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Ee is that you never know who's waiting in the wings Outrageous and over the top Between Boyfriends is the ultimate roller coaster ride of the highs and lows of dating and mating Drew Ferguson author of The Screwed Up Life of Charlie The Second Sexy funny and drama filled Michael Thomas Ford author of The Road Home Michael Salvatore is an award winning writer and one of six playwrights whose career will be tracked by WritersInsightcom until He is a graduate of New York University has studied at Playwrights Horizons and Gotham Writers Workshop and has written several screenplays. I went into this book really hoping to like it And based on some of the recent books I've read that have focused on a gay man trying to find love in the city I figured it would be a good read But I honestly had a really hard time with it mostly due to the writing style and the presentation of the main character The narration is overly descriptive and I can hear my former creative writing teacher screaming at me for saying something like that in that things are oddly specific that one wouldn't expect to be while other things are glossed over And I couldn't empathize with the main character at all and there was no connecting Of course phrases like I'm strictly commenting on his penis And by penis I mean cock left me going What Why It just seemed frivolous and not in a way that I personally found enjoyable I don't recommend this one because there are just so many better books out there

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Between BoyfriendsIn this sharp entertaining wry but tender debut Michael Salvatore follows one man's search for the perfect boyfriend in a hilariously imperfect world Single slightly neurotic Steven Bartholomew Ferrante loves his sharp tongued loyal friends his chaotic job as producer for the daytime soap If Tomorrow Never Comes and his crazy Sicilian mother not necessarily in that order Yet at thirty three his life is a little like the peppermint mocha coffee drinks that are his favorite indulgence fun frothy but only superficially satisfying Four years after his boyfriend kicked him to the cu. It took me a long time to get into this book The characters were caricatures their depth defined by their witty dialog and pseudo social angst Oh it was funny mostly and there were a few times I laughed out loud But overall the situations depicted at best either tragically flawed characters knitted from the author's imagination or at worst characters based on stereotypical gay men who sashay through life thinking only of sexOnly the last third of the book was deeper than a dinghy's anchor line Steven the main character finally developed into a somewhat well adjusted half of a normal couple after a few failed relationships helped chisel a backbone for him He finally outgrew the comedic cast of characters he called friends at least in his outlook and maturity levelThe writing style was irritating at times with it's overuse of metaphors; using movies like The Wizard of Oz particularly stereotypical as a means to propel his characters Such metaphors were stretched out until there was no stretch left And although it's probably just me being nit picky but I was disappointed that he used bad grammar repeatedly such as me and Frank instead of Frank and meThe novel's best feature is its humor and for that as much as anything I rated it 3 out of 5 stars

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Between Boyfriends Review ☆ 102 ¹ [Epub] ➜ Between Boyfriends Author Michael Salvatore – In this sharp entertaining wry but tender debut Michael Salvatore follows one man's search for the perfect boyfriend in a hilariously imperfect world Single slightly neurotic Steven Bartholomew Ferran In this sharp entertaining wryRb Steven is still trying to find a replacement There's been no shortage of casual couplings and one night or less stands but while other body parts are catered to his heart wants something Someone to share sexy Sunday mornings and shopping trips to buy unnecessary kitchen appliances Someone he can trade knowing smiles with while dishing dirt with his crew at their favorite Chelsea haunts Somebody to love And maybe he's finally found it Because if Steven's learned one thing from If Tomorrow Never Comes it's that every storyline has its twists and the beauty of living spoiler fr. Dabbed as “summer reading” something that usually is light and easily forgotten Between Boyfriends was one of the most nice surprise I had lately; I can really imagine someone finding this book in 20 years or so in some yard sale with the cover full of wrinkles since it came out directly in paperback and having again the same surprise I had Between Boyfriends is witty romantic and shocking; it’s a full immersion in the most flaming and gayish gay life you can imagine with characters coming out pun very much intended from the stereotype imaginary of gay culture Steven the main character is a gay soap opera screenwriter; his dearest friends are a pushy forty financial guru a stock investor a former ice skating star and a go go dancer They all have emergency meetings in the local Starbucks getting high on caffeine instead of alcohol They exchange sex stories like you can exchange your daily routine with your mother on the phone and they all seem happy and independent but in reality they are all searching for true love ok well maybe the go go dancer is not trying so hard and the ice skater would prefer to have won that bronze medal at Lillehammer and the financial guru is happy to change boytoys like he changes boxers but at least Steven and his best friend Flynn are sincere enough to admit that they want a long lasting relationship and it’s a pity that they are not for each other since they would be perfect together Steven is so desperately searching for love that he falls in love at first sight for any gay man he meets on the street saving changing his mind when he realizes that he is not Mr Right but maybe only Mr Right Now In any case I really liked Steven since I found a little of everyone in him who has not spent a lot of money to buy a dress that makes you feel wonderful only for having your daydreams broken when your hot date calls back to postponecancel the appointment Right after you signed that expensive credit card receipt with no reimburse available But Steven is so in love with love that he is always able to find another daydream and another Mr Right and even if it’s not yet the right one at least he is enjoying the ride Steven is not like that sad single gay men mourning the lack of a boyfriend in an empty apartment he mourns with style in a disco surrounded by friends and dancing along; and he is even able to go back home with an hot stud since even if he has not found Mr Right yet who said he has to “sleep” alone in the meantime There is a lot of sex but it’s always funny and light profane but always with a laugh; it’s for sure gratuitous sex as I said Steven is not waiting alone for Mr Right but it was never awkward Steven and his friends enjoy sex and sex is something fun only that with love is better And if you like romance there are at least two good love stories here and one in blossom the author has material for at least two other books Flynn and Lindsay and then if he wants to complete the circle of friends Gus and Sebastian are other two very nice romance material