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St Thomas's EveHenry VII once warned his son the future King of England not to trust Thomas More years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor But the allegiance is dangerously one sided A fa. St Thomas’s Eve republished as The King’s Confidante is a story of the life of Sir Thomas More – scholar lawyer councilor to the King and ultimately Chancellor after the fall of Wolsey But most importantly to More he was a loving husband and father as well as father figure to manyThe story begins with More’s difficult decision to pursue a family life instead of becoming a monk — something he will continue to uestion throughout his life Though he was a family man at heart he was also deeply religious bordering on fanatical worship of the Catholic faith His relative open mindedness in the humanist respect when writing Utopia did not extend to his own deep rooted faith As the years passed he seemed to lean and to the tyrannical when it came to religion He personally answered Martin Luther and persecuted hereticsEven so More is such a likable character in this novel He is kind thoughtful and generous He treats everyone with respect and the utmost fairness He is a perfect minister on the King’s council until Henry elevates him under the impression that he will do as told Henry VIII had much respect for Sir Thomas More and at first was amused by his honesty and integrity but soon learned that More would stand in the way of his divorce from Katherine of AragonThis novel is the story of a happy family that continually grows as adopted children step children spouses and grandchildren most of whom live in the household flourish under More’s love and devotion for learning Many scholars artists and the like find solace in the More home as well which adds even culture to the atmosphereI don’t feel that the reprint title The King’s Confidante was a good choice He wasn't seen as inside the King’s intimate circle Henry was amused by him and somewhat valued his honesty but I would not put him in the category of ‘confidante’ I think publishers are really overusing the terms king and ueen these days to sell books and this was the only thing they could come up with I much prefer St Thomas’s Eve which has a meaning pertaining to the story

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St Thomas's Eve characters ↠ 4 ´ [Read] ➳ St Thomas's Eve Author Jean Plaidy – Henry VII once warned his son the future King of England not to trust Thomas More; years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor But the allegiance is dangerously one sided A family m Henry VII once warned his son the futureMily man lawyer and writer More's ambitions are humble whilst Henry's St Thomas's eBook #209 are endless As More's career at court rises so too does his religious fervour much to the concern of. When good fortune is greatest then is trouble close at hand For Fortune delights to strike down those who are too high and to raise those who are low; and if we do not anticipate trouble should it come we shall face it with greater fortitudeSaint Thomas's Eve takes a step aside from the Palaces of King Henry VIII and his wife trouble and concentrates on the life of one his closest friends and confidantes Thomas More and his family After reading this book my dislike of Henry VIII which was already pretty strong is stronger He wasn't a King he was a murderer If anyone disagreed with him he would conjure up tales about that person in order to get them executed and this is what happened to lovely Thomas More on St Thomas's EveThe novel traces More's rise from being lawyer writer and family man to his reluctant position of Lord Chancellor and his life following his resignation from the Lord Chancellor's post His benevolence is described both towards members of his family and to beggars in the street; whilst running through the novel the strong relationship between More and his children especially Margaret Meg is evidentThe ending is tragic More is executed for standing fast to his beliefs which as he wrote to his fellow prisoner in the Tower Bishop John Fisher is no crime Too many honours were being thrust upon the master and honours brought envy; they brought sycophants the false friends who were like wasps that fed on the lovely fruit until it was ruined and dropped from the branchesI have to admit to not having known a lot about Sir Thomas More before reading this book now I feel like I know the man; the Courtier and the father I have also discovered the background to the common expression More's pity How awful it must have been to have been called to serve the King in the Tudor days; doing so was almost like taking on a death sentenceLoved this book I have yet to read a Jean Plaidy historical novel that has not been a pleasure Highly recommend

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His eldest daughter Meg Torn between her heretic husband and the secrets her father has confided in her it is only a matter of time before her More will make the ultimate sacrifice for his faith. I enjoyed the book but not one of my favorites The book described itself as the story of Thomas More and his family primarily his relationship with his favorite daughter Meg I did enjoy learning about the members of his family and his extended family and I have always admired Thomas More for he was one of the very few who stood firm against King Henry VIII in what he believed in which ultimately cost him his life but it just lacked something for me which is why I didn't give it 5 stars which I usually do with a Jean Plaidy book