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doc Í reader I Am Legend and Other Stories ☆ 9780812523003 â gwairsoft ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ I Am Legend and Other Stories ⚡ Author Richard Matheson – It seems strange to find a 1954 vampire novel in Millennium's SF Masterworks classic reprints seIt seems strange to find a 1954 vampire novel in Millennium's SF Masterworks classic reprints series I Am Legend though was a trailblazing and later much imitated story that reinvented the vampire myth as SF Without losing the horror it presents vampirism as a disease whose secrets can be unlocked by scientific tools The hero Robert Neville perhaps the last uninfected man on Earth finds himself in a paranoid nightma I liked this book a great deal and with all books where I see the movie first I liked the book better I have liked post apocalyptic stories since I first read The Earth Abides and Dhalgren I was thirteen years old when my mother dropped me at the theater and I watched Omega Man with Charlton Heston Loved the concept loved the movie which stayed with me for days afterward Fast forward to current day when I read the book I Am Legend which the movie was based on The book is well written with details and close point of view that makes the story come alive The story does not follow the movie story lines in the Charlton Heston movie version or the Will Smith version The ending is different and uniue I read anything that is well written no matter the genre and would recommend this book to readers who enjoy this topicDavid Putnam Author of The Bruno Johnson series

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Re By night the bloodthirsty undead of small town America besiege his barricaded house their repeated cry Come out Neville is a famous SF catchphrase By day when they hide in shadow and become comatose Neville gets out his wooden stakes for an orgy of slaughter He also discovers pseudoscientific explanations some rather strained for vampires' fear of light vulnerability to stakes though not bullets loathing of garli 40 to 45 stars Okay this rating is going to a take a little explaining Unfortunately I don't have a slide show or any multi colored pie charts to assist me as a visual aid on this one so I will try to be as clear as I can Warning I will probably be reuired to use uite a few ie and eg to provide clarification to my statements as well as some targeted use of bold and italics given that I am reviewing here without the safety net of my usual visual aids I have also decided to throw in the occassional word in Spanishwhy you ask?why not I answer? Okay from a pure “enjoyment” standpoint eg Steve while reading looks down and notices his toes tapping involuntarily to the smooth jazzy flow of the narrative I would probably go 3 to 35 stars ie no toe tapping but I did have the occassional feeling of warmth in my tummythough that could have just been the tacos Richard Matheson is a terrific writer and as with most of his work this story is very well written ie I have zero complaints about the prose or the technical choices Matheson took in constructing the narrative My issue was really with the main character Robert Neville who was not the most compelling or interesting character that I have ever come across Since the entire book is spent lollygagging around with Robby as he provides running jogging walking commentary it subtracted a bit for me at least from the enjoyment of the reading experience So why the 40 to 45 stars? Several reasons that are mucho importante Oh yeahthat's right I just turned this into my first bilingual review First Primero is the plot This book written in 1954 was the genesis for EVERY zombie book that follows and provides the basic framework for most of the post apocalyptic undead fiction being produced today I would also point out that it is one of the best of these kinds of stories despite being the first Here is the basic plot or argumento Robert Neville is the sole survivor of a pandemic that struck the world and caused the infected to exhibit all the signs of vampirism vampirismo He spends his day gathering supplies fortifying his house and killing the sleeping “vampires” and spends his nights barricaded in his house and fending off attacks from the walking dead Sound familiar? Well this is the book that started it all and I felt that deserved some serious recognition for both for its originality and Matheson's being a trailblazer pionero of the zombie sub genre Second Segundo is the back story and explanation of both the plague and the “vampires” which I thought was nothing short of EXCELENTE ie magnifico While certainly not good science in the sense that it can be analyzed objectively the explanations given are compelling and very interesting reading I actually wish time had been spent on this aspect of the book because I thought it was just fantástico ieif you really need a translation of this that one you need to put the crash helmet back on Third Tercero is the end of the book which in my opinion is worthy of 5 stars all by itself I would say that goes double for the very last line of the book which I think makes it a 10 star ending but I will have to go back and check my math Thus Matheson being the superb writer that he is not only invents a sub genre but then over 50 years after the fact still can claim to have one of the best written most original examples of it That is pretty especialThus for all of the reasons motivosabove I am giving the book a rating of 40 to 45 stars despite not always “enjoying” the book as much as I would have liked However if you haven’t read this I would highly recommend it as I think it has a lot going for it

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I Am Legend and Other StoriesC and so on What gives the story its uneasy power is the gradual perspective shift which shows that by fighting monsters Neville is himself becoming monstrous not a vampire but something to terrify vampires and haunt their dreams as a dreadful legend from the bad old days I Am Legend was altered out of recognition when filmed as The Omega Man 1971 starring Charlton Heston Avoid the movie; read the book David Langfor There's not much to say about this story that hasn't been said about other reviewsThe premise of this story was great It was well executed stayed interesting and I really liked the ending I have only two criticisms; the first being about the story and the second being about the edition that I read1 It was too short This book would have been much better if he had taken the time to flesh out some of the ideas stretch out the mystery his search for the cause of vampirism character development the flashbacks about his wife and daughter and info about Ben etc This could have been so much than it was 2 Nowhere on or in this edition did it say that after I Am Legend was a collection of Matheson's other short stories The inclusion of short stories with this edition is fine; that didn't bother me It was that I didn't know that half the book was short stories that irked me I was halfway through the book when all of a sudden the story ended and I was really caught off guard I kind of flipped through the rest of the book a couple times going huh? before I realized the story was really over Granted there is a table of contents but I assumed they were chapter titles I didn't take the time to analyze the page numbers and figure out that they were short stories ahead of time Maybe that's my fault but it would have been nice if somewhere on the cover it had said I Am Legend and other short stories by Richard Matheson Or something like that Grr I did read a couple of the stories and they're fairly entertaining but predictable horror stories Maybe they were cutting edge when they were written; they probably inspired a lot of the things I've seen that now make them seem less original In short Great story but be aware beforehand that it's very short about 160 pages and the rest of this edition is other stories