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Mobi Ñ Lost Author Alice Lichtenstein ✓ 242 pages Download ´ Alice lichtenstein Ì [KINDLE] ❆ Lost By Alice Lichtenstein – On a cold January morning Susan leaves her husband alone for a few minutes and returns to find him gone Suffering from demenPected impact on their collective futureFrom the intersection of these three lives emerges an arresting portrait of the shifting terrain of marriage and the devastating effects of physical and psychological damage Written in spare beautiful prose Lost explores the lengths we will go to take care of someone and the ways in which responsibility love and sorrow can bind people togeth It’s a spare but punishing story of what arises from the most wearying grief torn ordeals we might be so unfortunate to have to deal with Susan’s husband suffering from end stage dementia wanders off into adversely cold winter conditions and ‘Lost’ is both about the search for him and the ways in which we bond or struggle to maintain our bonds The central story was cutting and poignant though cheapened by the implausibility of Corey’s and Jeff’s stories

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Rt and social worker preoccupied with his young wife’s betrayal In Jeff’s care is Corey a mute eleven year old boy who has been abandoned by his family after accidentally setting a tragic fire As the temperature drops and the search and rescue effort threatens to become one of search and recovery they each confront haunting memories and difficult choices that will have an unex Premise of the book sounded intriguingwoman's husband with Alzheimer's is lost and that is the basis for a bunch of lost people to come into contact the search and rescue leader the wife and a teen But somehow it didn't really all come into focus for me I thought the most powerful scenes were the details of the wife's life in living with an Alzheimer's patient as to what she must endure and what she has given up I thought the search and rescue leader's break up with is wife was not really fully explained nor the teen's whole storyInteresting premise but I wanted explanation

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Lost Author Alice LichtensteOn a cold January morning Susan leaves her husband alone for a few minutes and returns to find him gone Suffering from dementia no longer able to dress or feed or wash himself he has wandered alone into a frigid landscape with no sense of home or direction LostOver the course of one weekend the massive search for her husband brings Susan together with Jeff a search and rescue expe I just finished reading Alice Lichtenstein’s novel Lost in one sitting This story about three strangers whose lives intersect after a man with Alzheimer’s disappears one frigid morning is that compelling From the moment I met Susan the wife of the lost man; Jeff a search and rescue expert; and Corey a mute eleven year old who’s been abandoned by his family after accidentally causing the death of his brother I could not put the book downThe reader sees this frozen rural world of Lost through the eyes of each of these people I was struck by how authentic the three different worlds felt an indication of Lichtenstein’s careful research In a well drawn flashback Susan who before early retirement to care for her architect husband was a scientist doing cutting edge research on the regenerative properties of salamanders shows one of her graduate students how to step by step “pinch off a tiny amount” of Tillie’s brain Tillie Susan’s “rarest salamander an albino axolotl with pink fringed gills and a dumb trusting smile”Lichtenstein is eually successful in taking the reader into the whole search and rescue experience Over and over there are passages that make us believe in the expertise reuired in rescue work“Jeff drops to his belly stretches his arm along the track as a gaugeIf a man is lost his dominant foot will point along the line he takes And pitch angles will vary foot to foot The dominant foot takes a slightly longer step than the nondominant footWe circle our weak side wheeling and wheeling and never even realizing we’re doing so”Oh as a reader I love it when a writer is so exact Lost also takes us into the barn where Corey helps his grandfather fix the conveyor belt that cleans the manure from the gutter Again Lichtenstein makes us feel like we’re “there” with her use of sensory images “Corey stepped on the black sludgy tongue of the gutter careful to fit the heel of his boot to the lip on the conveyor to keep from slipping backHe couldn’t get used to the smell or the way it looked on the ground puddles of horrible dark pudding”And besides making the world real many of the descriptive passages do the double duty of metaphor revealing so much about the interior lives of Corey Jeff and SusanI finished this deeply satisfying novel in the middle of the night I think with a good story the reader is always hoping that the writer will be able to conclude with on ending that “works” Of course I am not going to give away that conclusion but I can say that I was able to reach The End feeling that all my hours of reading landed me at a finish that felt absolutely “right”