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Free download Take Me Harder Texas Bounty #3 æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É [PDF / Epub] ✅ Take Me Harder Texas Bounty #3 By Jackie Ashenden – An ex con with a bad boy reputation falls for his childhood sweetheart—a good girl cop chasing a ruthless killer—as the Texas Is sorrows with a stiff drink and soft curves Too bad the temptation he craves is a redhead with a badge Ava St George Once upon a time Rush would’ve done anything for the sheriff’s innocent daughter Now he’s fighting the urge to let her sweet talk him into some trouble he can’t afford   Even Me Harder Texas PDFEPUB #188 though she’s a cop Ava knows that sometimes justice means pushing the boundaries of the law To track down her mothe. Rush has a serious 'I don't give a eff' attitude “because you’re my effing girlfriend and I’ll do whatever I want to you whenever I want to do it” His eyes gleamed “Where did you get the gear” There are times I don't think Rush knows what to do with Avahad her suirming and shifting on his lap “Holy eff honey Remember what I said about a hair trigger Jesus I’ve got a reputation to uphold” I really loved this book I loved Rush even if his attitude sucked at times

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An ex con with a Harder Texas PDF #198 bad boy reputation falls for his childhood sweetheart a good girl cop chasing a ruthless killer as the Texas Bounty series gets steamier than the Lone Star State   Rush Redmond never expected freedom to taste so bittersweet He spent eight years in jail doing someone else’s time and for what As an ex con Rush can’t work as a bounty Take Me Kindle hunter like his brothers not in Texas Better to drown h. The biggest draw for me with this book was the pairing of an ex con and a cop I love when unlikely pairs are matched in books and they usually end up being very entertaining for me I read and loved book 2 in this series so I was excited to dive right in for Rush and Ava's storyWith book 3 we have the same town same characters and a smooth flow from book 2 to 3 with the focus switched to Rush and Ava As much as I loved book 2 this book was a bit of a struggle for me The jerk Hero's are not my favorite but can still be a good read for me as long as they treat the heroine right Unfortunately we don't get that with Rush He was rightfully angry with the world He took the fall for his dad and brother for a manslaughter charge and spent 8 years in prison When Rush was finally released he lashed out at everyone including AvaI think what made his treatment of her worse for me was that she was young naive and had the memories of a man that was the only one that had been there for her growing up You wonder how a cop can be naive She has only been on the force for one year and you learn how she never got to bond with anyone in the academy because her father was the sheriff You realize how isolated she was and always has been He knew she had no one but him before he went to prison and her life wasn't easy I actually really liked how she handled Rush in the beginning He justified his jerk behavior trying to get her to leave him alone and her reaction to him kept throwing him off There was no game playing with Ava You got what you saw with her and if he had just treated her even a little bit better I would have enjoyed this story so much ARC provided by NetGalley

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Take Me Harder Texas Bounty #3R’s killer she turns to the man with the county’s criminal underworld in his little black book The boy she knew is still drop dead gorgeous with panty dropping charm as smooth as his smile But his sculpted arms and the menacing gleam in his eyes scream “Don’t mess with me” Yet Ava needs Rush than ever in ways than one   Don’t miss any of Jackie Ashenden’s seductive Texas Bounty novels TAKE ME DEEPER | MAKE IT HURT | TAKE ME HARDER. I would like to start off by saying that this has been my favorite so far in the series don't worry if you haven't read Take Me Deeper or Make It Hurt yet this can be read as a standalone but I do suggest you read the first two books in the series because they were definitely enjoyable readsThis was a great read as I mentioned before this is my favorite in the series so farthat may change when uinn's story is released During chapter eighteen I was balling so be prepare to have some tissues handy Jackie Ashenden has a way of spinning a story so that you are so engrossed you feel as if you are right there watching it play out right in front of youYou can read my full review and an excerpt here