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Night MistThe spine tingling sensation of romances with an edge comes alive with Silhouette Dreamsc. Night Mist by Helen R Myers was a strange and weird read Everything about it screams weird and strange from the characters to the paranormal events This is one of those stories that despite its weirdness you feel compelled to continue just to see how it would all unfoldThe story introduces Dr Rachel Gentry One night on her way home from work she had an encounter with a ghostly figure calling out to her for help and warning her of impending danger However as she came close to the apparition to gain answers it disappears Confused she made her way to the boarding house she has been staying When she arrives she bumps into her anti social neighbour Jay Barnes who bears an uncanny resemblance to the ghostly figure on the bridgeThe StoryI cannot go into details without giving away the plot The only thing I can say is the story got stranger and stranger as the events unfolded Even at the end I was still unsure about some events that had taken placeThe story is told from the third person POV Both characters perspectives are provided but in the third person The pacing was steady and the story fluid which made for easy reading The CharactersSad to say I did not develop a connection to the main characters They both annoyed me What was even annoying was the romance that developed between them Jay does not trust Rachel As a matter of fact he believes the people he was hiding from sent her to expose him His hostility towards her leapt off the pages Therefore you can imagine my surprise when they became intimately involved with each other What made me even annoyed by the romance was their lack of knowledge of each other The little they both knew of each other was based on research and snoopingThe secondary characters provided entertainment and helped to make things rather interesting They believed strongly in the supernatural especially the housekeeper Jewel ConclusionRecommendationThe story did not elicit the feelings I expected There were aspects of the story I found enjoyable but it was not enough to wow me nor make me fully invested in the story or its characters

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Night Mist review è 0 ì ★ Night Mist PDF / Epub ✈ Author Helen R. Myers – The spine tingling sensation of romances with an edge comes alive with Silhouette Dreamscapes Readers will discover excitement adventureand ultimately love Danger lurks in the darkness but so does pas The spine tingling sensation of romances with an edApes Readers will discover excitement adventureand ultimately love Danger lurks in the da. For the past three nights Dr Rachel Gentry hears a man yelling for help while she is walking home through the misty fog A ghostly figure in a blood soaked T shirt begs her not to be afraidthen disappears before her eyes Wondering if she is losing her mind Rachel returned to her boardinghouse where she was startled by her reclusive neighbor Jay Barnes When he switches on the light she realizes he looks just like the ghost she has been seeingThis book was actually better than it sounds I thoroughly enjoyed it My rating 4 Stars

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Rkness but so does passion and passion combined with the power of love triumphs in the en. I found it hard to really connect with this story until about half way into it Honestly the most interesting character in the book for me was Jewel the cook of the house Rachel the heroine roomed at Jewel was only a secondary character in the book but she practically stole the show I wasn't thrilled with how the heroine become a bit wishy washy once she hit it off with the guy in the book But overall it did get interesting and I was satisfied with the ending