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MOBI ¾ DOC Brigham Young at Home 9781417968718 ð [Reading] ➿ Brigham Young at Home By Clarissa Young Spencer – 1940 Illustrated with Photographs Brigham Young at Home is a valuable addition to the history of the home life of pioneer days Reared in the famous Beehive House Mrs Spencer has carried with her1940 Illustrated with Photographs Brigham Young at Home is a valuable addition to the history of the home life of pioneer days Reared in the famous Beehive House Mrs Spencer has carried with her through life the patient loving influence of her parents As she goes back in memory to the old home she revives the scenes and varied events which filled her childhood days S There were never any door moments in our family I assure you What one child can think of several others could p29He could be stern when occasion demand it but he was the wisest kindest and most loving of fathers His constant thoughtfulness for our happiness and well being endeared him to all of us The bond between my father and me was as close as if I had been his only child and I am sure that each of the other children felt the same way I shall always be grateful that I was born his daughterp36much has been said and written about the great ingenuity my father displayed in organizing and directing the migration of the Mormon pioneers to the Rocky Mountain's the greatest trek of its kind ever undertaken in this country I believe that he displayed a resourcefulness almost as great and keeping contented and happy than 12 wives under one roof For happy they were really were our home was as peaceful and serene as any home could bep3it is not reasonable to supposed the United States government would have gone to the enormous expense of sending an army on the march of over 1000 miles on such flimsy an unverified reports if there had not been a deeper reason In The light of later events the reason became uite apparent Jon B Floyd secretary of war was a rank secessionist and there was no better way in which he could aid his cause than yo send a large part of the Union forces off to this inaccessible region leaving governmental arsenals and military stores unprotected in many southern statesat one time with Oliver twist was being played a visiting star gave vent to a bit of realism where she was supposed to be killed by Bill Sykes in such a manner that father declined to allow the plate to be repeatedWell you children have always been taught to behave yourselves If you will go and not mingle with the Gentiles I guess you can goThe entire affair than surpassed our fondest expectations The rails were being laid into the city by the workmen and as soon as they were in place the train would move along behind The celebration followed right along with the laying of the rails in the oncoming train It is difficult to imagine what the coming of the railroad meant to the people of that day No freighting of the most necessary supplies by Ox team and wagon No weeks of weary Dusty travel in order to reach the civilization that lay beyond the mountains and no danger from Indians and robbers while attempting to cover the ground in the stagecoach I think that my father must have been especially happy about it because the bringing of thousands of converts to Utah with the attendant hardships and dangers had been one of his greatest problems during his leadership of the church It was small wonder that the Ironhorse was greeted with near hysteria People were all dressed up in their best the city was gay with flags and Bunting and the live bands of music filled the air p203she will be a free state Slavery here would be useless and unprofitable I regarded it generally as a curse to the Masters I myself hire many laborers and pay them their wages I cannot afford to own them I can do better than subject myself to an obligation to feed and clothe thei families and care for them in sickness and in health Utah is not a depth of the slave laborp211it was not his wish that the Saints should acuire great wealth for the religion has been bought at a tremendous price and he intended that nothing should come among them if he could prevent it that wood in the anyway lessen their spirituality Speaking in a sunbeam meeting of the newly discovered gold in California he said I hope that the gold mind will be no nearer then 800 miles Prosperity in riches blunt the feelings of manhe had a mud wall built around the city ostensibly for protection against the Indians but in reality to make work for the hundreds of immigrants who arrived and had nothing to doHenry I had a egg for breakfast this morning cooked hard and in lieu of chopping it through the center they cut it through anyways and set it on toothpicks I was strongly impressed that we might use this plan for the buildingduring his lifetime he people this Western territory with about 100000 souls founded over 200 cities established schools factories telegraph lines railroads and temples He was dauntless in his great enterprises fearless in following his beliefs diplomatic in his dealings with statement or Indians and with his family generous affectionate and understanding always I honor and revere his memory p292

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Of Church and State In the home he was happy when he could lay aside the business of his high office and take part in the play and mirth of the children Contents Life with Father; The Beehive House; Father's Wives; The Utah War; Indian Friends and Foes; Schools; The Theatre; Social Affairs; Holidays; Visitors; Early Day Communication; Manufacturing; and Empire Buildi Written by one of his daughters this account shows what life was like for Pres Young's family from day to day If you like Little House on the Prairie you'll enjoy this one too

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Brigham Young at HomeHe tells of the amusements of the children and the tender solicitation that President Young always had for the members of his family Simple and straightforward he was generous and patient and the day was always begun with a solemn prayer to God Nature gave to President Young a resolute will a keen intellect and a forceful individuality with which he met the problems This was written Brigham Young's 51st child I think It was interesting but a little idealized I'm not sure every day of their home life was filled with pure joy but I can't really make that judgment I enjoyed hearing about Brigham Young from his daughter's point of view