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Free download フラクション Furakushon

Free download Ð フラクション Furakushon ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý [Download] ➸ フラクション Furakushon ➽ Shintarō Kago – The first half of the book is made up by the titular story a serial killer thriller that gets all kinds of meta and crazy aErview with Kago and Ryuichi Kasumi a Japanese crime fiction writer and a number of short stori. If you've read some of Kago's abstract or surreal manga then this will seem ordinary and I think that is partly the intention It is mainline But it is still very innovative for reasons which it is hard for me to describe He tends to use the Manga medium to fool the eye He hides crucial information just out of frame or misdirects the reader in other subtle ways A good chunk of the manga is actually dedicated to explaining exactly how he does these tricks but you fall for them anyway As the story is about murders it is mildly gory and horrifying but it isn't a bloodbath The erotic element is also uite downplayed As he says in the comic the artist is one of the characters this is a movement away from the most blatant manifestations of the ero guro genre And unlike some of his other stuff it or less follows the logic of reality rather than a surreal dream logic This form of logic is necessary for the mystery element of the story to work The most interesting part of the volume is the main story It has 2 unrelated short episodes at the end and they are approximately as realistic as the main story but not uite as gory They resemble the rarer in Japanese comic medium supernatural horror comics rather than Kago's normal fare

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Ll kinds of meta and crazy as it progresses The second half of the book consists of a short int. The first story is a wonderful weird meta murder mystery for the most part but stumbles a bit at its reveal that pushes the envelope a bit too far into just straight up goofiness for my tastes The shorts included are real creepy though so it all balances out

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フラクション FurakushonThe first half of the book is made up by the titular story a serial killer thriller that gets a. The main story is probably one of the most genius things Kago has ever written The other short stories are ok but 2 of them have already been collected in previous volumes All boring when compared with Fraction