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Black SundayWhen the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday people had better get ready to die The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it's the most terrifying place on earth Micha. Are you nostalgic for post Vietnam early Middle East conflict height of the cold war espionageterrorist thrillers Well then look no further because all of your interests will be satisfied with Black Sunday I would say that that this story has not necessarily aged well in that a person not familiar with the political climate of the late 70searly 80s may not get it but as a representation of the world at that time I think it is a pretty good throwback Now I was only a little kid at that time so most of what I remember of that time is from history class but it seems like Harris did a pretty good jobWhen it comes to pacing of the book it is about 90% exposition and 10% actionclimaxresolution There are many very long chapters to tell the story of the main characters and how they got to be where they are This is not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing – it is just a thing If you like exposition and back story you should be good to go But if that is not your thing the first 75% of the book or so might dragI recommend this book to fans of James Bond Tom Clancy Vince Flynn Brad Thor etc I don’t think you can go wrong here if you are a political thriller nutSide note Harris is better known for his Hannibal Lecter books There in not even a slight hint of that here So if you are a Harris fan because of those and are hoping for – you will not find it in Black Sunday

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El Lander is the most dangerous man in America He pilots a television blimp over packed football stadiums every weekend He is fascinated with explosives And he happens to be very very crazy That's why a beautiful PLO operative. Welcome to Thomas Harris first and stand alone novel about a terrorist attack on US ground For those interested this books has been filmed as well starring Robert Shaw jaws The Deep From Russia with Love and Marthe Keller famous European movie star that never had a stellar career but a fascinating face nonetheless The movie is worth your while due to actors than the storyThis book actually tells you about the motives and feelings of the baddies than the hero's It is a very classic terrorism plot in perhaps an old school thriller that keeps you interested until the last page The hero being an Israeli Intelligence officer on the hunt of the survivors of Black September who were involved with the Munich massacre who are this time aiming at the US because of their weapon deliveries to the state of Israel In the opening of the book we find Israeli commandos attacking the lord of Black September It felt like a flashback to the Spielberg Munich movie even if that one was filmed much later and we find out about the okay given to an attack on the Superbowl by the terrorists who were approached by an American combat pilot who became an POW and felt his live was destroyed by his government The baddies are dimensional in their descriptions than the hero side of the story which feels like the average conflict between intelligence servicesWhy 4 stars because like the early Lecter books Harris does show very much skill of telling a story which is difficult the put away It is a well written book and its subject is not that old style but perhaps very much actual than we would likeI was glad to re read this book as my paperback has long ago disappeared and I was glad to recover it Hardback version Some books leave a memory behind and you want to recover them to see if they were really that good I felt not short changed at any moment perhaps since I prefer the old style thrillers the seventies and eighties when live seemed somehow easier


READ ì Black Sunday Ë [Reading] ➶ Black Sunday Author Thomas Harris – When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday 80000 people had better get ready to die — The Super Bowl where thousands have gathered for an all American tradition Suddenly it's the mos When the game begins in New Orleans this Super Bowl Sunday peHas seduced him That's why on Super Bowl Sunday the world will witness the bloody assassination of the U S president and the worst mass murder in history Unless someone discovers what Michael Lander plans and can kill him first. When your plot line involves a major terrorist attack there are some plot elements which are unavoidable the pace that builds up until the D day terrorists and law enforcement trying to outwit each other every step of the way a couple of romantic flings on either side of the law and then the whole world goes to hell Black Sunday is no different and within the premise of the story Thomas Harris brings the Israel Palestine conflict to the heart of America When you set out to read this book don't think of this as a work by the author of Silence of the Lambs This would seriously dampen your enjoyment levels but if you think of it as another thriller by an author who is as yet unknown to you While the Israeli Mossad and the Palestinian Al Fatah battle it out on the streets of New Orleans the American intelligence agencies are reduced mostly to bystanders The climax is not one that is not anticipated but still a cliff hanger You will get a whiff of Thomas Harris's later work only in one character and his name is Michael Lander and that perhaps is the only place where the story moves away from the realm of clicheA decent enough thriller