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Free download ↠ Kiss the Girls ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [Ebook] ➨ Kiss the Girls Author James Patterson – In Los Angeles a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill North Carolina a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears In Washington DC Alex CroDer case ever Two clever pattern killers are collaborating cooperating competing and they are working coast to coa. Alex Cross is a cop A damn good cop He's 6'3 tall taut with muscles and strikingly handsome He's a doctor too A damn good doctor A psychologist to the slum kids His washboard stomach gleams in the afternoon light as he plays Nora Jones and Coltrane on his piano stroking his children's heads with his other arms The phone rings and he wonders if it's the FBI again offering him that job running the DC police He lets it ring again and again and again He really doesn't have time for the FBI Because he's a damn good father tooWhat utter utter utter trashAs in Like Water For Elephants every character in this Mills Boon spinoff action novel is beautiful perfect confident doubt and flaw less cultured smart handsome and wears a sixpack Every honorable character knows the right thing to do when to do it how to do it why it needs to be done Like the black belt karate expert Cormac McCarthy reading academic honors med student model who's kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a serial killer then falls 30 yards into a shallow rocky stream and hours later joins the FBI on the killer's manhunt What sniveling pathetic horrid trashPicked this up hoping for a complex and addictive Dragon Tattoo thriller or perhaps even some cheap and fun David Goodis styled pulp but no This was Mills Boon trash

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In Los Angeles a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill North Carolina a beautiful me. This is genuinely the worst book I have ever finishedTo be fair it is tolerable when there is action which is often But every time James Patterson tries to put words coming out of a characters mouth it makes you want to punch yourself in the face When he writes descriptive emotional paragraphs it makes you want to punch him in the faceI actually dog eared a couple pages because the writing was so bad I wanted to be able to uick reference it to people to show them how bad it wasWant another example of how bad a writer he is One of his other books is called Night of the Machete I am not a God fearing man but if you believe in God maybe throw in an extra prayer for James Patterson's English language murdering soul

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Kiss the GirlsDical intern suddenly disappears In Washington DC Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying mur. My book ish Blog | InstaThis is my second time reading this and I have to admit I'm having a bit of an existential crisis Because like I used to genuinely enjoy this I wanted to re read this to scrub my brain clean from all the Women's Murder Club cheese barf I was thinking yeah some classic Patterson will fix me right up WTFI used to think this was good I used to devour the Alex Cross series when I was 1415 and fully evolving my love for murder and mayhem as a mature reader I would close a book thinking yeah so goodBut no guys seriously so badIt's absolute shit I have seen the lightJames Patterson is single highhandedly murdering the mystery thriller genre no pun intended His prose are atrocious There is zero depth to his plotting There's is no less than 2 overwrought cliches per page And if you think female characters should exist as anything than cardboard caricatures then look elsewhere Because here here we only have room for stereotypes and sexual objectification This whole things reads as if it exists just to be Patterson's male fantasy playground with perfect women and his alter ego with a big dick And the killers get to act out his sadistic side Now I know some people will disagree Patterson has a lot of fans But you know they obviously have no taste Okay I said it Just kidding kind of But seriously you can and should seek out better authors in this genre Let good prose and clever plotting blow your casual reader minds First of all the level of pulp in the tone of the writing had me thinking nothing butIt's pure Fast Talking High TrousersSecond the last time I heard the words baby sweetie honey and daddy so many times I needed to clear out my browser history afterwards Honestly it made me uncomfortable I'm constantly complaining I even annoy myself really about how the Women's Murder Club characters do not interact with each other like normal human beings I thought this was because Patterson can't write women but now I'm starting to think he just can't right humans Period The dialogue is laughable at best uncomfortable at a bare minimum Alex Cross comes across as the creepy uncle you avoided at family events as a little girl The way he speaks to his niece is very much come over here and sit on Uncle Alex's lap He's in the middle of a serious serial murder investigation and he's constantly thinking about whether a victim who's face is still busted open wants to fuck him The women in this story exist purely to be victims and sexual objects From Alex's erection leading him everywhere he goes to the two psycho killers written as so ridiculously prepared and intelligent and sexy it's honestly stupid who are loving women by anally raping them with snakes yes snakes Anal With snakes I like dark and twisty don't get me wrong But if you're going to write about rape it needs to be done with purpose and intention It needs to propel the story forward or trigger a character's change or revelation that means something There is creating a dark human experience that touches readers and then there is sadistic shit that is just a means to shock There is such little thought to Patterson's writing so little character development that the brutal shit doesn't have a human counter point It is all just misogynistic nightmare playThe only character Patterson gives any attention to is Alex but only in a very surface way so you are constantly reminded about how fuckinggggg awesomeeeeee he is eyeroll He's a damn good cop So good the FBI wants him He's damn sexy too Just count how many times he references looking like Ali And he's a damn good father Oh there's nothing he wouldn't do for those kids He's a damn good son A damn good brother A damn good psychologist just watch him blow the minds of the other cops around him with his pedestrian insights into Casanova and the Gentleman Caller It's almost as if he took a Psych 101 online course My god he's just so damn good at everything Even making sweet sweet love I can almost see Patterson getting his rocks off writing this trash A real sentence He made a noise It sounded like 'yaaaaaaagh'This is literature This gets you a book deal Patterson is richer than any of us could ever dream to be And he got there off of He made a noise It sounded like 'yaaaaaaagh' I need a shower for my brain And Patterson needs to be sent back to creative writing class Hate readers to the left That's where I'll be