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Summary è Lieutenant Hornblower 102 Ë [Download] ➼ Lieutenant Hornblower By C.S. Forester – In this gripping tale of turmoil and triumph on the high seas Horatio Hornblower emerges from his apprenticeship as midshipman to face new responsibilities thrust upon him by the fortunes of war betwe In this gripping tale of On the fighting ships of the Napoleonic Wars the young lieutenant distinguishes himself in his first independent command He also faces an adventure uniue in his experience Mari. Lieutenant Hornblower may be the name of the book and he's certainly what it's about but there's a fine little twist that begins on the first page and is sustained throughout Lieutenant Hornblower is not from his point of viewInstead of experiencing HMS Renown's time in the Caribbean through Lieutenant Hornblower's eyes we see the Renown's mission to Santo Domingo from the perspective of one of Horatio's superior officers Lieutenant William Bush Bush a solid steady unimaginative Lieutenant meets Hornblower in the earliest stages of the novel and everything we know about the title character comes through the filter of Bush At first Bush finds Hornblower fascinating then he feels a twinge of jealousy then some fear when he wonders if Hornblower is responsible for maiming Captain Sawyer and putting him permanently out of commission then wonder at Hornblower's self control then some admiration before a return of anger and finally a deep respect and devoted friendship for the junior officer who is destined to become his superiorIt's an interesting move for an author of a series to make but CS Forester's use of Bush in Lieutenant Hornblower is effective in a couple of pragmatic ways First Forester controls exactly what he wants us to know about Hornblower; second this withheld knowledge leaves us always wondering along with Bush whether Hornblower really did have anything to do with the injuring of Captain Sawyer and maybe even his murder during the retaking of Renown from a pack of captured privateers; third it gives us the very important experience of seeing how the men who follow Hornblower subordinates and superiors alike come to lay their lives on the line for such a distant arrogant mysterious and precocious young manLieutenant Hornblower isn't without its flaws though It's nautical bits seem to be a bit of annoyance to the author who uses them primarily as a way to move the reader from one nasty battle or action set piece to the next This peculiarity makes it feel like something out of the Sharpe series Bernard Cornwell's anti heroic rifleman than Patrick O'Brian's superior AubreyMaturin series Which isn't to say that Cornwell and Forester are bad far from it but I'd much rather eat a perfectly cooked steak than overcooked hamburgersThen again when steak isn't available burger is a satisfying substitute And I've know doubt I will be eating burgers again very soon

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E fortunes of war between Napoleon and Spain Enduring near mutiny bloody hand to hand combat with Spanish seamen deck splintering sea battles and the violence and horror of life. In the first chronologically the order in which the books were actually written is different book of the Hornblower series Mr Midshipman Hornblower readers learn that he was promoted to lieutenant during the Spanish captivity from which he's released at the end of that book This book picks up about three years later which brings us to about 1800 since his date of rank is said to be August 1797 when he's the most junior lieutenant aboard the HMS Renown They're about to set sail from England under sealed orders; but as the reader uickly learns that's not the scariest part of the situation That would be the fact that the captain has fallen prey to a state of paranoid mental disturbance which is steadily getting worse rather than better The naval regulations of that day give him practically absolute powers on a ship at sea and don't provide any regular channels for removing him on the basis of insanity Anyone who's read Herman Wouk's 1951 novel The Caine Mutiny or like me his subseuent play The Caine Mutiny Court Martial A Drama In Two Acts will see enough similarity between Capt Sawyer and Capt ueeg to suspect that the latter provided a model for the former But Forester is his own writer and this isn't a Wouk knock off; the two authors develop their stories in distinctively different waysSome of my basic comments in my review of the first book apply here as well But this book is much less episodic; it has a continuous linear plot that holds interest throughout Another significant difference is that Hornblower isn't the viewpoint character here; that lot falls to the ship's third officer Lt William Bush This means we see Hornblower through other eyes than his own and aren't inside his head at any point a narrative strategy that not only gives us some distance from the main character and fleshes out another perspective but allows Forester to shroud a key plot point with deliberate ambiguity and mystery You'll learn what I mean if you read the book IMO this was a shrewd move on the author's part The ethical uestions subtly raised or implied here could provoke a lot of serious discussion; Forester doesn't imply any viewpoint about the matter leaving it to the readers to formulate their ownForester shows himself to be a real master of characterization here especially with Hornblower and Bush who are very distinctive but eually real personalities with their own virtues and faults but with other characters as well He does action scenes well and realistically with the necessary but not gratuitous gore The psychological and social situation created by a captain's madness in the claustrophobic confines of a sail powered warship is masterfully evoked Subtle social commentary about the characters' highly class conscious world adds depth to the story line and we're also treated to a Regency novel of manners with a naval flavor in places There's often a high degree of narrative tension and suspense here Perhaps the main drawback of the book is the author's tendency to assume readers know a great deal about technical matters both those of early 19th century ship handling and the card game whist than this one does Though I could gather that the latter has some similarity to games like Rook which I've played enough that I could get a tolerable sense of what was going on at the card table I could get a broad basic sense of the physical maneuvering of the ship in battle but that was about it and I have no real clue about the meaning of some of the nautical vocabulary though I could deduce definitions of some of the terms For all that though this was still a very satisfying read I'll definitely be continuing with the series for now though I don't plan to read all of the chronologically later books

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Lieutenant HornblowerIn this gripping tale of turmoil and triumph on the high seas Horatio Hornblower emerges from his apprenticeship as midshipman to face new responsibilities thrust upon him by th. Get your horn blown in this book of complete seaman insanity Yes I do plan on riding the seamen jokes long after they're played outOur hero Horatio Hornblower is put in a tough position with his wardroom messmates The captain of the HMS Renown has gone off his rocker and thinks his officers are plotting against him They're notwell not at first They're pushed into it when things come to a head and it becomes apparent the captain's erratic behavior is endangering the ship The lieutenants gather for a meeting to talk over the situation in a meeting that could be construed as mutinous And that's when things take a surprising twist Lieutenant Hornblower is a different kind of Hornblower book in that its narrated by Bush Hornblower's bestbud This shift in the usual POV was probably done for a couple reasons One Bush leads a pivotal attack and two Hornblower is caught in a tough situation affecting his financial and married life which would be easier to show through someone else's eyes rather than hearing it from the source An Englishman of that period circa 1800 would never be so indelicate as to discuss such intimate details While this is the second book in the series it's actually the seventh book Forester wrote about Hornblower's career in the navy The series originally started with Hornblower having already obtained the rank of captain After Forester took the series to its natural resolution he went back and did a bunch of preuels to fill in the details of his hero's early days I bring this up only because the writing is affected by it This book is nuanced than those preceding it Forester's plotting and character development improved as he went along The first half of the series flows and feels old shoe comfortable while the latter half feels stilted and utilitarian The whole thing especially this book is uite enjoyable so that's just a minimal word to the wise