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READ & DOWNLOAD 2010 Odyssey Two · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É [PDF / Epub] ☁ 2010 Odyssey Two By Arthur C. Clarke – When 2001 A Space Odyssey first shocked amazed and delighted millions in the late 1960s the novel was uickly recognized as a classic Since then its fame has grown steadily among the m010 Odyssey Kindle Dave Bowman into the Star Child What purpose lay behind the transformation What would become of the Star ChildWhat alien purpose lay behind the monoliths on the Moon and out in spaceWhat could drive HAL a stable intelligent computer to kill the crew Was HAL really insane What happened to HAL and the spaceship Discovery after Dave Bowma. The movie seuel is not as good as the original but in many ways this might be Clarke's most polished effort He actually takes the time to think out a plot and characters and it's interesting to see what happens following the events in the first bookmovie

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N disappearedWould there be a seuelNow all those uestions and many have been answered In this stunning seuel to his international bestseller Clarke has written what will truly be one of the great books of the 's Cosmic in sweep elouent in its depiction of Man's place in the Universe and filled with the romance of space this novel is a monumental achievemen. This book was really good concerning characters and their relationships I loved reading their interactions and some of their personal issuesHowever for some reason the actual plot didn't get me hooked Maybe one aspect of it was that we spent too few time on aspects I was interested in eg Hal but the things we spent time on too often just couldn't hold my attention The last third was much interesting to me but I couldn't really say for sure what my problem was before thatI would say it works as a continuation of 2001 even though it feels as if on a smaller scale

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2010 Odyssey TwoWhen A Space Odyssey first shocked amazed and delighted millions in the late s the novel was uickly recognized as a classic Since then its fame has grown steadily among the multitudes who have read the novel or seen the film based on it Yet along with almost universal acclaim a host of uestions has grown insistent through the yearsWho or what transformed 2. The enigma of the Spaceship Discovery lost in Jupiter's orbit the setting has been changed from Saturn in the original book to match Kubrick's film The imaginative Arthur C Clarke's seuel to 2001 has Dr Heywood Floyd again recruited on a joint US and Soviet woopswritten in 1982 expedition to the giant sphere the numerous colors yep orange too planet find out what happened The crew of the Soviet ship Leonov consists of seven Russians and three Americans with both male and female members DrFloyd Dr Chandra builder of the malfunctioning computer Hal a long repair trip and Walter Curnow a systems specialist are the Americans Curnow job is to get Discovery working again before it crashes down on Io a hellish volcanic world and one of the many exotic Jovian moons But the real reason of the trip is of course just a little complicated people are so devious Discovery's Captain David Bowman's disappearance and his last wordsMy God it's full of stars haunts the Earth still to this very day what does he mean The mysterious black monolith that is floating in space between Jupiter and her moon how dangerous a threat is it to Earth The uite able Captain Tatiana Orlova is in charge and even has her husband on board makes for an interesting voyage but no time for a honeymoon All the crew begin to call the monolith Big Brother even the uncomfortable Soviets A shocking development arises when the Chinese send the spaceship Tsien ahead of the Leonov using all their fuel to arrive first An unbelievable suicide mission What is their ultimate goal steal valuable information from the Discovery and Big Brother The puzzle continues when the Chinese land on another Jovian moon the strange ice satellite Europa An understandable confusion in the spaceship indeed but meanwhile the view of Jupiter's dazzling atmosphere is not to be missed Its constant color changes white red orange and the Great Red Spot nonetheless something strange is seen from the Leonov a black image is spreading on the Fifth PlanetSoon it will engulf the entire sphereWhat is it doing and important for what reason maybe to cause trouble for the Soviets and Americans a chilling prospect Exciting follow up to 2001 not as good to be honest since few book could top the original in the genre however an agreeable space adventure