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REVIEW Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï James Salter El prestigio de James Salter grande entre los grandes escritores norteamericanos contemporáneos se ha cimentado con tan sólo siete libros publicados hecho ue atestigua su tardía dedicación a la escritura y el alcance de su ambición literaria Salter es famoso por su prosa depurada hecha de palabras certeras y silencios elocuentes uemar los días su único libro de memorias publicado en cuando el autor contaba años ha sido descrito por John Irving como «mejor ue muchas buenas novelas» y es uno de los pocos de. “The difficulty Irwin Shaw had told me at one point was that I was a lyric and he a narrative writer” If to no other book of Salter’s Shaw’s description applies to Burning the Days a loose rambling “recollection” composed in fits and starts accreted over many years Salter’s glory is the anecdote the stray sketched memory his way with a line The city was black and gleaming wonderfully coldI think I will come to appreciate Burning the Days as I do Edmund White’s The Farewell Symphony as a rich deposit of scenes and memories indifferently structured a book I will re read many times but never in seuence I know I’ll return to the indelible opening a cold Sunday taxi ride “through grim Sabbath neighborhoods” to visit his grandmotherMy father and I made these journeys together My mother never came Up the West Side of Manhattan along the river vacant Sunday morning looking out the window the endless drab apartment buildings on one side and in the distance gleaming the new George Washington Bridge Cigar smoke fragrant and sickening fled past the top of the glass window near my father as he sat musing sometimes humming softly to himself Over the driver’s radio came the impassioned words of the fervent anti Semitic priest who broadcast every Sunday Father Coughlin His repeated fierce phrases beat against me These were lean timesSalter originally published “The Captain’s Wife” in Esuire in 1986 and at his editor’s insistence it became the germ of Burning the Days I love the chapter for its account of drowsy licentious uasi colonial postings the diversions alcohol gambling and the seduction of other officers’ wives; a society defined eually by duty and dissolutionIn the Pacific the war had ended but its vast shabby landscape remained In Manila Bay the water was the color of rust from sunken ships Unidentified masts and funnels were sticking above the surface Manila was half destroyed; the tops were blown off the palm trees the roads were ruined the air filled with dustTheft was an industry deserters coming into barracks before dawn to steal what they could There were incomplete rosters slack discipline Men were threatening to shoot officers who were too conscientious On Okinawa a corporal was driving a nurse around to the black units in an unmarked ambulance She lay on a bed in the back naked from the waist down She charged twenty dollars

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FREE DOWNLOAD á Burning the Days Recollection ´ ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ Burning the Days Recollection Author James Salter – El prestigio de James Salter grande entre los grandes escritores norteamericanos contemporáneos se ha cimentado con tan sólo siete libros publicados hecho ue atestigua su tardía dedi Su Burning the ePUB #199 breve obra ue permanecían inéditos en nuestro idiomaNecesariamente incompletas y deliberadamente selectivas estas memorias trazan el relato de una vida colmada de acontecimientos y gente extraordinarios desde la fabulosa isla de Manhattan hasta los rigores de la academia militar de West Point desde la vivencia extrema de un avión de combate hasta la efervescencia de Nueva York París y Roma Con una especial mezcla de candor e inteligencia este volumen contiene algunas de las páginas más. A colleague got me reading novels again after a long period by recommending The Hunters Not long afterward I was reading Solo Faces stunned in both cases by Salter's crystal clear prose and the wrestling with themes of personal integrity It has taken me a while to get round to his memoir Burning the Days which I found myself gulping down in two days and one long night of a holiday weekend It has been a revelationSalter's novels are case studies of what I'd call male mythology The heroes of Hunters and Solo Faces seem trapped in hyper gender roles testing always both a kind of grace under pressure and an ability to endure physical and psychological extremes Burning the Days turns out to be a celebration of those values where to be a man is to embark on a long lonely journey of proving that one is both like and better than other menThe book is his own story of emerging from a fairly nondescript youth in New York to the life transforming experience of West Point and a career as a pilot along with the getting of a kind of worldly wisdom during times spent in Europe especially Paris His life as a writer introduces him to literary circles in New York and abroad and an international community of filmmakers and film starsThrough it all Salter focuses often on the men around him who earn his respect He marvels at the particular integrity that makes each of them admirable He elevates each of them into a kind of pantheon and when all is said and done he hopes that his own life warrants him a place among them By contrast the women who pass through his life are remarked upon for their beauty and intelligence but beyond that they are walk ons in this book about men Readers may be taken by his old fashioned glamorizing of women or they may take exception to itBrilliantly written the book is compelling for what it sets out to do provide a remembrance of things past that not only captures moments and people in vivid detail but bathes them in a melancholy glow like richly detailed sepia photographs

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Burning the Days RecollectionHermosas y memorables del autor ya sean sobre la experiencia de volar o sobre sus otras grandes pasiones Europa las mujeres y la literatura Por la agudeza y concisión de sus observaciones y retratos de Robert Redford John Huston Nabokov Irwin Shaw entre otros por la relevancia de sus historias y la inconfundible elegancia de su planteamiento uemar los días es un libro profundamente cautivador sobre el proceso de aprender a vivir y a escribir la naturaleza del tiempo el deseo el placer y las oportunidades perdid. Salter is totally one of the greats and can do something almost mystical with words that very few writers ever could but i can't say i loved this Maybe my fault no one wants to play the blame game but possibly Salter forgot to put any sense of his own personality in his recollections his style is so elegant it almost erases the warts and dirt of the author the fun stuff These reminiscences end up being like portraits of people he's known along the way and a lot ot them seem kinda lush and preppy writers artists pilots Robert Redford moments remembered some of them beautiful breathtaking full of summers gone by and youth waaay gone i really liked the Paris stuff Salter can be a smidge the misogynator none of the great writers he writes about are women though he does remember their wives And not much of this really stuck Gosh though what Salter can do with a sentence