaring plot holes you could fly a 747 through it's not a terrible book The author is talented and writes well; his dialogue is easy to follow and you never lose the path of the conversationThis was a meh book from a prolific author that I think may be suffering from too high of a publishing rate This book so badly needs developmental editing There are several areas where the author had a chance to enrich the story with small tidbits of backstory I picked at several weapon discrepancies and misuse of weapon terms Since most of this author's readers within this genre are likely to be 1 male and 2 firearm enthusiasts making basic firearm mistakes is unforgivable when a simple Google search or better yet a developmental edit with a firearm expert would have answered the author's uestions Calling a bolt the lever on a bolt action weapon is an unpardonable mistake when a simple Google search will show you a diagram even in color with proper terminology for all the gun's parts so the author does not make a fool of himselfThis book has caused me to doubt if I will purchase another from this author It was meh and there are other indie author who publish better works that I wish to spend my money on