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Read & Download The Pierced Heart Charles Maddox #4 ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ❴Download❵ ➺ The Pierced Heart Charles Maddox #4 Author Lynn Shepherd – In a dazzling mystery inspired by Bram Stoker's much beloved Dracula the critically acclaimed author of ThTo do with it all Maddox must find out Drawing inspiration from both Dracula and from the strange life of a mysterious and long forgotten real life scientist The Pierced Heart dramatizes a fatal clash between science and superstition at a time of profound change and dangerous transition and once again spins a gorgeously atmospheric literary suspense story from one of the world's most beloved novels. Wow Where to even begin I picked out this book from the library shelf thinking it'll be something similar to the old Victorian gothic novels and classic horror stories which I love It wasn't In fact I was so bored with the descriptions and the lack of dialogue in the beginning I seriously thought I'd throw the book at the wall I didn't because the book wasn't mine When you have a mysterious figure right from the beginning and everyone and everything points at him it really isn't that interesting And the turn of events at the end the Van Helsing show the unlikely discovery of the girl's heritage It's all so packed in the last 15 or so pages and up until then the pace of the story was snail fast The storytelling was sometimes confusing and some parts were unneccesarily inserted Even the main character Charles Maddox was confused most of the time There were some good parts though the setting the creepy atmosphere the character of the old Maddox but not enough to give it a higher mark Perhaps someone will say I'm a bit harsh but I've read plenty books on this subject and this one simply didn't have that something that others had

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In a dazzling mystery inspired Heart Charles eBook #180 by Bram Stoker's much beloved Dracula the critically acclaimed author of The Solitary House and A Fatal Likeness Lynn Shepherd and her brilliant Victorian detective Charles The Pierced EpubMaddox return in their biggest most challenging literary suspense novel yetClever eerie and compelling by turns The Pierced Heart finds detective Charles Ma. DNFed at 37% And Lord I'm surprised I made it that farHere's a list of issues I had with this bookFirst off the writing style is ridiculously difficult to read It's like the author tried way too hard to exactly emulate the common writing styles of the book's time setting 19th Century with the end result being a style that is largely inaccessible to the modern reader It takes a substantial amount of effort to follow this story because of the style and uite frankly that is not what I'm looking for in my usual modern read If I want a challenging classic like book read I'll read an actual classic instead of a modern day imitation of one All around the style choice was just very poor Not only because it was so difficult but because it served to distance me from the main character in a way that made me feelabsolutely nothing for him I didn't care about the protagonist at all because I consistently felt very far away from himThose issues alone were enough to turn me off this book very very uicklyBut they were further exasperated by thesuper weird awkward plot The first 30% of the book according to my Kindle is like this strange tacked on prologue esue section that occurs before the actual plot of the book starts It's like one super long backstory that pretty much gives away all the mystery that could have existed in the main plot that doesn't start for a third of the book That's what it read like It wasodd It felt odd It didn't read right to me at all It was uite possibly the strangest structural choice I could have ever conceived for what was supposed to be a paranormal historical mysteryNot a good experienceAlll around this book fell flat for me The writing was hard to follow The protagonist was hard to like And the plotI'm still not entirely sure how to describe that It just didn't work for meRating25 DisclosureI received a free ebook copy of this title from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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The Pierced Heart Charles Maddox #4Ddox traveling to the remote castle of the enigmatic Baron Pierced Heart Charles PDF #202 Von Reisenberg a pioneering scientist with a terrible secret Meanwhile London is in the throes of a series of brutal murders executed by a mysterious killer known only as The Vampire What is the connection between the Baron and the murders And what does the journal of a young theater assistant named Lucy have. Probably closer to 35 stars I enjoyed this installment of the Maddox series less than previous ones Perhaps I enjoyed the others because I am familiar with their literary setting This one has echoes of Dracula as well as historical figures but it never resonated with me Not a terrible book by any means but pales in comparison to its predecessors