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Hard to Get Read & download È 0 ↠ ❰Read❯ ➪ Hard to Get Author Carole Mortimer – Gwairsoft.co.uk He seemed completely immune to herRich girl Lara Schofield had never met a man she couldn't instantly captivate and in fact she'd made a hobby of collecting hearts and breaking them while she remained He seemed completely immuD breaking them while she remained personally uninvolvedUntil she encountered Jordan Sinclair He was devastating everything a woman could ask for And he was utterly indifferent to LaraB. An old School revenge HP Be aware the hero does rape the heroine in this one and is often a cruel ass Why do I seek out these horrors That is the million dollar uestionview spoilerThe heroine here is a bit of a spoiled child She's not mean but she's been indulged and just wants to have fun and doesn't take things very seriously She meets the hero and he seemingly wants nothing to do with her That is a novelty and the heroine pursues himThe hero is often cold toward the heroine even after they become involved He ends up taking her virginity in a jealous rage one night when she goes out with another man out of spite due to the hero's hotcold treatment It's a pretty painful scene to read and his reaction later is again oddly hotcold The reader and the heroine know that something isn't uite right and likely has to do with the heroine's dead step motherIt isn't until very close to the end that his vengeful motives toward her father and the h by extension are revealed This is why I like the older Harley's I find the limited POV suspenseful and I am immersed in the h's story Everything must be interpreted through the heroine's lens and the author's descriptions of the hero's expressions tone of voice etc YMMV hide spoiler

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He seemed completely immune to herRich girl Lara Schofield had never met a Hard to ePUB #199 man she couldn't instantly captivate and in fact she'd made a hobby of collecting hearts an. Wow This one was an angst fest CM style The spoiled party girl heroine annoyed me so much at the beginning that I thought I would never like her But the harsh vengeful hero was such an asshole I felt sorry for the poor girl Hero marries heroine for revenge and has no guilts about doing so cause heroine is a spoiled selfish man eater She is desperately in love with him but he treats her like shit Their marriage is hell and when finally the hero reveals his reasons for revenge heroine is in shock and agrees to a divorce Of course eventually the hero realizes his mistake and confesses his love to heroine but she definitely didn't deserve all this hate Also there was a rape scene so if you don't like extremely cruel heroes don't read this Personally I loved it cause it was such an intense angst fest

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Hard to GetUt what Lara wanted Lara got and she was determined to have Jordan Sinclair Even if it meant playing with the potent fire of his passion and playing with Jordan was very dangerous indee. I read this a few years back when I was younger and impressionable At the time I thought it was an intense love story going back and re reading it I'm a bit shocked and appalled There are major spoilers below1 The main love story between the two leads feels like mostly arrogant slightly spoiled adults who have a burning physical passion that never develops beyond that2 Not only does the hero rape the heroine he then or less chastises her saying that he couldn't believe she was a virgin that she was nothing but a tease this you know after raping her3 Everything is driven by revenge because the hero's mother left him and his father the father was abusive and so she left for another man but also to escape So he's hung onto this grudge against his now dead mother for twenty years and that's why he marries the heroineI mean most of the story feels almost nonsensical Jordan is just so mean and cruel that there's nothing to ever make you like him and the last minute apologies feel forced and insincere I mean there's alpha hero and then there's cruelty for no real reason this felt like that latter The romance is under developed and kind of lost under the angstyangry sexphysical attraction