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summary Not So Bad Vol 1 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ ➸ Not So Bad Vol 1 Download ➿ Author E. Hae – by E Hae Even with his hot career top movie star Eunhee finds his life empty and without reason Then one day in front of his door he finds Gain who looks like an abandoned cat from a bad muggAbandoned cat from a bad mugging incident From that day Not So PDFEPUB or on the two men get to share Eunhee's house and his bed though not intended Eunhee gradually realizes that. I really enjoyed this manhwa Refreshing mature characters and stunning art Looking forward to from this author

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Bad Vol PDF #8608 by E Hae Even with his hot career top movie star Eunhee finds his life empty and without reason Then one day in front of his door he finds Gain who looks like an. This is a Korean manhwa not a Japanese manga book And the cover artwork seemed to me to be not up to the Japanese standards So I was hesitant about getting this seriesI am glad I finally did break down and get it I disagree with the other review posted for this book I enjoyed it much than I thought I would The story revolves around a self absorbed semi depressed actor Eunhee and the homeless waif Gain he lets move in with him The interaction between these two IS the story The bond that forms between Eunhee and Gain and the interplay showing how it begins to form is key to the story This isn't typical shounen ai 'seme vs uke' romantic sparring Unlike indicated in previous review this ISN'T a conflicted about attraction to boys storyline never is gender an issue here None of that but it's a BOY I'm attracted to angst here But reviewer is correct in stating that there isn't a whole lot of kissing cuddling or sexcapades happening The author EHae is concerned with the boys' emotions rather than physicality and draws us into the story in that mannerThe artwork is spare and lean without a lot of extra detailing and background clutter hence simplistic than many manga But the characters are drawn strongly and there isn't any trouble distinguishing between them a problem I find common to the Japanese manga I've read The style is distinctive but the inside artwork is far better than the outside cover would indicate And again contrary to the other opinion listed here I found Not So Bad to be well not so bad Much better than I expected The other reviewer listed Boy Princess by the same publisher as being a better story I have read the first couple of volumes in that series and while I liked that storyline I found the artwork not as good although seme is a cutie and the princess uke character to be the whiny spineless type that annoys and irritates me So with better artwork and sympathetic and likable characters here my vote goes to Not So Bad I'm looking forward to volume 2TERMINOLOGY NOTE 'Manga' is the term given to a Japanese graphic novel with pictures and 'Manhwa' is the term for a Korean book of the same type 'Seme' is a term for the dominant partner in a pairing and 'Uke' is the term for the non dominant partner

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Not So Bad Vol 1His hopeless and meaningless life has changed forever since Gain has entered his house and his love for the boy storms up his heart and changes So Bad Vol PDFEPUB #194 him altogeth. Eunhee is a popular actor and Gain is a bartender Eunhee finds Gain outside his apartment building injured and looking for a place to stay so he lets him move in The romance between these two is slow to build and the attraction is very subtle They seriously kiss at the end of the book that's as graphic as it gets Gain has insomenia and has been going from relationship to relationship hoping to find a cure Turns out Eunhee is his cure and Gain is happy with the arrangement Eunhee is having trouble processing what his attachment to Gain is They have a fight over it and Gain leaves While separated Eunhee begins to work himself sick hoping to forget Gain That's where the story ends I liked the characters and their complex relationship