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Paper Hearts Hearts #2 free read Ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Paper Hearts Hearts #2 Author Claire Contreras – I lost her No I threw her away She was my best friend I was never supposed to fall in love with her I was careless She was heartbroken I thought I was doiMe why I fell in love with her in the first place And this time I'm going to do everything in my power to never let her g. 45 Stars Jensen and Mia fall in love young they share a special connection but when Jensen moves to New York for college the choices they make change everything Heartbroken they go their separate ways Now years later they find themselves in the same city and those feelings of the past resurface Jensen is determined to get another chance with Mia she is the only woman for him While Mia struggles to deny her feelings for Jensen she isn't sure she can let go of the painful memories of their past “You can keep walking away from this and I’m going to keep letting you because even when you think you leave your heart always stays and it’s something I carry with pride” Paper Hearts was an emotional story After reading Torn Hearts I knew my heart was going to be put through the wringer My heart broke for Mia in that pivotal moment but at the same time I sympathized with Jensen as well Throughout Paper Hearts Jensen puts his heart on his sleeve doing everything he can to prove himself to Mia and to be honest I started to get a bit annoyed with Mia with her constant running But I found their story engaging with a perfect blend of angst humor and romance I could not put it down Overall this was a well written second chance romance I adored Jensen and Mia most of time and the side characters were great

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I lost her No I threw her away She was my best friend I was never supposed to fall in love with her I was careless She was. FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For An Honest ReviewBR with Mel and Dee I never stop thinking about you For years my thoughts don't have any room that doesn't include you You're everywhere Absolutely LOVED this one HARD Going into this book I was convinced I couldn't possibly love this than Kaleidoscope Hearts That my heart couldn't be swayed from Oliver I was dead WRONG Jensen Reynolds completely swept me off my feet He made this book a FIVE STAR read for me I was completely enad with his beautiful words Claire Contreras has just now been added to my Favorite Authors shelf and I know that I must read some of her other works ASAPIn Torn Hearts we get a brief glimpse into Jensen and Mia's past We also learned what happened to tear them apart If you haven't read the novella you actually can skip it since it's included in the beginning of Paper Hearts Five years after their break up Mia finds herself in NYC She's landed a two month gig with Newsweek as the photographer for a story about Second Chances As luck would have it Jensen also works for the magazine as a free lance writer and happens to be one of the writers on the same project as Mia Mia is determined not to fall back into Jensen's arms But Jensen is willing to do anything and everything to make Mia his once againOne of my favorite tropes is second chance romances and this was not only that but filled with so much angst I felt my heart was being twisted and tortured I blame Mia for most of the angst I understood why she was hurt and I get she was afraid to trust in Jensen again but God Damn I know if I were in her shoes I would have run willingly into his arms But if Mia had gone my route this would have been an entirely different story and over way too soonI ADORED Jensen He loved Mia to damn near obsession We get his voice in the beginning of most of the chapters through excerpts from his blogs which are published in a newspaper Every blog entry is like an open love letter to Mia his Life Sweetheart Jensen has never gotten over Mia and even though five years have gone by his love has only grown stronger for her His sole purpose is to get his girl back and to never let his little road runner run away from him again I'm a total sucker for any book boyfriend who would cut up tiny pieces of paper hearts and write little love notes on them for his lady I am just in love with Claire Contreras writing I nearly highlighted the entire book and there were a few moments towards the end where I even shed a few tears Oliver Elle and the entire gang from the first book are back in this one as well It was like coming back home and getting to spend some time with some good friends They brought a lot of humor into the story and I just loved how they were so supportive as wellTo anyone out there who hasn't picked up this series you need to make it a priority to get to it You will lose your hearts to these amazing book boyfriends I do believe that I am leaning towards Jensen as my favorite for now

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Paper Hearts Hearts #2Heartbroken I thought I was doing fine But here Paper Hearts Kindle she is years later forced to work with me reminding. ”REAL LOVE STORIES never end” Claire Contreras delivered one of the best second chance romance stories that I have read this year I’m not typically a fan of second chance stories because usually one of the characters totally screws up andor outside influences mess with my couple but in this story the author made it work This novel kindly includes the Torn Hearts novella Since I hadn’t read this beforehand here’s a uick recap of heartbreaking downfall of Mia and Jensen Torn Hearts 4 Stars image error