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read Compound fractures doc Ä Hardcover ¼ ➳ [Read] ➮ Compound fractures By Stephen White ➾ – For than twenty years in nearly a score of bestselling crime novels New York Times bestselling author Stephen White’s stories of Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory have captivated millions of readers For Alan’s personal life and his career were in danger of complete collapse But Line of Fire merely set the stage In Compound Fractures the explosive conclusion to the decades long saga Alan is forced to acknowledge that the perils that may bring him to his knees are not the dangers he recognizes nor are they orchestrated by the nemesis he has long feared Instead he is confronted by unexpected threats from unanticipated adversaries and by intimate betrayal from those who have been closest to him He is compelled to reconsider what he has long believed about trust and about love while he is trying to cope with overwhelming loss and grief To protect himself he must revisit the cruel ethical dilemma that turned h Disappointing ending to a series I have consistently enjoyed I liked the previous book it was a great setup for a smashing finish building up a head of steam but then White throws everything but the kitchen sink into the book and it's kind of a muddle Many critical characters barely appear People and plots from previous books cycle in and out with no resolution And worst of all the book is seriously overwritten with Alan Gregory ruminating on trust and walking on high wires and ethics in therapy and blah blah blah when readers just want to know how things turn out There were some enjoyable moments I love Sam Purdy the perfect foil but the beginning of the book is nearly incoherent for anyone who hasn't read the entire series and the ending veers between over the top and manipulative Bummer But I hope White keeps writing

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For than twenty years in nearly a score of bestselling crime novels New York Times bestselling author Stephen White’s stories of Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory have captivated millions of readers Now Compound Fractures provides a riveting last chapter to the series In Line of Fire the tantalizing prelude to this final book Dr Gregory found himself assailed by danger from every direction as he struggled with circumstances beyond his control Authorities were closing in on Alan and his friend Sam Purdy for their role in a woman’s death years earlier Alan was struggling to deal with the emotional collapse of his longtime friend Diane after she discovered evidence of her husband’s infidelity By the end Compound Fractures is a disappointing end to a series I've generally enjoyed White's narrative strained believability leaving me shaking my head by the book's conclusion The writing seemed rambling to me as if the author had no real plan to offer a satisfying conclusion to the series; rather I felt White was stumbling through a jumble of story lines looking for one with legs If White's goal was to annoy readers with peripheral characters and make Alan Gregory so unlikable that I no longer care to read about him he succeeded

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Compound fracturesIs life upside down as a young psychologist He has to judge whether the people reentering his life after long absences are friends or foes He has to make sense of echoes of distant tragedies while he decides if there is anyone he can really trust Mostly as the clock ticks down he must solve a deadly mystery in Eldorado Springs that has been brewing for than a decade At times full of pathos at other times replete with White’s distinctive wry humor Compound Fractures delivers the entrancing characters the suspense the intricately plotted storylines and the unexpected twists that readers have come to expect Compound Fractures promises to be a jaw dropping and satisfying last act in Stephen’s beloved series In White's series finale he addresses many of the threads left dangling in Line of Fire as well as developing new ones to astonish the reader Part two of the series finale has as many nuances as any other Alan Gregory book but increases the intensity exponentiallyThis final journey into the lives of Sam Purdy and Alan Gregory forces them to deal with the fallout of their deepest secret a murder they felt could be chalked up to suicide and new avenues related to the crime As the novel progresses just as with its predecessor the incriminating aspects of the crime build when a young boy apparently saw the crime take place While Alan fights to keep this past from boiling over new issues force him to uestion not only his actions but those around him He seeks out a psycho therapist of his own but soon becomes leery of her ability to handle such a complex set of admissions A personal tragedy plagues Alan as well which forces him to re evaluate his entire past and the role he plays in his family unit Meanwhile Sam and Lucy catch new evidence on a cold case that gets interesting as the clues come together Another apparent suicide over a decade old garners interest of many in positions of power for reasons unknown to the detective pair Is it a thread used by White to distract the reader from some of the complex and dense topics peppered throughout the novel or does it play a central role as most White cases tend to? With old characters returning to play one final role in the series White forces avid readers to know their Boulder trivia and Alan Gregory back story to completely understand what's going on With powerful narrative told from numerous perspectives White entertains disappoints and shocks his avid fans all at once And no White novel would be complete without a cliffhanger to drive the reader to posit its solutionWhite infuses all his dry wit into this last novel showing sides to characters avid readers have long come to love but with no follow up possible White's breadcrumbs tend to have a gunpowder feel to them full of explosive admissions and yet highly volatile The choice to tie up all these loose ends appears not to have been White's own though the specifics behind this are muddled in numerous cryptic messages White posted to his site The characters showed great development throughout and the series showed much progress from beginning to end While one may wonder how a score of books could come from the small city of Boulder Colorado White wove many tales tying them all together before tearing them apart in this single novel Surely an explosive end to this two decade long collection of insights into our favourite psycho therapist I admit that the series was one I always looked forward to seeing each summer as the next instalment hit bookshelves Alas while White has his eye set on television I will be a little saddened to know that I've reached the end of it all while White remains active in writing circlesKudos Dr White for your twenty plus years of entertaining us with Alan Gregory and the rest of the cast Choosing a great angle you were able to infuse your personal experiences into your characters while always keeping things fresh and exciting for those who took the time to read them