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Book á Halfway Home 262 pages Download ä Gwairsoft ð [Read] ➵ Halfway Home Author Paul Monette – Weakened by AIDS artist Tom Shaheen retreats to a remote California beach to come to terms with his illness and his life until his estranged brother Brian comes back into his life and after yearHis illness and his life until his estranged brother Brian comes back into his life and after ye Woof An absolute page turner 1010 would recommend Lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged

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Ars of resentment they build a new relationship and become a family Reprint 14000 first printing Halfway Home by Paul MonetteIt's 1991 and Thomas Francis Shaheen Tom is living with Kaposi Sarcoma a lethal complication at the time from HIVAIDS He has retired to die at the beach house owned by Graham Cole Baldwin Gray of the Baldwin family who owned most of California from Malibu to Santa Monica There Tom meets Mona McMahon Mona and alongside Gray they become a familyGrowing up as a child Tom was abused by his father and brother I'm an only child was Tom's mantra One day out of the blue Tom's abusive brother Brian walks into his life Amazingly Brian is now accepting of Tom's lifestyle and demonstrates affection for his younger brotherAfter Brian leaves there are news hat Brian and his family have been killed It turns out that Brian was involved in a corruption case with his construction company's partner Jerry Curran Jerry Brian turns on Jerry and Jerry burns out Brian's house But Brian and his family had escaped aliveBrian reappears back in Tom's house with his wife Susan and son Daniel Escaping from Jerry they are being protected by the FBI Brian is testifying against Jerry in exchange for a plea deal with minimal jail time For the first time in his life Brian needs Tom's help And help is what Brian gets Brian has become a beaten man In his bitter wife Susan and sensitive son Daniel Tom can see the pain of his own past Brian must help his brother while he deals with a new love relationship with Gray To do so he enlists Kathleen Towney an ex nun who runs the women's shelter and the gay and lesbian friends who have nurtured himTom has to mend his own fences and heal wounds that had never closed The book ends with Tom finding a way back to the theater to perform his signature piece Miss Jesus as a metaphor of opening himself to the love that may heal himThe book is narrated from the first person point of view It takes you back to the days of the plague and it's a beautiful story of love and redemption It is a story that tries to find meaning to the madness of the HIVAIDS epidemic It reads in a day or two However for those of us who lived the epidemic it can open old wounds

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Halfway HomeWeakened by AIDS artist Tom Shaheen retreats to a remote California beach to come to terms with “Home is the place you get to not the place you came from”Well this was brilliant But I am not surprised because it was written by a man who lived a courageous and brilliant life A championThis book for me is the best of Paul Monette's writing that I have read so far It is even better than his memoirs because the writing and experiences from his memoirs can be found here in the lives of his very real charactersPaul Monette's fiction and his non fiction testify about love between men and the way in which this love endures supports and brings life Not just erotic love but also fraternal love and the love between friends His writing also testifies about the challenges of all kinds of love of growing up gay of living in a society which worships the fittest and the whitest and worships the strong man the successful man and in this worship neglects and derides those do not fit in or who fail to reach those so called emblems of societal recognition or successIn this story Paul Monette goes beyond the love of two men to explore the wider family and the love of friends Tom Sheehan has AIDS is and slowly slowy dying He has abandoned the theatre he used to manage and left that work to his friend Mona and he is staying in a beach house owned by his friend GrayTom is coming to terms with the deaths of so many of his friends and his own ill health but Tom also has a history of hurt from his childhood and mourns the loss of what he would have liked his childhood to have been The pain inflicted on him by his brother and the rejection from his mother and judgement and violence from his father have left their shadows in Tom's life Now as he grapples with ill health he relies on the love and support of friends but he constantly lives under the shadows and pain of the pastBut things happen and Tom's brother comes back into his life in a most surprising way and not just his brother but his nephew and sister in law At the same time love finds its way back into Tom's life both the love of friends and a new romantic love Both Tom and his brother find that they have to learn to love anew and come to terms with their childhood and their lives and the things that have happened to bring them to this point in their livesIt is a time of great change and time of truth for both of them as the past is revisited and the truth of their lives in revealedTom comes to see that he is wrong about the so called gilded life of entitlement his heterosexual brother has been granted It isn't as easy and as privileged as he thought Tom begins to see that beneath the golden sheen of his brother's life is full of cracks and blemishes dishonesty and violence His brother lives with the same kind of blemishes that now appear on Tom's skin as he battles the virus Tom also begins to see the beauty that is in his own relationships and the way in which his own life has brought him love and joy He begins to realise that it is he who is blessed and this his honest life has been life giving and that he is stronger than he thoughtAs he battles with his health he finds strength as he begins to think through and come to terms with the hurts of his childhood and opens himself to his brother and his new lover Of course this doesn't mean that things are all neatly resolved because they aren't The story doesn't try to resolve feelings and events but instead it journeys through them Tom relives his hurts but he comes to see that the nice 'nuclear family' of man wife children is not all it is cracked up to be and this his own family of Gray and Mona is just as valid and lovingI enjoyed this I had a wonderful childhood myself but I am often nonplussed by people who look at the family as the be all and end all I think real family includes blood relations and non blood relations I also think family can be a place of great joy but also great pain and fear and I enjoyed reading this because as Tom reflects and thinks of his past it seems as if he comes to a similar realisationTom also realises that life is precious and to be appreciated and that he should live fully in the time leftThis story is just so beautifully written Paul Monette manages to convey the confusion and emotions of a person who now struggles with AIDS having also struggled through childhood but this is not a painful story but a triumphant one because of what Tom realises about himselfThe story also reflects Paul Monette's personal experiences his criticism of the Roman Catholic church and it's position on homosexuality his experiences of living with Irish people and the bullies of his childhood The characters in this book are brought up in the Roman Catholic church but this does not bring the young Tom any peace as an adult or any protection from abuse as a child This haunts him but at the same time as an adult on stage he creates a monologue where he himself is Jesus and in some way portrays the Jesus that he believes in The Jesus of true liberation the wounded and broken shepherd and not the triumphalist condemning Jesus of the Roman Catholic instituition and his childhoodLater it is an ex Roman Catholic nun who steps into the upheaval and Tom finds it in himself to create peace and some sense of true reconciliation In this way Paul Monette provides the readers with glimpse of the true compassion and love that can be found in some people of faith but which is often lacking in the public face of the religious institutionThe author also explores the darkness of family life and so called 'family values' showing that sometimes the inside of family life is dark and painful whilst the outside and what is seen externally is shiny and appears full of light I enjoyed this because family life can also be a place of great danger and oppression and injustice but institutions and churches can so often assume that family is best Love being cherished supported and valued is not always automatically found within birth families but it can be found in the families of friends and in other communitiesAnd of course there are echoes of Paul Monette's own loves in this book His struggles trying to keep Roger his first partner alive and the many tests and hospital visits Roger endured are glimpsed here as Tom and Gray anticipate Tom's declining health and recognise that their first tests in hospital will increase as time goes onThere is a tribute here to Steven Kolzack Paul Monette's second partner and his activism when Tom meets a fellow ACTUP activist in hospital and recalls a protest they were both involved in Indeed the book is dedicated to Steven Kolzack and in this way recalls the activism that pushed Governments to act and continues to save lives to this dayAbove all the story shows that the love of friends and the care people show for one another crosses the traditional family boundaries and is just as important for life In an age in which family breakdown is high and in which social isolation is so common it is important to remember this and to value all kinds of relationships and friendshipsPaul Monette's best writing was born out of the furnace of the 1980's AIDS pandemic and his own personal difficulties growing up gay in 196070's America I could see all his own personal experiences reflected in the actions and lives of the characters and this made the story richer for meHe explores homophobia and neglect within families and he does so without telling but by showing in a most powerful way Tom's sister in law shows her prejudice and hatred for him even though she is reliant on Tom for shelter The way in which the author shows her hypocrisy and her short comings was excellent and we get to contrast this with the way in which Tom interacts with his nephew Daniel who shows no judgement at all only a willingness to live and let live This story has a similar feel to Michael Thomas Ford's Full Circle in that there is a kind of coming to terms or growth away from the hurts and challenges of the past and an appreciation of the presentIn this story we hear the echoes of Paul Monette's personal story through Tom Shaheen's desire to be a 'man' To be the kind of man his brother is one who has his father's love one who plays all the sports one who is accepted instead of being left on the margins brutalised and ignored Paul Monette eventually found his own way to becoming a man and through the furnace of AIDS became than a man In this story Tom Shaheen does so too and comes to terms with his desire to be like his brother and finds a new love and respect in his relationship with his nephew and affirmation and acceptance in his relationship with Gray but he also finds reconciliation and love for his brother and the rift between them begins to heal Tom is a multi dimensional character with his own whims anger and resentments but also he has cou